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Sarawak Longhouses

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Meet Borneo tribes and hear their stories, from headhunting to farming.

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Very knowledgable and patient guide Musa. Punctual and accomodating. The local Iban people were very pleasant, welcoming and hospitable. The accomodation while basic was tidy and spacious. Would definitely recommend bringing gifts that can be split between various families residing in longhouse and be prepared for very basic amenities. But lovely to experience a day in the life of an authentic asian villlage. We shared in luak and rice wine and had a great time sharing instruments and dancing the traditional iban style :) would recommend for those who are not afraid of roughing it a little bit.
Desmond was very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. The longhouse was a good experience and we felt that we were part of the family.
Saloma’s family is very welcoming and kind! The food was amazing, the activities really entertaining - with the right amount of rest - and the tree house is very charming!
Paola & Isabel

Helpful Questions

What is a longhouse in Sarawak?
A longhouse in Sarawak is a traditional communal dwelling where several families live together under one roof. It is a unique architectural structure made of wood and bamboo, elevated on stilts.
How can I experience living in a longhouse in Sarawak?
To experience living in a longhouse in Sarawak, you can opt for a homestay program offered by local communities. These programs provide the opportunity to stay with a host family in a longhouse, interact with the community, and participate in their daily activities.
What activities can I engage in during my stay at a Sarawak longhouse?
During your stay at a Sarawak longhouse, you can engage in various activities such as participating in traditional dances, trying local delicacies, learning traditional crafts and skills like bamboo weaving or blowpipe shooting, and exploring the surrounding nature through guided jungle treks.
What is the significance of longhouses in Sarawak's cultural heritage?
Longhouses hold great significance in Sarawak's cultural heritage as they represent the communal lifestyle, traditions, and customs of indigenous tribes such as the Iban and Bidayuh. They offer insights into the rich cultural diversity and way of life that has been preserved for generations.
Are longhouse experiences in Sarawak suitable for all types of travelers?
Longhouse experiences in Sarawak can be enjoyed by a wide range of travelers including nature enthusiasts, cultural explorers, adventure seekers, and those interested in indigenous cultures. It provides a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in local traditions and gain a deeper understanding of Sarawak's heritage.
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