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Khai is punctual and came with a motorbike. He brought snacks and prepared very nice fried rice for lunch. He was flexible with the plan and looked out for my safety all the time.


Loved our tour guide Sue, she was the best. Great food and we got an upgrade of our room which was lovely. Would definitely recommend!

Julia Stitt

A very fruitful experience with Mr Su, he is very knowledgable and enthusiastic. Every miscellaneous item is well taken care of from permit to transportation and lunch and supplies.

Very happy I made suc...


Tu was a fantastic guide! We worked very well together. He was informative and seemed happy to be there, supportive too. Will highly recommend to friends!

Valeriya Kuvshinova and Noah Thacker

Khai was friendly and approachable. He will keep the trekking speed based on your stamina.

Chee Jian

Khai took great care of us on our one day hike up Fansipan. Despite the wet and cold weather, he was very patient and guided and paced us really well. Would recommend him in a heartbeat!

Zhang Jingyi

Khai (my guide) was incredibly patient, helpful and capable. During our Fansipan climb, he paced me brilliantly, made awesome pho during our lunch stop, and shared things about Sapa and his life that made the cl...


It was a great experience booking with Sapa Natives Trekking. We kept in close touch before the trip; they made sure to confirm the exact venue (found out they called my hotel reception), had the food ready, and...


Helpful Questions

How do I get to Sapa?

The two most popular modes of transport to Sapa are via bus or train. The bus is a bit cheaper and has daily departures, while the train is a little more expensive and departs less frequently, but it's a more comfortable and private experience as you can have a private or semi-private (share only with a few people) cabin.

You can check out and book either options here:

What's the best time to go?

The best time to visit Sapa is from March to May or from September to November when the weather is mild and dry. The rice terraces are at their most beautiful from September to October when the harvest season is in full swing.

What are the cultural experiences I should have while in Sapa?

You should visit the local markets in Sapa, where you can see the different ethnic groups selling their wares and experience the local culture. You can also participate in a homestay with a local family to learn more about their way of life.

How difficult are the hikes in Sapa?

The hikes among the rice terraces are quite easy and can be modified for your particular skill level.

The most challenging hike is the climb to the summit of Mt Fansipan. Mt Fansipan's altitude is 3,147 meters and although it's not a very long hike, it is pretty steep. You don't have to be a trained mountain climber, but we do recommend that you are comfortable with moderate physical activity a few hours at a time.

Best part is that you can take the cable car on the way down if you have no more energy for the descent 😅.

Where are the best places for Hiking in Sapa?
Top places for Hiking in Sapa that guests have loved include:
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