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Cooking Classes in Bali

Bali's the OG farm-to-table! Learn to cook vibrant dishes the freshest way, guided by local chefs.

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We had an amazing time visiting the subak. They explained us many details about the water management system and the agriculture of and surrounding the rice fields. They showed us the different plants growing in the fields and cut some for us and for the delicious lunch we prepared together. The rice paddies are a key part of the Balinese identity; they need our help. Eco tourism can help maintain historical spaces and practices in Bali and elsewhere. The guides were very kind and quick to explain any questions we had. The fishing at the end was also fun.
This was a great tour. Amazing food, beautiful location, and friendly staff. So happy they gave us a little recipe book at the end. They even made a video of the class they shared with all of us
My husband and I visited Primo Chocolab and participated in the chocolate workshop. I absolutely love chocolate! When deciding to come to Bali for our honeymoon I happened to stumble upon this make you own chocolate experience and we got out of this experience more than just chocolate but knowledge and understanding of the hard work that goes into make this delicious product. Primo Chocolab is full of dedication to their craft and giving to the people of Bali. Hearing from the owner himself what chocolate means to him and why/how he started this factory and getting an inside look into the process of making such delicious chocolate was a once in a lifetime experience. The passion behind every chocolate bar can be seen immediately!
Kaitlyn Decker

Helpful Questions

What types of cooking classes are offered in Bali?
In Bali, you can find a variety of cooking classes ranging from traditional Balinese cuisine to more modern fusion cooking styles.
Are the cooking classes in Bali suitable for beginners?
Yes, many cooking classes in Bali cater to beginners and provide step-by-step instructions and guidance throughout the cooking process.
Do the cooking classes in Bali include a market tour to purchase ingredients?
Some cooking classes in Bali do offer market tours where participants can buy fresh ingredients and learn about local produce and spices.
Are the cooking classes in Bali conducted in English?
Yes, many cooking classes in Bali are conducted in English to cater to tourists and expats from around the world.
Do cooking classes in Bali provide recipe cards for participants to take home?
Yes, most cooking classes in Bali provide participants with recipe cards so they can recreate the dishes at home.
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