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15 Trending Things to Do in June

Watch Top Gun under the stars, or spend quality time building a bike with Dad!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 7 min read
15 Trending Things to Do in June

Can you believe we're already in June, the month of all things summer and fun! Here are some new, and trending things to do 🤩


Enjoy the Most Affordable Pottery in Singapore!

This super affordable pottery class has been trending on TikTok!

Here you can have a super chill afternoon at a cute studio learning hand-building (the oldest pottery technique!). With guidance from the lovely instructor who’s ever-passionate about art, you’ll learn the step-by-step process of pinching, coiling and painting your own clay dish - completed with your favourite cute character! Super fun for a solo day out, or with friends!


Watch Top Gun Under the Stars

If you've watched Top Gun: Maverick and are dying to re-watch the original, this rooftop movie spot is the perfect spot for it.

Here, you'll have a beautiful secret rooftop garden all to yourself, where you can enjoy a private movie under the stars 🤩 This comes with 3 cocktails per person, and the host will provide a screen, projector and Apple TV. Top Gun under the stars will be EPIC.

Ps: And if you haven't watched Top Gun: Maverick, you need to!


Paint Your Own Digital Camera

Spice up your weekends by going for this unique date experience - assembling and painting your own paper shoot camera! 📸😬✌️ The best part about the workshop is that you get to be creative with your designs and take home your gorgeous customised camera home ☺️✨

P.S. This paper shoot camera is a digital camera that takes film-like photos! No more spending money on disposable cams 😉


Treat your Dad to an Amazing Value Yacht Daycation

If you're looking for the best family day out for Father's Day, this yacht daycation is IT. Even Dads who say they don't want anything will be impressed at the price point - less than $60 a head for a 4H private yacht!

Head to the Southern Islands with the most amazing Captain, who will make sure your whole family has the best time! You’ll get to kick back and relax with a drink, have a complimentary BBQ session, and engage in super fun water activities.


Shred the Streets with Longboarding

If you’re feeling a little outdoorsy and up for a fun challenge, why not try out longboarding! Here you’ll not only get to skate across Stadium Drive with the vast landscape view behind you but you’ll also be taught (from the basics, so it's perfect for beginners!) by their super passionate in-house instructors. Experience that sk8er boi 🛹 vibe!


Kayak and Fish in the Cool Night

Love the sea but hate the sun? Try night kayak fishing! Experience a one-of-a-kind kayaking and fishing experience in the tranquil night breeze where you won’t have to worry about a nasty sunburn. You also don’t have to be a kayak-pro as these are leg-paddled kayaks! PS: Photographers will be onboard to capture the best pictures of you and your loved ones.


Miss Japan? Go Matcha Tasting!

While you're waiting for Japan to open up, why not head for a Matcha tasting class?

In this super fun matcha appreciation session, culinary experts will bring you through the unique taste profiles of each Matcha, and you'll get to taste different types of Matcha from various prefectures of Japan. Take your friends, or your Dad for Father's Day!


Cool Down with Yoga in a Rooftop Pool

Everyone has been talking about how hot it's been! Why not cool down with floating yoga? This floating yoga session is guaranteed to give you that calorie burn (against the backdrop of the gorgeous MBS skyline nonetheless) and leave you feeling refreshed and grounded by the end. PS: Don’t worry about losing your balance, falling into the water 🌊 is pretty fun too!


Try the Private Dining Trend

Whether you're celebrating Father's Day or a special birthday, you should definitely try the private home dining trend! We've done private dining twice this year already, and have already booked our third trip 🙈 - it is really THAT good.

Check out the link below for our faves!

Try the Private Dining Trend

Create Epic Memories with Kids this June Hols

This June hols, create some epic memories for both you and your kids!

If you've already done Hay Diaries and the Zoo a million times, try wildlife spotting in Coney Island, or explore hidden forts in Sentosa. If you prefer something more creative, take your kids to splat paint, or make cute soap - the possibilities are endless!

