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A very conducive environment and we love the array of materials provided! Staff was very observant, patient ,& helpful who was keen to help & guide us through the session. We had a pleasant time here and...


I liked the preserved moss and the dried flowers, they were very fun to play with. Honestly, I have never really touched soil ir plants like how i did today as im those type of people who dont really onteract wi...


It was a really fun activity, good for size and age.

Eugene Tay

Overall the trip was good and its value for money. What could have been better though is the pre-boarding experience. It was me taking the initiative throughout to ask questions and confirm the meetup logistics,...


Taught me the different method of fishing

Ong wei jin

I really enjoyed this painting class in peaceful and comfortable studio. It's absolutely value for money, and I felt that I wanted to register regular course after the class.

Yoonchae Noh

This was my first time making a terrarium, I found the material variety quite elaborate, lots to choose from and have fun with. Spencer was very good helping me assemble a terrarium that suits my taste. It’s a m...

Shraddha T

My boyfriend and I really enjoyed the experience! Even though it was my second time doing pottery, the techniques and style taught were different and it was extremely insightful! We got to customise what we want...

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