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16 Coolest Art Jams in Singapore

Get creative with these unique art jams!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 6 min read
16 Coolest Art Jams in Singapore

Everyone knows the usual art jam - you sit in a chill studio and watercolour away on a canvas. It's a really fun thing to do on a date, or with a special little one in your life. But if you're looking for something cooler and more fun, here are some seriously fun ways to unleash your inner artist!


Paint & Play a Ukulele

This is one of our favourite art jams - it's random, fun and super whimsical. In this 3 hour unique art jamming session, you'll learn to paint & play a ukulele! Ukuleles always remind us of fun holiday movies, and times on the beach. Spending an afternoon painting & learning to play a ukulele will definitely put a smile on your face. And yes, you'll get to keep the ukulele!


Graffiti Like a Rebel

It’s been a hectic week & you are feeling a little stretched and need a way to vent? Well, we got you! At Heaven Spots SG, you pour your frustration out by vandalising (legally 😜).

We've done this multiple times - on a date, with our 5-year-old niece and 70-year-old mum - and EVERYONE loved it. Just grab your cans and spray away to your heart’s content! You never know you might meet your inner Picasso along the way 😉


Neon light painting

If you've always loved those neon lights at your favourite hipster bar, you'd love this. Here you get to create artwork that's a mix of painting + bespoke LED light. You'll learn how to twist an LED light into an image or word of your choice, plus paint a canvas backdrop for the light. It's definitely one level up from the usual art jam.


Anime Glass Painting

If you've recently gotten into Manga, and Attack of Titan, this will be a treat! Here, the instructors will teach you how to create anime artwork, and bring your favourite anime character to life (Levi anyone?!). Have a ton of fun recreating your favourite character, and get a really cool piece to bring home to decorate your walls 😍


Pop Balloons for Splatter Art 🎈

This is a really cool one for little ones, or just to get silly and have fun with friends. Here you'll get to pop balloons to create one-of-a-kind splatter art. Don't worry, you'll get to bring your art work home and tell friends all about it!


Splat Your Paint!

Another cool twist on art jamming - here's a chance for you to get messy, to express, to play with your art masterpiece and splat your paint on the wall! Think Jackson Pollock and splatter like a master :)

This is a really cool one for team-building or with a group of friends!


Guided Art Marbling on a Secret Rooftop Garden

Art jams are normally unguided, but this is a guided art marbling session on a tucked away rooftop garden. The venue is actually our favourite thing about this experience as it reminds us of cool speakeasies abroad! You'll also get to come away with a cool marbling artwork that will look ultra modern in your home.


Paint Your Own Camera

Bored of the usual cafe dates? This is a seriously cool one to do! Here you'll get to paint and assemble your own paper shoot camera! A paper shoot camera is digital camera that takes film-like photos! No more spending money on disposable cams 😉

After the art jam session, you can use your gorgeous one-of-a-kind camera to take pics around the studio, and take it home to show off to your friends!


Mindful Art Jam to Overcome Creative Stress

This is perfect if you're feeling a little stuck creatively, or if you're a little shy about your artistic ability. Here you get to incorporate mindfulness techniques into your art jam session to help you unleash your creative potential.

Before you start your watercolour art jam, the instructors will teach you mindfulness techniques to help you be more present, and overcome creative stress. You may be surprised by what you end up creating during this art jam session!


Claw Your Own Bear & Paint

Remember the cute toy claw machine we used to love as kids, that would always somehow get the best of us? In this unique art jam, you'll get to claw your own bear from a claw machine (we promise you'll get it!), and paint it thereafter! There's no minimum age, so you can bring little ones with you to join in the fun!


Paint Your Own Plant Pot!

This art jam is great for plant parents who are looking to spice up their balcony or home decor with a personalised plant pot. We also love this studio - it's super zen and bright. Perfect for getting inspired, or just to chill out for an afternoon.


Learn the Art of Tattoo

The art of tattooing has a negative social stigma in Singapore, being widely seen as ‘deviant’ and ‘unprofessional’. State of Shiok wishes to change that mindset, giving tattooing a platform for everyone to see it as what it is- an art form.

Here you'll learn the art of tattooing from a passionate tattoo artist. In this 3 hour Tattoo Jamming session, you will be guided on the basics of tattooing on faux skin, and get to bring home your own masterpiece at the end!


Try 5 Different Art Techniques!

This is an unguided art jam (more like an art buffet!) session with a twist. Here you'll get to choose between 5 types of art techniques (painting, sketching, calligraphy, silk screening, woodblock printing) - or you can try all 5 if you wish! Play around, get crazy and see what you come up with.


Most Affordable Art Jam - on a Tote Bag!

If you love your cotton tote bags, here's a great way to personalise them. During this session, you can paint on a tote bag instead of a canvas, and carry your artwork around with you! Bonus: this is also one of the best-priced art jam sessions around :)


Get Messy with Spin Paint

Feeling stressed, creative, or just in the mood for some fun? Here you'll get a blank canvas, a spin art booth, and lots of paint. Go crazy, spin away and see what one-of-a-kind piece you produce! You can even add pendulums and swinging trapezes for an unforgettable spin painting experience 😮


Paint (and Eat!) Yummy Macarons

This is a super unique one - art jam on a macaron! Spend the afternoon creating fun artworks (with edible paint!) on top of your macarons. It may feel a little strange at first but we promise you'll definitely get into it! When you're done, you can gift the beautiful hand-drawn macarons to your best friends, or enjoy them yourself!


Bonus: Classic Art Jam in a Zen Studio

If you've read through this whole list and still prefer the classic art jam, this is our favourite classic one. Here you'll get to nurture your inner artist at a beautiful and cosy studio. Their instructors are super lovely and patient, and are only too happy to guide you through applying different sketching and painting techniques.

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