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Tiong Bahru Pottery
91 reviews
Tiong Bahru Pottery Studio is started up by a multidisciplinary creative designer. In 2021 Emily handcrafted her cosy lush green backyard studio and she is now ready to take on exclusive pottery classes. Building on a decade worth of ceramic journey and discovery, she is eager to spread her joy in ceramics to more people.

What Guests Say

1480 reviews

It was super tranquil and chill. Em was also really patient when guiding us. My partner and I wanted to build very different things and she managed to cater to what we both had in mind so it felt like we both go...


Well spent afternoon learning both handbuilding and wheel pottery techniques. Highly encourage for beginners like myself. Tiffany is a patient and hands on teacher - I am very happy with my creations!


Had a great time learning pottery!
Emily was such a patient and lovely host guiding us step by step to ensure we fully understood the process and rationale behind it. Would definitely recommend this!


The environment is cozy and comfortable, aircon was set at perfect temp, not too hot not too cold.

Service was great and everyone was friendly and helpful. They were patient and waited for us to finish....


This was an unusual activity which we throughly enjoyed. The teacher was friendly, gave clear instructions and her facility was lovely.

Jenny Hill

Sent my 8yo for the kids pottery class and he totally enjoyed himself and wishes to go again.


Very nice place, great fun and experience for persons of any ages. The potter is very friendly and patient as we are all first timers. May come back with my grown children next time! ❤️

Molly Koh

We love every single minute spent there.
The place is easy to find, clean and well organized.
I loved how the session is so well paced and relaxing. Nobody rushing us to complete the steps or rushi...


Helpful Questions

How much does it cost to make pottery?
Pottery in Singapore is from $35-$120 depending on what you're making. Wheel throwing tends to be a little more expensive than hand-building as it requires more equipment. It also depends on which class you go for - some classes are more expensive as the instructors are pottery pros who will spend more time with you, and will make sure that your piece is glazed well, so you end up with a professional looking piece!
Is pottery class messy?
It can be as you'll be working with wet clay! You'll usually be provided with an apron so you don't get clay all over your clothing - and even if you do get clay on your clothing, you can wash it off easily. The messiness, and chaos of a pottery class is one of our favourite things about it as it's just very raw, creative and meditative fun.
What should I wear to pottery class?
Wear clothing that you don't mind getting clay on! You'll get to wear an apron during class, and the clay on your clothing will wash off in the washing machine, but you don't want to be wearing your best outfit for a class! For women, you might want to wear shorts, trousers or a dress that covers your knees if you're using the pottery wheel, as that will be more comfortable.
What are the benefits of joining pottery classes in Singapore?
Joining pottery classes in Singapore offers several benefits, such as improving creativity and artistic skills, enhancing concentration and focus, reducing stress and anxiety, providing a therapeutic and relaxing experience, and fostering a sense of accomplishment and self-expression.
Where can I find pottery classes in Singapore?
There are several places in Singapore where you can find pottery classes, such as art studios, community centers, pottery schools, and private pottery studios. Some well-known options include Goodman Ceramic Studio, Thow Kwang Pottery Jungle, and Mud Rock Ceramics.
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