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Celebes Divers
Celebes Divers bring you the best of diving in a variety of locations in Bunaken National Park through their various resorts.

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Where are the best things to do in Bunaken?
Where are the most popular activities for Bunaken?
The popular activities for Bunaken are:
Where are the must-dos in Manado?
Top places of interest in Manado are: The must-do activities that Manado is popular for are:
Where are the must-dos in Indonesia?
Top places of interest in Indonesia are:
  • Komodo National Park - here you can do Sightseeing Boat Cruise and Diving
  • Ubud - here you can do Creative Workshops, Hiking, Village Visit, Cooking Classes, Cycling Tours, Rafting, Foodie Experiences, Outdoor Adventures, Motorcycle Tour, Mountain Climbing, Waterfall Hiking, Wellness Experiences and ATV & Off-Road
  • Mount Bromo - here you can do Mountain Climbing and Hiking
  • Borobudur Temple - here you can do Mountain Climbing and Driver & Car
  • Mount Ijen - here you can do Mountain Climbing and Hiking
The must-do activities that Indonesia is popular for are: The most popular cities in Indonesia for travellers are:
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