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Deramakot Forest Reserve

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Borneo's best-kept secret for wildlife spotting
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I had a fantastic time during the 3D2N Deramakot tour. We were able to spot many endemic mammals including orangutans, civets, the elusive leopard cat, langur, and many more. The Deramakot reserve is full of life and even on this short adventure the sightings were truly wild and authentic. Without the crowds of fellow tourists you are able to truly immerse yourself into the jungle.
Keyan Malecha
We loved our guide Con whose passion and enthusiasm for natyre shone through. We were a snall group of 2 which gave us more flexibility but it would be fine as a bigger group, saw orang utan hornbills galore, slow loris and numerous other creatures. Deramakot is a beautiful forest. Its more difficult to see animals than at Kinabatangan river but patience rewards, Food cooked by driver was excellent The only bad thing was having to wait nearly 3 hours between being dropped off by the car from KK and being picked up for the forest. Otherwise excellent
Kati and Andrew

Helpful Questions

What is Deramakot Forest Reserve?
Deramakot Forest Reserve is a protected forest reserve located in the Malaysian state of Sabah on the island of Borneo. It is one of the largest protected forests in Sabah, covering an area of approximately 55,000 hectares.
What can visitors expect to see in Deramakot Forest Reserve?
Visitors to Deramakot Forest Reserve can expect to see a wide variety of wildlife, including orangutans, elephants, deer, civets, and many species of birds. The forest is also home to the Malayan sun bear and the clouded leopard, two of the rarest animals in Southeast Asia. However the forest reserve is dense so you shouldn't come expecting to see the amount of wildlife that you will in an African savannah. Here it's more of an explorer's journey. You may encounter a herd of elephants, or you may end up seeing just a glimpse of a clouded leopard's paw in the moonlight. That's part of the excitement!
What activities are available in Deramakot Forest Reserve?
There are several activities available to visitors in Deramakot Forest Reserve, including guided jungle walks, night drives, birdwatching, and camping. Visitors can also observe the wildlife from observation towers and watchtowers located throughout the reserve.
How is Deramakot Forest Reserve managed and protected?
Deramakot Forest Reserve is managed and protected by the Sabah Forestry Department, which is responsible for the conservation and sustainable management of the state's forests. The department has implemented a number of measures to protect the forest, including strict regulations on logging and hunting, as well as the promotion of eco-tourism activities that support conservation efforts.
Why is Deramakot Forest Reserve important for conservation?
Deramakot Forest Reserve is important for conservation because it provides critical habitat for a wide range of plant and animal species, including many that are threatened or endangered. The reserve is managed using sustainable forestry practices, which helps to maintain the health and productivity of the forest ecosystem while also providing economic benefits to the local community. By preserving this important forest area, Deramakot Forest Reserve helps to maintain the region's biodiversity and supports the long-term sustainability of the local economy.
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