Create Epic Memories with Kids this June Hols

Coffee Roasting & Brunch!

If you love cafe hopping and brunch on weekends, you'll love this. This is probably Singapore's first and only coffee roasting experience, where you'll hand-make the freshest, most personal cuppa you'll ever drink!

Here you'll get to experience coffee farm-to-table - see the coffee plant growing on the farm; select and roast raw coffee beans over a fire; grind them up by hand; and experiment with different brewing techniques. You'll also get to enjoy a brunch of bagels and churros!


Build Your Own Bike from Scratch!

Your Dad may say he wants nothing for Fathers’ Day, but he probably wouldn't say no to building his own bike 🚲 (with you!).

Learn how to build your own premium belt-driven bicycle from a team of bicycle-passionate makers while clinking bottles of beer. It's also super customisable so you guys can walk away with a bike that’s to your utmost liking!


Explore Ubin's Nature on Bike

If being back at the office is making you crave nature, you'll love the fresh air and wildlife spotting during this cycle exploration around Ubin.

Alongside your knowledgeable guide who loves sharing untold stories about SG’s kampong days, you’ll also get to spot wild animals, rural farms AND reach the highest point in Ubin for a panoramic sea view. Bonus: Hassle-free with two-way ferry tickets and bicycles provided!


Hike to Hidden War Ruins at Mount Faber

Lots of our friends seem to be planning a Kinabalu hike later this year! If you're training up for a hike too, this is perfect - super fun plus a great workout!

Here you'll venture deep into the forest around Mt Faber to Keppel Hill Reservoir (where you can dip your legs into!), and uncover hidden war bunkers. Be prepared to use your hands to clamber up and down steep areas as well as squeeze through tunnels!


Go Green and Make Your Own Paper!

If you're looking to zen out, this paper making workshop is a lovely way to spend an afternoon.

Here, learn to craft your own paper with recycled ♻️ materials! From the comfort of this lovely light-filled studio, let your artsy side take over by creating funky textures and patterns with natural materials and colourful dyes - you can bring your own dried flowers or glitters too! A 100% eco- (and budget!) friendly weekend activity for you and your friends.


Blast to the Past (in this case, SG’s Swinging 1960s!)

If you're bored of cafe dates, this is one super impressive first date idea that won’t break the bank!

Go back to the 60s with this multi-sensory theatrical experience with both audio-storytelling and a fantastically-crafted production set (in Jalan Besar) with hidden back-alleys and fantasy-dystopian installations. Created by extremely talented local artists, you’ll be swept off your feet by this alternate universe.


Treat Your Dad to Gin Tasting!

If your dad's a drink lover, this a really fun activity for Father's Day (that's also really affordable!).

Head down to SG’s original gin distillery to indulge in both a distillery experience and PLENTY of super tasty gin (made by their passionate in-house brewers)! Situated in the jungles of Dempsey, we can assure you - it's super atmospheric and made for the #gram.


Kombucha Tasting in Local Flavours!

This is a super fun, chilled afternoon - perfect for foodies who love playing with creative ingredients. Catboocha is well-known for infusing local ingredients into their yummy booch (Chrysanthemum kombucha is a REVELATION). You'll get to taste yummy Kombucha with local flavours, and make your own!

Our favourite thing about this workshop is Catboocha's ingredients lab - you'll get to mix and match crazy ingredients to come up with our one-of-a-kind booch! Your hosts are also super heartfelt and lovely - you'll make good friends, as well as yummy booch!


Be a Biltong Sommelier

Biltong is one of our favourite snacks when we're road-tripping in South Africa and Australia, but we didn't know we could learn to make it right here in Singapore!

Here you'll learn the history of biltong, the cultural importance to South Africa, and how to make this yummy snack! You'll marinade your own beef steak and hang it to cure - it will taste even better when you have made it yourself! Yummy!

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