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Discovering Bali: Sidemen

This sleepy town is the true essence of Bali - everything moves slowly and with respect to nature.

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 2 min read
Discovering Bali: Sidemen
Discovering Bali: Sidemen
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Everyone knows Ubud… But have you heard of Sidemen? Sidemen (pronounced See-di-mun) is Ubud before Eat Pray Love.

Sidemen is a small village located in the east part of Bali. It's known for its picturesque rice terraces and quiet pastoral views, seemingly uninterrupted by modern life.

Stay here if you want to get away from the bustle of Ubud and Canggu, and seriously chill. Enjoy a quiet walk through endless rice paddies, craft with the original local artisans or learn proper farm-to-table village cooking!

What To Do in Sidemen


Untouched Rice Terrace Trekking

Take a guided trek through the beautiful and lush rice paddies of Sidemen.

Unlike Ubud where it tends to get pretty crowded at the famous Tegalalang rice terraces, your experience in Sidemen will be quieter and more peaceful.

Sidemen's rice terraces also offers a more authentic experience because you're likely to see actual farmers tending to their crops and you'll learn about their daily life and culture.

Untouched Rice Terrace Trekking

Make Your Own Silver Jewellery

Wanna chill and make something special? Learn from local artisans and expert silversmiths and make your own silver jewellery!

This is a perfect way to spend an afternoon with your partner (perhaps making pieces for one another!) or with good friends or family members creating memorable keepsakes :)

Make Your Own Silver Jewellery

Village Farm-To-Table Vegan Cooking

A trip to Bali wouldn't be complete without doing a cooking class right? 😜 But this one's with a vegan twist!

This cooking class in Sidemen takes place in a beautiful organic garden, where you can harvest fresh ingredients and prepare generations-old Balinese recipes, infused with delicious vegan twists.

And the best part? You'll get to enjoy your freshly cooked meal in the gorgeous garden with Mount Agung in the distance.

Village Farm-To-Table Vegan Cooking
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