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Pranasanti Yoga
14 reviews
Pranasanti was founded by a Balinese priestess, Manis. Born and raised in Bali, Manis is a trained “Jero” or Balinese priestess, who has responsibility in her local community to lead ceremonies. On becoming a Jero, she found her sensitivity to energy heightened, so turned to yoga and meditation to balance it. At Pranasanti, Manis and her team offer a variety of retreats, yoga and healing sessions. She tailors each session to the individual needs of her guests, and she creates a supportive and nurturing environment where people can relax, rejuvenate, and connect with their inner selves.

What Guests Say

28 reviews

Sophie has a beautiful energy and an uncanny ability to see through to my soul. She understood my emotional journey and was able to tailor my yoga experience to exactly what I needed. It was such an overwhelming...


Helpful Questions

What are the benefits of practicing yoga in Bali?
Practicing yoga in Bali offers numerous benefits, such as the opportunity to practice in serene and picturesque locations surrounded by lush greenery and tranquil beaches. Additionally, Bali's spiritual atmosphere and rich cultural heritage create an ideal environment for deepening the mind-body connection through yoga.
Which are the best yoga retreats in Bali?
Bali boasts a plethora of exceptional yoga retreats. Some of the best ones include Soulshine Bali, The Yoga Barn, Ubud Yoga House, and Desa Seni. These retreats offer beautiful accommodation, a variety of yoga classes for all levels, rejuvenating spa treatments, and nutritious organic meals.
What types of yoga can be practiced in Bali?
Bali offers a wide range of yoga styles to suit every practitioner's preference. Popular styles include Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Yin, and Restorative yoga. Additionally, specialized practices like AcroYoga, Aerial Yoga, and SUP Yoga (yoga on a stand-up paddleboard) can also be experienced in Bali.
Are there any famous yoga teachers in Bali?
Absolutely! Bali is home to many renowned yoga teachers who have a significant impact on the local and international yoga community. Some famous teachers include Octavio Salvado, Eoin Finn, Meghan Currie, and Mark Whitwell. Attending their workshops or classes can provide a transformative yoga experience.
What is the cost of yoga classes in Bali?
The cost of yoga classes in Bali can vary depending on the location, studio, and type of class. On average, drop-in rates range from $10 to $20 per class. Many studios also offer class packages or unlimited passes, which can provide better value for frequent practitioners. It's advisable to check individual studio websites for precise pricing details.
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