12 Best Pottery Workshops in Singapore [2023]

Even if you've done pottery before, you'll love these unique pottery workshops!

Last updated: 31 Jan 2023- 5 min read
12 Best Pottery Workshops in Singapore [2023]
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Pottery is one of our favourite ways to spend an afternoon. We've done it on dates, on a hen do, and even with kids! It's super meditative and fun, plus you come away with beautifully imperfect pieces that you can use at your next dinner party. Here are our favourite pottery workshops in Singapore - from making fine ceramics on a rooftop garden, to mastering the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

For travellers to Singapore, note that you'll usually need to wait for 3-5 weeks for your pottery piece to be ready to take home (as it takes time for the completed pieces to be fired & glazed).

Best Pottery Classes in Singapore


Pottery for Beginners

If you're a beginner to pottery, this is perfect. You'll get to learn both pottery techniques of wheel throwing & hand-building. The instructors here are really patient, and we especially love that the studio is bright, airy and clean - it really sets the mood for a great pottery session! You'll get to choose one piece to bring home after the session.


Learn the Art of Kintsugi

This workshop teaches the unique Japanese art of Kintsugi - probably the only class where you are allowed to break things!

Traditionally, Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — a metaphor for embracing our flaws and imperfections. During this unique workshop, you'll learn to mend broken upcycled ceramics with gold powders to create a one-of-a-kind ceramic piece.


Make Fine Ceramics on a Rooftop Garden

Even if you've done pottery before, this is the next level up in terms of style. Tiff’s glazing style is seriously gorgeous, and her pieces can be found everywhere from the Ritz-Carlton, Intercontinental, Shangri-La, to Mandarin Oriental.

Set in her beautiful rooftop studio, Tiff offers these intro to pottery classes to anyone who wants to learn the delicate art of making ceramic pottery pieces. And you get to take home two beautiful pieces glazed by one of Singapore’s best potters!


Private Pottery Class in a Garden Studio

This private pottery class in a lush garden studio is a really special one. During this 2-hour class, you'll learn hand-building from a creative designer in a lovely private garden. Emily, your instructor, is really kind and patient, and encourages her guests to be super creative.

As it's a private class, you'll get Emily's full attention to help you create magic ✨ Perfect if you're celebrating a special occasion, or just like your own private space.


Pottery Masterclass: Potter's Wheel & Glazing

This is one of the few pottery workshops that also teaches you how to glaze your own piece, so your finished piece will be 100% bespoke!

This experience is a 2-lesson bundle where you'll learn the end-to-end process of creating a ceramic piece from clay - from the potter's wheel to the fine art of glazing. Perfect for beginners looking for the full pottery experience!


Mindfulness Pottery

This workshop is for those who are looking for a more mindful, creative practice. It doesn't just teach you how to make a clay piece, it teaches you to embrace the journey of creating.

This 1.5h workshop will include a short meditation and cover the basics of stoneware clay-work using handbuilding. You'll come away with a beautiful handmade piece, but also feel recharged and more connected with your work.


Private Pottery for Groups

If you're looking for the perfect thing to do do for a hen do, or a team event, try a private pottery session!

This is perfect for groups as it's a beginner-friendly session where you'll get to try both pottery techniques of hand-building, and wheel-throwing. We also love that the session is held in a lovely light-filled shophouse, with great instructors. You'll get messy and creative, and get to spend quality time creating together!

Suitable for groups of 10 to 40 persons.

Kid-Friendly Pottery Classes


Make a Cute Clay Dish

Enjoy a super chill afternoon at a lovely light-filled studio learning hand-building (the oldest pottery technique!), and make a really cute clay dish!

With guidance from the lovely instructor who’s ever-passionate about art, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of pinching, coiling and painting your own clay dish - completed with your favourite cute character! Super fun for a solo day out, with friends or with kids!

Suitable for kids aged 5+


Parent & Child Pottery Class

Make pottery together with your child! This is a special clay making workshop designed for parents and children to work together. You'll learn and create functional ware while exploring new textures, patterns, colours and form through various techniques of slab work and pinching clay.

Suitable for kids aged 4-9.


Private Handbuilding Class - Make a Jewellery Holder!

In this private pottery class, you'll learn hand-building pottery in a lush garden studio. Emily, your instructor, is really kind and patient, and encourages her guests to be super creative. At the end you'll create a really cute bespoke jewellery holder to hold all your little trinkets ✨

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Paint a Ceramic Dish

This class is great for slightly younger kids who love being creative. You won't get to make your own ceramics, but you'll learn how to paint and decorate your own Ceramic dish. You'll be able to take home your personalised, super cute plate!

Suitable for kids aged 4-10.


Great-Value Pottery Class for Older Kids

If you have an older kid who wants to try out the potter's wheel, this quick and affordable pottery class would be a great choice. Here you'll get to learn the basics of the potter's wheel during a 30 minutes session, and get to make your own cup or bowl! It's the most affordable wheel throwing class in town.

Suitable for kids aged 12+.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make pottery?
Pottery in Singapore is from $35-$120 depending on what you're making. Wheel throwing tends to be a little more expensive than hand-building as it requires more equipment. It also depends on which class you go for - some classes are more expensive as the instructors are pottery pros who will spend more time with you, and will make sure that your piece is glazed well, so you end up with a professional looking piece!
Is pottery class messy?
It can be as you'll be working with wet clay! You'll usually be provided with an apron so you don't get clay all over your clothing - and even if you do get clay on your clothing, you can wash it off easily. The messiness, and chaos of a pottery class is one of our favourite things about it as it's just very raw, creative and meditative fun.
What should I wear to pottery class?
Wear clothing that you don't mind getting clay on! You'll get to wear an apron during class, and the clay on your clothing will wash off in the washing machine, but you don't want to be wearing your best outfit for a class! For women, you might want to wear shorts, trousers or a dress that covers your knees if you're using the pottery wheel, as that will be more comfortable.
What Is Special About Pottery Classes? Are There Any Benefits?
We love pottery so much we've done it over and over again in the past year! It's one of our favourite things to do on a date, or just a chilled afternoon with friends (or on a hen do!). Even if you don't love drawing or art, you'd like pottery as the feeling of crafting something with your hands and getting messy is incredibly meditative and fun. Even better - you get to walk away with a cool one-of-a-kind piece for your home! We've made cups, bowls and sake bottles which we love showing our friends.

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