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Excellent yatch, crew, that made for an absolutely memorable morning and afternoon.


Crew were very helpful and kept a good eye on the children. Very vigilant on safety. Cooked our BBQ well! Made it an extremely memorable trip!!! Thank you!


It was a fantastic experience. The staff was very friendly and accommodating, the boat was nice and spacious enough for 7 people, great value for money, Lazarus around sunset time was superb. Definitely recommen...


I booked this experience for me and my husband for our anniversary. Both Dayana and Osman were very warm and welcomed us on board. After a short safety briefing we went out fishing. Osman and Dayana are both sup...


Thanks so much for the experience
My birthday was a nice memorable one and I liked the experience very much
I had a blast and a very good time with good friends of mine
I think I have been b...

Joyce Lin W

Thank you so much for a great advert despite terrible weather!

Stacy Kay

Captain Alf was kind, friendly and easy going! Right from the start, he assisted us in ensuring all our food were nicely stored within the cooler and mini fridge. Also, volunteered to take some really nice photo...


The boat we got was just nice for my family of 5 and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves with the floating mat and other accessories. Faisal and Gopi were friendly and attentive when we were playing and readily help...

Wong Yong Jian

Helpful Questions

What types of yacht rentals are available in Singapore?
Singapore offers a wide range of yacht rentals to suit various preferences and budgets. From luxury yachts with state-of-the-art amenities to more affordable options for smaller groups, visitors can find something to fit their needs. Popular types of yacht rentals include motor yachts, sailboats, and catamarans. Catamarans tend to have more space than a usual motor yacht as they have a large deck area for guests to lounge together.
What are the top yacht rental destinations in Singapore?
Singapore has many beautiful destinations to explore by yacht. Some of the top destinations include Lazarus Island, the Southern Islands and Hantu Island. If you want to swim and go to the beach, we would recommend Lazarus Island as the waters there are calmer. However this is where most of the yachts go, so there will be a dozen or so yachts around at any time on the weekends. If you're looking to go off-the-beaten-path to somewhere most Singaporeans haven't been, head to Hantu Island. Hantu island is a tiny island, a fraction of the size of Lazarus Island. It's very quiet there and the currents are a bit stronger, so it may not be suitable for swimming. However at Hantu Island, you can kayak, do water activities, and even dive!
What services are included in a typical yacht rental in Singapore?
Yacht rental services in Singapore typically include the rental of the yacht itself (usually for a minimum of 4 hours), a professional captain, crew members, and fuel. Visitors can choose from half-day or full-day rental packages, and longer-term rentals are also available. Most rental packages will include free corkage, and some water activities such as water mat, kayak, SUP (water activities depend on the yacht). The yachts mostly have additional amenities such as air conditioning, entertainment systems, and Wi-Fi. If you would like to bring your own food on board, that is allowed and free-of-charge, but if you would like the crew to help you BBQ the food or if you would like use of the BBQ grill, there's normally an additional charge for that.
How much is it to rent a yacht for a day in Singapore?
It depends on the yacht you pick, and how many persons are in your group. Small basic private yachts for 5-8 persons start from approximately $600 for 4-hours, and the larger and more luxury ones for 20-30 persons will be $2000-$3000. Also most yachts more expensive on a weekend/public holiday than on a weekday. Depending on the yacht, you can bring your own food and drinks onboard for no extra charge, but usually if you want to rent a BBQ grill on board you'll need to pay an additional charge.
How do I book a yacht?
It's easy! The availability and pricing are live on the site, so you can book in a few simple steps. (1) Choose the yacht that suits your budget and occasion, (2) pick a date, (3) pick a timeslot, and (4) request to book the yacht!
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