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Tropical Adventure Tours & Travel
20 reviews
Tropical Adventures Tour and Travel is a stalwart of the travel industry in Borneo. They were one of the pioneers in adventure travel in Borneo and have well-trained guides who know the lay of the land very well.

What Guests Say

80 reviews

Stephanie was very responsive to all my queries prior to the trip. Very well organised with great guides. Didn’t get to cover the Mulu caves after the Pinnacles climb but gives me a reason to come back. Thank yo...


The 4 day adventure in Mulu was amazing. First the easy walks through the jungle and the caves gave insights into the nature and wildlife and the caves are simply not from this world! Benarat Lodge was good to ...


Great trip and really well organised, couldn't ask for more!
From our pick up at the airport, Anil, told us everything we needed and made sure we got checked in before telling us about timings for that day...

Jon Law

The guides were very good and really took care of the group. The planning and various logistics were carried out smoothly.. unfortunately we did not summit the Pinnacles due to bad weather, but the experience wa...


Great food at the Marriot and helpful, organised guides.


Helpful Questions

What is the best time of year to go hiking in Mulu?
The best time to go hiking in Mulu is between March to October, when the weather is drier and less rainy. However, you may still experience some rain during this period, so be prepared to get wet.
What kind of wildlife can I expect to see while hiking in Mulu?
Mulu National Park is home to a diverse range of wildlife, including hornbills, macaques, gibbons, deer, and even some species of primates. If you're lucky, you may also spot some rare animals like the sun bear or the Bornean clouded leopard!
What are some of the best hiking trails in Mulu?
Some of the best hiking trails in Mulu include the Pinnacles Trail, the Deer Cave and Lang's Cave Trail, and the Tree Top Tower Trail. Each trail offers a unique perspective on the park's natural beauty, from stunning limestone formations to panoramic views of the rainforest canopy.
Do I need a guide to go hiking in Mulu?
While it's not strictly necessary to have a guide when hiking in Mulu, it's highly recommended. The trails can be challenging and there are many potential hazards, including slippery paths, steep drop-offs, and wildlife encounters. A guide can help ensure your safety and also enhance your experience by sharing their knowledge of the park's flora and fauna.
What should I bring on a hiking trip to Mulu?
Some essential items to bring on a hiking trip to Mulu include sturdy hiking shoes, water, sunscreen, insect repellent, a hat, and binoculars or a camera to capture the incredible scenery and wildlife. It's also a good idea to bring along a map, a flashlight, and a first aid kit in case of emergencies.