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Mountain Climbing in Kota Kinabalu

One of the most beautiful hikes in Asia that is beginner friendly
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Wonderful time. Everything was as promised! Thanks
Amazing trip support from Olivia and her team (Rashid, Julian, and Apson). Attentive, patient, and polite at all times. I would not hesitate at all to book with them again.
Excellent organisation though Seek Sophie. Helpful and friendly staff, and everything went smoothly for our climb. We had a fantastic guide as well, really added to the experience. Highly recommended.

Helpful Questions

What is the altitude of Mount Kinabalu?
The summit of Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia stands at 4,095 meters (13,435 feet) above sea level, making it the highest mountain in Malaysia and one of the highest mountains in Southeast Asia.
Why Climb Mount Kinabalu?
Mount Kinabalu in Sabah, Borneo (Malaysia) is a UNESCO world heritage site, the highest mountain in Malaysia and one of the most beautiful climbs we’ve been on. While it is challenging, it is also beginner-friendly so you can easily train for it within one month which is a big plus. We love the mountain because it takes you up so many distinct and gorgeous landscapes over the course of one short climb. You start in the Borneo rainforest, which then opens up to an enchanted garden landscape with giant bonsai-tree looking plants, and when you reach the summit it looks like you're walking on the moon.
Can beginners climb Mount Kinabalu?
Yes it's a very beginner-friendly trek! Trekking up the mountain is basically just climbing a lot of steps - approximately 600 flights of steps in total up and down. From the start point to the summit, you'll have 8.5k, of trekking and the same distance back down. It takes approximately 6 hours of hiking on the first day, and 10-12 hours of trekking on the second day. It's suitable for novice hikers with a moderate level of fitness. We would recommend strength and aerobic training at least a month before your climb. Ideally prior to the climb you should be comfortable with 10km of trekking at a moderate pace, with a 8-10kg backpack. Please note that you'll need to be fitter if you're intending on doing either of the via ferrata routes (which are basically additional activities off the side of the montain after you summit). If you're doing those routes, then you'll need to add an additional 1-4 hours to your climbing time, which will make it more tiring descending the mountain.
How do I book a Mount Kinabalu climb?
You can book a Mount Kinabalu climb through a local tour operator on Seek Sophie. The local tour operator will procure a climbing permit for you from the park and organise your trip logistics, such as transport to the park.
What is the best time of year for mountain climbing in Kota Kinabalu?
The best time for mountain climbing in Kota Kinabalu is between March and September, when the weather is cooler and drier.
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