Why go

Komodo National Park is truly otherworldly. It has 29 islands, each with their own epic landscapes. On Rinca and Komodo islands, you can see wild Komodo dragons, on Padar Island you'll see stunning panoramas, at Manta Bay you'll swim with Manta Rays, and at Siaba Bay you'll find serene giant turtles. It's also home to some of the best dive sites in the world!

What to do or see here
  • You can do a sightseeing boat trip or a diving trip
  • Sightseeing boat trips range from 1-4 days, and all cover the highlights. You'll see views at Padar Island, trek with Komodo dragons, chill on Pink Beach and snorkel at Manta Point
  • Dive trips range from 1-4 days and tend to be focused on diving. Only a few of them will include trekking with Komodo dragons
Best Time to Go
  • Try to avoid the rainy season from January to March, as most boat trips don't run during this time, other than the one day speedboats. Even the one day speedboat trips may be cancelled on the day due to bad weather.
  • If your aim is only to see Komodo dragons, avoid mating season in July and August. You'll likely only see small Komodo dragons during this time
Who is it for?
  • Everyone who loves nature and epic views, regardless of age! We took our 78 year old parents and they absolutely loved it. The hiking isn't difficult so it's suitable for all ages.
  • If you're keen to dive, the diving here ranges from easy to advanced, so whether you're a complete newbie or advanced diver, there will be suitable dive sites for you here.
Top Tips
  • If you don't want to sleep on the boat, do the one day trip. They cover the same highlights as the 3D2N trips
  • The 3D2N boat trips only sail on Fridays mornings (unless you get a private boat). So you should arrive in Labuan Bajo by Thursday to do a 3D2N trip
  • If you visit in Jan-Mar, plan for more buffer time as your original trip may be cancelled due to weather