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Better for Travellers

Created by Travellers, for Travellers

We created Seek Sophie to help like-minded travellers discover genuinely interesting experiences - a place where you could trust that we have done our homework, and where you’ll find experiences that are worth your time.

We only recommend guides and experiences that we love, and we'll treat you how we'd want to be treated ourselves as travellers - with honesty and care.

We’ll be 100% Transparent with You

Here’s what you can expect on Seek Sophie:
  • Unexpected experiences that help you see a place with new eyes
  • Popular but worthwhile experiences, with a twist - e.g. hidden routes at a touristed spot
  • Cool off-the-beaten-path alternatives to the usual routes
  • Wildlife experiences where the wildlife is actually wild and sightings are not guaranteed
  • Resources and insider tips with our honest opinion based on our own experiences
Here’s what you won’t find on Seek Sophie:
  • Mass market attractions that are just meh. In the rare occasion we do have an attraction on Seek Sophie, it’ll be some place we truly love
  • Experiences that are unethical - e.g. where wildlife is kept in cruel conditions
  • Large group impersonal tours with a flag waving tour guide at the front
  • Sponsored posts or recommendations

We Find Guides who Actually Care

We believe that heartfelt interactions with locals give meaning to our travels. It’s the connection that we form with our guides and the quirky local insights that they give us that makes all the difference.

Across all experiences, we have hand-selected hospitable and responsible local businesses, who will make the time you spend with them count. Each local business here has been vetted through mystery shopping, traveller feedback and multiple follow-on interviews. They’re not perfect and local context does matter, but they’re each doing their part to make their local communities and environment a little brighter.

See more here for the qualities that we look out for in our local guides.

We Won’t Always Get it Right. But We’ll Keep Trying

Travel is complicated, and we won’t always get it right. But we will keep learning, keep listening to your feedback, and keep trying to do better.

Sometimes the places that we work in are remote. This means that we cannot quickly effect improvements that we hope for. For example, though many travellers would prefer fewer plastic bottles being used, this is not possible in remote areas where there is no readily available sources of filtered water, and tap water is not safe for drinking. So we can only take baby steps to ensure that even though plastics cannot be eradicated in these areas, responsible waste management is being practiced by the guides.

That’s just one example of where we can’t always get it right, not immediately anyway. But we commit to keep learning from all our stakeholders and doing the best we can.

Thank you for joining us on this journey and helping to make travel better for everyone.
For the seekers
Seek Sophie is a tribe of curious explorers looking for what's real, not what's on show for tourists. We seek out experiences that spark wonder, and leave us (and the places we visit!) a little brighter.
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