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Ubud Sunrise Hiking
63 reviews
Ubud Sunrise Hiking is an authentic and heartfelt experience, owned and managed by a local Balinese family with deep roots in the picturesque Mt. Batur village. For over two decades, they have been devoted Mt. Batur trekking guides, shaped by their childhood experiences. Each member of their team is a licensed and government-trained local, intimately familiar with the majestic Mt. Batur and its rich history. When you embark on their guided journeys, you'l get an intimate connection to the geography, history, and culture of the region.

What Guests Say

1112 reviews

A top-tier experience from beginning to end. Our driver, Justin was super friendly and picked us up at our hotel in Ubud. After a brief boat trip across the lake, we hiked up a small mountain in the Batur Calder...


This was a great experience. Our guide Wi was amazing also. Things to note before you go if you are unfamiliar with the names of the mountains etc:
1. This is not on actual Mt Batur (we thought it was an a...


Very well organized Tour with a quick response by asking questions in advance of the Trip. We‘ve had the pleasure to do the hike with a great Tourguide- Yus. He was very caring and considerated and gave us the b...


I was a bit worried at the start because our driver arrived a little late and Bali traffic put us behind even more. We arrived at the volcano with a little time to spare before starting the hike. Everyone involv...


The ride to Bali really made a dent in the full experience. DO NOT book an add on for that much money. We paid EUR70 for a boat, plus ride to Bali (which is next to your last day destination Ijen, the boat is 10...


What a great experience climbing this secluded mountain. We had a great time and it was super special.

Emma Saunders

Whilst we didn’t go to the coffee plantation after the hike because we were exhausted from the hike, the overall experience was truly amazing. Our driver was Gede, who was very friendly and excited to share the ...


Both our driver yosi and our guide Ari did a great job showing us the best of Mount Batur. Telling about the jungle, the vulcano, the lake, farming and temple on the lake. Had a fantastic time.

Mount Batur and senic boatride on Batur lake

Helpful Questions

What are some popular mountains to climb in Indonesia?
Some popular mountains to climb in Indonesia include Mount Rinjani, Mount Merapi, Mount Semeru, Mount Kerinci, and Mount Gede.
What is the best time of year to go mountain climbing in Indonesia?
The best time to go mountain climbing in Indonesia is during the dry season, which typically falls between May and September.
What are some important safety tips for mountain climbing in Indonesia?
Some important safety tips for mountain climbing in Indonesia include acclimatizing properly, staying hydrated, wearing appropriate gear, and hiring a local guide.
What permits are required for mountain climbing in Indonesia?
Permits are required for mountain climbing in Indonesia, and they can vary depending on the mountain. It is important to obtain the necessary permits before embarking on your climb.
What are some challenges of mountain climbing in Indonesia?
Some challenges of mountain climbing in Indonesia include unpredictable weather, difficult terrain, altitude sickness, and logistical challenges. Proper preparation and planning are key to a successful climb.
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