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Discover the healing power of clay – more than just making ceramics, pottery offers a calming, meditative experience.
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Instructor/Teacher was very patient and helpful, she was also very willing to share her knowledge with us
we were the only ones there. the potters taught us well and it was a great overall experience
I loved the small group size, the slow pace and the attentiveness of the people working there. Wheel throwing was quite challenging but a very enjoyable, relaxing experience. Even washing up afterwards and taking care of the studio together was part of the experience. Highly recommend. The only suggestion is a bit more clarity in the directions as there is a street approx 15mins away with an almost identical name so more a detailed description with a map image would be helpful.

Helpful Questions

How can I find pottery classes that align with my skill level?
Most pottery studios in Singapore cater to all skill levels. Be sure to inquire about beginner-friendly classes if you're a novice. If you have prior experience, you can opt for workshops that focus on specific techniques, such as wheel throwing or glazing.
What should I bring to a pottery class?
Comfortable clothing that you don't mind getting messy is essential. An apron is usually provided, but it's best to wear old clothes just in case. Consider bringing a towel to wipe your hands and a water bottle to stay hydrated.
Is it possible to take pottery classes in Singapore without booking in advance?
While walk-ins may be possible, it's highly recommended to book your pottery class in advance, especially if you're visiting during peak season. This ensures you secure a spot and avoid any disappointment.
Can I take my pottery creations home after the class?

Typically, pottery pieces need to be fired in a kiln to harden and glaze. This process can take 3-5 weeks. Most studios offer to fire your creations, and you can collect them later or have them shipped to your address.

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