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Why go

Komodo National Park is truly otherworldly. It has 29 islands, each with their own epic landscapes. On Rinca and Komodo islands, you can see wild Komodo dragons, on Padar Island you'll see stunning panoramas, at Manta Bay you'll swim with Manta Rays, and at Siaba Bay you'll find serene giant turtles. It's also home to some of the best dive sites in the world!

What to do or see here

Island hop, snorkel, or dive! Go for a boat tour for sightseeing, and dedicated dive boats for underwater focus. Want both? Book separately – dive boats skip Padar, Pink Beach, etc.

Best Time to Go

April-June + Sep-Dec are best! Avoid rainy season (Jan-Mar) when most boat trips are cancelled. If seeing large Komodo dragons is key, avoid July-Aug (mating season).

Who is it for?

Anyone aged 2 to a fit 80 would love it! Hikes aren't hard; and if you don't swim/snorkel you can stay onboard. If you dive, there's diving for complete beginners to advanced here.

Top Tips

For fewer crowds, avoid local hols & weekends (filter for weekday dates!). Bring cash for park fees - they're complicated and vary by # persons, islands, nationality. More tips.

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