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Savour rice fields, waterfalls, & a slower rhythm. This sleepy town is the true essence of Bali.

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This workshop was very interesting! The staff had a huge choice of rings as example and everybody was so friendly and helpful during the process. I am very happy about my ring! Thank you for all!
They helped me out with putting together my own design, and the process was very hands on! I loved using all the traditional tools. Super reasonable price and lovely staff.
Incredible experience and one I would highly recommend. One of my Bali highlight experiences, it was so interesting and fun and Made and Made (his assistant has the same name) really walk you through the process every step of the way. Plus Sidemen is a gorgeous area. :)
Marc Nelson

Helpful Questions

What are some popular Sidemen experiences?
Some popular Sidemen experiences include the Sidemen Football Match, Sidemen Olympics, Sidemen Gogglebox, Sidemen Food Challenges, and Sidemen Sunday.
What is the Sidemen Football Match?
The Sidemen Football Match is an annual charity event where the Sidemen, a group of British YouTubers, compete against another team in a football match to raise funds for various charities.
What happens at the Sidemen Olympics?
The Sidemen Olympics is a series of challenges and competitions where the Sidemen participate in various sports and activities, competing against each other to earn points and win the overall Olympics title.
What is Sidemen Gogglebox?
Sidemen Gogglebox is a series where members of the Sidemen group come together to watch and react to popular TV shows, movies, and online videos. It provides entertaining commentary and funny reactions.
What are Sidemen Food Challenges?
Sidemen Food Challenges involve the Sidemen group attempting different food-related challenges, such as eating spicy foods, completing food challenges within a certain time limit, or trying exotic dishes. It showcases their reactions and competitiveness in a fun way.
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