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Hiking in Kota Kinabalu

Enjoy lush green trails to the peak of Mount Kinabalu
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Wonderful time. Everything was as promised! Thanks
Amazing trip support from Olivia and her team (Rashid, Julian, and Apson). Attentive, patient, and polite at all times. I would not hesitate at all to book with them again.
Excellent organisation though Seek Sophie. Helpful and friendly staff, and everything went smoothly for our climb. We had a fantastic guide as well, really added to the experience. Highly recommended.

Helpful Questions

What are some popular hiking trails in Kota Kinabalu?
Some popular hiking trails in Kota Kinabalu include Mount Kinabalu, Bukit Padang, and Bukit Bongol. Each trail offers unique challenges and stunning views of the surrounding nature.
Is it necessary to hire a guide for hiking in Kota Kinabalu?
While it is not mandatory to hire a guide for hiking in Kota Kinabalu, it is highly recommended, especially for inexperienced hikers. Guides can provide valuable insights, ensure safety, and navigate through the terrain.
What is the best time of year for hiking in Kota Kinabalu?
The best time for hiking in Kota Kinabalu is typically during the dry season, which is from March to October. This period offers better weather conditions and clearer views of the surrounding landscape.
Are there any wildlife encounters to be aware of while hiking in Kota Kinabalu?
While hiking in Kota Kinabalu, hikers may encounter wildlife such as monkeys, birds, and insects. It is important to respect the wildlife and keep a safe distance to avoid any potential conflicts.
What should hikers pack for a hiking trip in Kota Kinabalu?
Hikers in Kota Kinabalu should pack essentials such as water, snacks, sunscreen, insect repellent, a first aid kit, appropriate clothing, and sturdy hiking shoes. It is also recommended to bring a map, compass, and a fully charged phone for emergencies.
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