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Yoga was a great guide! He chose a beautiful path among villages and rice fields,explained a lot, took care of us on the road, together with his nice cousin. Would recommend this trip if you want to visit rural parts, nature. And enjoy biking away from main roads.
My family loved the scenery of surrounding rice fields on this tour. For one of our party the roads at times were a little challenging with holes and narrow passage which would have been good to know - for the others i think it was fine. A few more stops to take photos of the scenery would have been great as well. A lovely meal at the end.
Tina's family
This has to be one of the most memorable experiences of my trip to Bali. Wayan and his family and team blew me away with their passion and commitment to the firefly project. This is much more than just a trip to see fireflies. Instead, you get to learn from Novi about the work they doing in the lab, take a tour of the local farmers house & garden and hear about the plants being grown. The dinner was also so delicious!! The highlight for me though was sitting in the nature watching the fireflies and listening to the wildlife. It was so peaceful and tranquil. Overall, a very magical experience and one I would highly recommend!

Helpful Questions

What are some must-visit attractions in Ubud?
Ubud has plenty of attractions that travellers consider 'must-dos' Among them are the Ubud Monkey Forest, Tegalalang Rice Terrace, Goa Gajah (Elephant Cave), and Ubud Palace.
What activities can you do in Ubud besides sightseeing?
Ubud is a hub for cultural activities, and visitors can indulge in various activities such as cooking classes, art and craft workshops, traditional dance performances, and even healing practices such as yoga and meditation. It's quite hard to differentiate between the real arts activities and the ones that are just created for tourists though- so do watch out for that or ask us if you'd like ideas! A lot of the cultural activities have also moved further out of Ubud towards sleepier (and cheaper!) Sidemen. Ubud also has several spa centers offering relaxing massages and treatments, so you should definitely check those out for a traditional Balinese massage! Ubud also has some of the best restaurants in Bali, so you should definitely check those out - our faves are Locavore and Nusantara!
What are some good restaurants to try in Ubud?
Ubud has a thriving food scene, with plenty of restaurants serving delicious Indonesian and international cuisine. Some popular restaurants to try are Locavore, Hujan Locale, and Nusantara Restaurant. Locavore and Nusantara are doing really interesting things with Indonesian ingredients (think of Locavore like the Noma of Indonesia!) so they're definitely worth trying if you're a foodie and curious about different ingredients and cooking techniques.
What are some popular activities to experience in Ubud?
Popular activities in Ubud include visiting the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary, exploring Tegallalang Rice Terrace, attending a traditional Balinese dance performance, and taking a yoga class.
Are there any unique cultural experiences to try in Ubud?
Yes, visitors can participate in a cooking class to learn traditional Balinese recipes, attend a traditional Balinese ceremony or temple visit, or receive a Balinese massage or spa treatment.
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