Pair your Surf Trip with Wild Elephant Safaris, Lost Tribes & Blue Whales

For surfers who are looking to pair their surf trip with bucket list experiences, here are some ideas from hiking with lost tribes to safaris with wild elephants. If you’re looking for your next surf trip, we’ve narrowed down 5 surfing spots for beginners to experts. Bonus: they come with an extra side of cool for you so you can find the best surf spot, and tick off your bucket list at the same time 🤙

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 5 min read
Pair your Surf Trip with Wild Elephant Safaris, Lost Tribes & Blue Whales
Pair your Surf Trip with Wild Elephant Safaris, Lost Tribes & Blue Whales
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1. Canggu, Bali: Great for Beginner Surfers, Yogis & Coffee Lovers

Canggu, Bali is a trendy surf spot perfect for surfers of all experiences, from beginners to experts because of how varied its waves are. While Canggu doesn’t have sparkling white beaches or azure waters, it offers a large variety of hipster cafes that serve locally sourced coffee that go perfectly with brunch food (avocado toast anyone?). 

Not to mention, the ambience of these coffee shops make for the perfect Instagram shot! The Loft is definitely a favourite amongst the crowd, with its iconic pink wall and insta-worthy food, it’s a cafe not to be missed. For all the yogis out there, we’ve got you! Canggu has a great yoga and fitness scene and Desa Seni is one of our favourites! Besides, yoga would make for the perfect complement for surfing as you’ll be able to properly stretch and relax your body. If you love surfing along with the yoga and hipster coffee culture, Canggu is the perfect spot for you. 

How to plan a week’s trip:

  • Spend 3 days to learn surfing
  • Spend 2 days trying out yoga and fitness studios
  • Spend 1 day checking out the most popular coffee shops and cafes

2. Weligama, Sri Lanka: Best Well-Rounded Surf Beach & Chance Upon Whales

Weligama, located on the South Coast of Sri Lanka is a growing popular surf spot, with good reason to be! It has waves to suit every need, and if you’re brand new to surfing, there are plenty of surf camps there for you to learn the ropes.

What makes this spot even more unique is how you’ll be able to go on a whale watching half-day trip to see blue whales, the largest animal on earth known to have existed. If you’re lucky, you might be able to spot dolphins and whale sharks too! 

Sri Lanka is not just known for being a haven for wildlife, but also for the abundance of sea-life, so if you’re looking for a spot to get a chance to see magnificent sea creatures, Sri Lanka is the ideal place.  

How to plan a week’s trip:

  • Spend 4 days at a surf camp to improve your surfing skills
  • Spend 1 day whale-watching
  • Spend 1 day relaxing by the beach 

3. Unawatuna, Sri Lanka: Family Surf Spot & Snorkel or Dive with Colourful Coral Fish

Also on the South Coast of Sri Lanka sits Unawatuna. Within Unawatuna lies Unawatuna beach which has great waves for beginners. Along with that, the abundance of family hotels make it a perfect family vacation spot. 

But what makes this beach special is that it’s also one of the best snorkelling and diving spots in Sri Lanka because of the diverse marine life, such as colourful coral fish and rich coral reefs which can be seen in the crystal clear waters. You’re bound to feel like you’re in the underwater kingdom for sure! So if you love the sea and anything marine related, Unawatuna is the spot to go.

How to plan a week’s trip:

  • Spend 3 days learning how to surf
  • Spend 2 days snorkelling in different spots
  • Spend 1 day swimming and relaxing at the beach

4. West Papua, Indonesia: Unexplored Surf Spot & Trek to Meet the Indigenous Tribes

West Papua, a province in Indonesia is a surfing destination to visit if you love discovery and adventure. This is one of the least populated areas in Indonesia and is mostly a countryside province. Surfing in West Papua is much more about discovering new waves as most of the surf spots have not yet been explored, making it more suited to those with experience.

Besides discovering new waves, the dense jungles are pretty unexplored and great for trekking. You’ll be able to meet the local tribes, such as the Dani Tribe, who live deep within the forest and are the main tribe in the area. 

They are one of the world’s most isolated tribes and till today still wear their traditional tribal wear made up of grass and rattan. Finally, Raja Ampat, just around the corner, is one of the best dive and snorkel spots in the world. Head there for otherworldly views and to dive with Manta Rays. 

How to plan a week’s trip:

  • Spend 3 days exploring and discovering new surf spots
  • Spend 2 days trekking and exploring the jungles
  • Spend 1 day exploring Raja Ampat islands

5. Sumbawa, Indonesia: Surf Renowned Waves & Explore a Record Breaking Volcano

Lakey Peak, Sumbawa is no stranger to surfers and surfing Lakey Peak is every surfer’s dreams, with 9 surf points and waves constantly barrelling in. This is definitely a spot for those who have ample of experience and are not afraid of riding challenging waves. If you’re looking for a more chill activity, there is also kite-surfing or you can just relax at one of the many restaurants there and catch the sunset! 

Besides surfing amazing waves, Sumbawa offers the opportunity to trek up and see Mount Tambora, whose volcanic eruption in 1815 was the largest volcanic eruption ever in recorded history. From the crater rim, you’ll be able to explore the volcano and also get an amazing scenic view. If you would like the chance to challenge yourself in every aspect, we recommend visiting Sumbawa!

How to plan a week’s trip:

  • Spend 1 day catching advanced waves
  • Spend 5 days up a trek to the crater rim of Mount Tambora

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