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We had so much fun during our safari! Saw elephants, Leopard, crocodiles, sloth bear, many different birds and so much more. Our guide was really knowledgeable and did his very best to spot all the animals. Woul...

Lisa Groot

Beautiful park to visit. I highly recommend a morning Safari as you will be able to see more animals, have less people in the park and avoid the heat. We did a Safari with our 2 year old child and it was a fun d...

Nadeepa w

Wonderful experience in this park, we never saw so many different wild animals and birds in a same place at the same time. We advice to take a 7 hours tour to take your time and enjoy the quietness and spend tim...


This is the best national park in Sri Lanka, as there are so many animals here. We went on the afternoon tour from 2pm to 6 pm and were absolutely stunned by the elephants, crocodiles and even beautiful deers. W...


Great experience - we saw leopards, elephants, alligators, deer, buffalo and even a solitary cute turtle. The driver were really knowledgeable and friendly and it seemed like the animals lived in good conditions...

Nadeepa w

This was such an amazing experience!! However seeing leopards, elephants is all about luck since they are living there in the wild. We had a good driver who followed fresh footsteps to locate them and after we f...

Uputravelsl, Australia

Loved the safari. We had a cute driver who was very patient and informative! We saw, leopards, buffalos, elephants and crocodiles. Definitely recommend the experience.

Uputravelsl, Australia

Our guide was very good and had a wealth of knowledge about the wildlife. We unfortunately didn't see any leopards but he pointed out lots of other animals.

Vaishnaavi G, New Zealand

Helpful Questions

What is Bundala National Park known for?
Bundala National Park is known for its diverse range of bird species, especially migratory birds that flock to the park during the winter months. The park is also famous for its large flocks of greater flamingos, which are a major attraction for visitors. Additionally, the park is home to various other wildlife species such as elephants, crocodiles, turtles, and various species of monkeys. If you're looking to see the larger game though we would recommend other national parks in Sri Lanka such as Yala National Park and Wilpattu National Park where large game is more common.
When is the best time to visit Bundala National Park?
The best time to visit Bundala National Park is during the winter months, between November and March, when the park is home to a large number of migratory birds. During this time, visitors can witness thousands of birds flocking to the park, including flamingos, pelicans, storks, and many other species. Additionally, the dry season between May and September is also a good time to visit the park, as it is easier to spot wildlife due to the vegetation being less dense.
What activities can visitors do at Bundala National Park?
Visitors to Bundala National Park can go on a safari game drive with an experienced guide to spot the various wildlife species that live in the park. The park is also a popular destination for birdwatching, and visitors can take guided tours to learn more about the different bird species found in the area.
Where are the most popular activities for Bundala National Park?
The popular activities for Bundala National Park are:
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