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Hedonist, a wellness brand, is dedicated to advocating for pleasure, well-being, and empowerment. They believe that pleasure is essential to human health and overall wellness and should be celebrated as something accessible, positive, inclusive, and socially accepted in today's society. With the support of their team of in-house pleasure experts, Hedonist aims to facilitate open and enjoyable discussions on topics related to sex and pleasure, fostering an environment free from judgment.

What Guests Say

55 reviews

It was nice to try this class


Super relaxing and enjoy the class

Jacqueline Heng

The experience was refreshing. We were reminded of the importance of maximising the usage of our senses and the wonders of mother nature.
It was very comfortable and relaxed guided by Youmin, she helped u...

I Y Hwang

♥️ it! we had so much fun, we are gonna do it again! thank you Skyline Aqua for such a memorable experience


It has been a wonderful experience. We felt comfortable and relaxed during the whole time and the overall activity was very well organized. Really reccomended!

Giuliano Butti

The class was fun. Our initial thought was 30 mins was too short. After the class, we felt it was about right.

Serene T3

This was the best experience EVER!!! The staff was professional and fun and I plan to do it again soon.

Regina Arnold

The instructor was really nice. Floating yoga is a fun, unique concept, and falling in the water was as fun as the yoga part. We did feel extremely relaxed yet fun at the end of it. Highly recommend it.

Mihir Kanani

Helpful Questions

What are the most common wellness practices in Singapore?
The most common wellness practices in Singapore include regular exercise, healthy eating, mindfulness meditation, and engaging in social activities for mental well-being.
Are there any popular wellness retreats in Singapore?
Yes, Singapore offers various popular wellness retreats such as Amrita Sanctuary, COMO Shambhala Urban Escape, and Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat. These retreats provide a range of wellness activities and programs to promote physical and mental well-being.
What are some well-known wellness centers in Singapore?
Some well-known wellness centers in Singapore are the Singapore Wellness Association, Pure Yoga Singapore, and Revive Wellness. These centers offer a wide range of services such as yoga classes, spa treatments, and holistic wellness programs.
What are the benefits of practicing wellness in Singapore?
Practicing wellness in Singapore brings numerous benefits including improved physical fitness, increased energy levels, reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced mental clarity, and better overall well-being. It also promotes a healthier lifestyle and helps in preventing chronic illnesses.
How does the government support wellness initiatives in Singapore?
The Singapore government actively supports wellness initiatives through various programs and campaigns. They promote healthy living through initiatives like the National Steps Challenge, Health Promotion Board events, and subsidizing wellness activities through community centers. They also encourage workplace wellness programs to ensure the well-being of employees.
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