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Ubud Sunrise Hiking
63 reviews
Ubud Sunrise Hiking is an authentic and heartfelt experience, owned and managed by a local Balinese family with deep roots in the picturesque Mt. Batur village. For over two decades, they have been devoted Mt. Batur trekking guides, shaped by their childhood experiences. Each member of their team is a licensed and government-trained local, intimately familiar with the majestic Mt. Batur and its rich history. When you embark on their guided journeys, you'l get an intimate connection to the geography, history, and culture of the region.

What Guests Say

732 reviews

Amazing hotel and jeep driver! Both were very nice and welcoming. Our hotel driver Sentana was very good and even stopped for drinks. The jeep driver Adi took good photos and was very fun. Highly recommend these...

Tina Nguyen

This was a great experience. Our guide Wi was amazing also. Things to note before you go if you are unfamiliar with the names of the mountains etc:
1. This is not on actual Mt Batur (we thought it was an a...


Very nice jeep tour, we went early in the morning to see the sunrise and then we went to the Cafe Del Montana to enjoy our breakfast.
The tour guide was super nice, and took amazing picture from us.


Very well organized Tour with a quick response by asking questions in advance of the Trip. We‘ve had the pleasure to do the hike with a great Tourguide- Yus. He was very caring and considerated and gave us the b...


What a great experience climbing this secluded mountain. We had a great time and it was super special.

Emma Saunders

Both our driver yosi and our guide Ari did a great job showing us the best of Mount Batur. Telling about the jungle, the vulcano, the lake, farming and temple on the lake. Had a fantastic time.

Mount Batur and senic boatride on Batur lake

Absolutly amazing tour in Batur! We spend a morning ALONE hiking with our guide Wi who was awsome. Brekfast on top of the hill was an experience. Loved every secund of it!

Juliana, Tales e Karin

We had an excellent trip. The driver was Friendly, even taking us to a quiet cafe with a striking view over the volcano after our hike. Ketut, our guide for the hike, was experienced and chose a great, quiet spo...


Helpful Questions

How long does it take to climb Mount Batur?
It can take 1-2 hours to summit Mt Batur, depending on how fit you are - so in total going up and down will take you 4 hours. If you do the alternative Batur caldera route (which has 20-40 persons a day compared to the usual summit route of 300-600 persons), it'll take 30-60 minutes to climb each way.
How hard is it to climb Mount Batur?
It's one of the easiest volcano climbs, and is very beginner-friendly. The climb is on a very well-trodden path, the incline isn't very steep, and it only takes 1-2 hours each way (4 hours in total). So if you're able to walk for 4 hours on a moderately inclined path, you should be able to do the climb without much trouble.
Is Mount Batur worth it?
It is the most popular hike in Bali because you get to see a gorgeous sunrise (in good weather!), panoramic views over Lombok island and Mt Agung after a reasonably easy hike. So it's worth it if all you're looking for is some time out in nature and a good view. The only downside is that the mountain is very touristed, and it sees 300-600 hikers a day - so you will have lots of people around you during the climb. If you prefer a less touristed route we would highly recommend the alternative Batur caldera climb which only sees 30-40 persons a day - this climb is slightly easier (half the time), it gives you a gorgeous panoramic view and it also includes a boat ride across the Batur caldera lake which is cool!
What are some popular activities to do at Mount Batur?
Some popular activities to do at Mount Batur include hiking to the summit to watch the sunrise, exploring the surrounding volcanic landscape, and visiting nearby hot springs.
Is it possible to camp at Mount Batur?
Yes, camping at Mount Batur is a popular option for those looking to experience the beauty of the area overnight. There are designated camping areas with basic facilities available for visitors.
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