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Transport in Vietnam

Shuttle bus transfers, car hires & train trips in Vietnam
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Hanoi to Sapa The process was clear and straightforward. We receive a text on Whatsapp with the bus ticket (seat numbers). At the pick up point, the bus driver and staff were on time and they cross-checked our names prior to us boarding the bus. Bottled water was provided, so was the rest listed except for headphones which didn't really matter. Sapa to Hanoi The process was a little confusing as we did not receive a text on Whatsapp with the seat numbers. Thankfully, the hotel staff managed to get in a contact with Kadbus staff over the phone where they advised that we just need to be at the pick up point half an hour before the departure time. Seek Sophie staffs were also extremely helpful and prompt in responding to the queries I had during the trip.
Audrey C
Great experience with Seek Sophie. Made multiple changes on the booking date and timing, but they gladly assisted with the changes 🙏🏻 The bus is clean with no weird smell. The blanket is big but doesn't keep you warm throughout. Remember to wear warmer attire as it could get pretty cold. There will be two stops, the second stop doesn’t have much things so be sure to grab some snack at the first stop!
Very comfortable. Bus is clean and updates are given day before the trip. Recommended!!

Helpful Questions

What are the main modes of transport in Vietnam?
The main modes of transport in Vietnam are motorbikes, buses, trains, taxis, and bicycles.
Is it safe to rent a motorbike in Vietnam?
While renting a motorbike in Vietnam is common among tourists, it can be risky due to traffic congestion and unfamiliar road rules. It is important to drive cautiously and wear a helmet.
Are taxis easily available in Vietnam?
Taxis are readily available in major cities like Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. It is advisable to choose reputable taxi companies and make sure the meter is running to avoid overcharging.
How reliable is the train system in Vietnam?
The train system in Vietnam is generally reliable, offering a scenic way to travel between cities. It is recommended to book tickets in advance, especially during peak travel seasons.
Are there long-distance bus services in Vietnam?
Yes, Vietnam has a network of long-distance bus services connecting major cities and towns. These buses are a budget-friendly option for traveling around the country.
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