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Sidemen Silver
57 reviews
Sidemen Silver is a family business run by Made who learned the craft from his father and has maintained the authentic workshop from generations past. He’s supported by his wife who’s a great hostess and his daughter.

What Guests Say

72 reviews

One of the best things i’ve done in bali, not only do you get the incredible experience of making your ring/ bracelet but you get a souvenir to always remember it with.


Such a rewarding experience! The jewelers were so attentive to our needs and made it an educational hands-on experience for me and my two teenage kids. The resulting jewelry was beautiful and easy to make. I tho...


I had a very nice experience with this workshop; good explanation of the creative process, friendly and welcoming people. I'm very happy with the jewelry that I can take home with me as a beautiful souvenir. Als...


Unique and memorable experience to craft your own jewellery! Definitely recommended!

Also there’s friendly Pomeranians around so that’s a huge plus!


A memorable experience with a lovely family. Rings turned out beautifully, and will be treasured for the foreseeable future. Thank you so much.

Alexa Marks

It was a super fun workshop. We went home with a beautifull set of rings and were really happy with the experience and the results. I'ts a must do if you are in Bali!


For starters, we learnt how much work went into creating each piece of jewellery. This is a family run business and the hosts were friendly and helpful throughout the process. So proud of what we managed to crea...


We had fun in this workshop! The people are friendly and helpful. 10/10 would go again!


Helpful Questions

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What is the Sidemen Football Match?
The Sidemen Football Match is an annual charity event where the Sidemen, a group of British YouTubers, compete against another team in a football match to raise funds for various charities.
What happens at the Sidemen Olympics?
The Sidemen Olympics is a series of challenges and competitions where the Sidemen participate in various sports and activities, competing against each other to earn points and win the overall Olympics title.
What is Sidemen Gogglebox?
Sidemen Gogglebox is a series where members of the Sidemen group come together to watch and react to popular TV shows, movies, and online videos. It provides entertaining commentary and funny reactions.
What are Sidemen Food Challenges?
Sidemen Food Challenges involve the Sidemen group attempting different food-related challenges, such as eating spicy foods, completing food challenges within a certain time limit, or trying exotic dishes. It showcases their reactions and competitiveness in a fun way.
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