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Justin at Bali Yok was super helpful and informative. His team Yosi (driver) and the wonderful Wi (guide) were incredibly warm and patient. It was the most beautiful breakfast my friends and I have ever had, ove...

Leika YM

Ketut picked us up from our hotel at 2:15 and waited so patiently as we quickly gathered our things after oversleeping. He was an excellent and friendly driver. Our guide to the top of Mount Batur, Use (I believ...

Renee Varga

Pickup from my Ubud hotel was right on time and dropped off to begin the hike in a quieter location. Our guide Jero was the self-proclaimed best guide of Mt Batur and I cannot disagree! He was very experienced, ...


I had an amazing experience on this trip, would highly recommend to anyone who is up to soak in the beautiful sight and sounds as well as immerse and learn more about local Balinese culture. Justin is incredibly...


Our guide was amazing and super friendly and helpful. We would recommend him ANY TIME!!! The only thing was there were a lot of loud jeeps and TOO MANY motorbikes that were going up and down the mountain at the ...


The hike was amazing with our mountain guide Yus, he is such a nice guy and very passionate about his job. He guided us through the hike and shared history of everything about mount batur. Not only that, the dri...


Thanks to our driver wayan and our tour guide 🙏🏻👌🏻excellent people..thank you thank you thank you

Alexander Maack

Our experience at Mt. Batur could not have been better. What an incredible experience that no one in my family will forget. Justin is a gem and was great from the moment we met. He and my husband bonded immediat...

Brittany G.

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