20 Chill (and Fun!) Things to Do in July

Brew your own cuppa or catch a movie under the stars!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 9 min read
20 Chill (and Fun!) Things to Do in July
20 Chill (and Fun!) Things to Do in July
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While this year's been super exciting with all that travelling, it's time for a quick refresher 🔄 This July, here are some chill activities you can enjoy with your loved ones or even on a solo date!


Paint (and Eat!) Yummy Macarons

For besties who love all things sweets, this macaron painting workshop is one super cute alternative to any dessert cafe 🎨🧁

Here at this cosy little studio, you guys will get to spend the afternoon creating fun artworks (with edible paint!) on top of your macarons. It may feel a little strange at first but we promise you'll definitely get into it! When you're both done, you can treat yourselves to a lovely macaron tea-time together - after taking cute IG pics of course.


Build the Coolest Mini Treehouse

Grab your crafts-lovin' buddies to build your own mini treehouses on a secret rooftop farm! 🏡

Whilst sketching, creating and decorating your little houses, you'll find yourselves completely immersed in the #zen vibes of the scenic rooftop views. Time will simply fly by as you're crafting and chatting the day away with your friends. And once you've brought your creation home, it'll be a nice little reminder of your time together.


Brew Kombucha in a Cosy Home

If you're really looking to spend a relaxed day in, how about making your own kombucha in a lovely home studio!

Here you'll learn about the art of kombucha-brewing from the sweetest, most welcoming host! You'll also get to customize your own booch from their super cool ingredients lab (the Honey Chrysanthemum flavour is so good! 🫖) Once done, you can bring it home to share with the fam. It's great for a cute girls' hangout or just as a solo date!


Be a Biltong Sommelier for the Day

A biltong experience in a tucked-away deli may just be the perfect afternoon for any meat lover.

Bring your fellow foodies here to learn about the different types of biltong AND make your own to bring back home (once it's marinated for a few days!) Joining you will be the passionate founder of Baggie's who's so full of heart and ever-ready to share lots of history on all things meat. PS: Once your meats are ready, you guys can fire up your steaks in a fun BBQ night together 🥩🔥


Roast a Cuppa and Have Brunch

If you're looking for a cooler alternative to cafe-hopping, head down to this secret brunch spot!

Here you'll roast your own coffee in a snug and quaint boho-themed lounge. You'll get to see a live coffee plant, roast raw coffee beans over a live fire, grind them up and so much more! You can then pick a nice corner to have yourself a lovely brunch (with your roasted cuppa and some bagels + churros ☕🥯) Do it with friends or by yourself - it's super therapeutic either way.


Craft Your Own Signature Scent

Head down to Scentopia to go on their AR perfumery tour and craft your own perfume - a super chilled date idea!

With over 200 different scent oils (their orchid ones are SO amazing 😍), there are countless combis to play around with until you've found your signature scent! If you're not too sure what suits you, there's also a personality quiz you can do to find out. Tip: You guys can also do the quiz for each other and craft the other's personal scent - a super unique and meaningful gift idea.


Make Pasta and Enjoy a Rooftop Meal

Take your cafe buddies out for a lunch date like no other by making your own pasta on a rooftop! 🍝

With the help of your food-lovin' host, you'll learn to make authentic pasta by kneading your own dough and forming it into gorgeous handmade pasta. The process of making it with your friends is SO fun - it'll have everyone channelling their inner Ramsay 👨🏻‍🍳 What's left is to just kick back in the sunset views and indulge in your yummy pasta with your best buds.


Go on the Most Unusual Bumble Date!

We're also collab-ing with Bumble to bring you the best first date ideas that are packed with super chilled-out fun and none 🙅🏻‍♀️ of that usual awkwardness.

So if you've been trying to come up with first-date ideas, we highly recommend this splat paint art jam where you'll get to pump up a syringe with lots of crazy colours before splatting it onto your canvas (think abstract art... 🤣) It's really just a fun and unique activity to get to know your date better!


Indulge in LOTS of Gin

Attention all drinks lovers - if you're looking for a laid-back weekend activity with yummy drinks, head down to Tanglin Gin!

Here you'll get to taste local gin ingredients, try out the distillery process and finally, indulge in a LOT of gin - all amidst the tranquil vibes of the Dempsey Jungles 🌳🍸 There are also starter choices of beef satay, masala hummus and more! It's THE best spot for day-drinking fun with friends with its perfect combi of drinks, bites and #vibes.


Give Your Kids The Best Memories

We didn't forget the kiddos, of course! For those whose summer breaks just started, we've got some cool activities this month that they're sure to love 👍🏻

From a breezy intertidal walk at Sentosa to spot all kinds of marine wildlife, to a woodworking summer camp where they can get creative and pick up hands-on skills, and a bubble tea workshop for the sweetest treat - there's something for every lil' one.

Give Your Kids The Best Memories

Make an Elegant Charcuterie Board!

This is one unique activity any crafts lover will enjoy - making your own Charcuterie (aka cheese platter!) board.

Bring your crafty friends to pick up woodworking skills like cutting, power tooling and polishing! It's also a private session and you guys will get the whole studio to yourselves - so just let loose and have a fun time making cheese boards with your buds. It's not only a great way to spend time together but also super rewarding when you see your completed board!


Try this Private Omakase Dinner

Omakase-style dining has been a rising trend recently, and with good reason - it truly is THE ultimate treat-yourself.

Take your loved ones to relish in this 5-course, pan-Asian omakase dinner - with highlights being super freshly steamed crabs and yummy Wagyu beef! The trusty Chef Justin is also there to give you guys the comfiest, most delicious experience. It's a lovely, intimate setting where you'll get to indulge in an absolutely delectable meal with the ones who matter most.


Create an Ultra-Relaxing Essential Oil

Find your inner zen as you craft your own unique essential oil blend.

Here at this cosy studio, you'll get to customize and mix their 100% natural oils into your blend AND learn about how they improve your everyday life. It's great for a chilled solo date so you can take your time to slowly experiment! You can then bring your bottle home to light up and enjoy a therapeutic night in (*meditation in progress... 🧘🏻‍♀️🕯️*)


Get Away on a Party Boat

This party on a BOAT is truly the ultimate weekend activity to really kick back and have fun with your friends 🛥️

Here you'll get to dance the night away on the open-air rooftop and sail into the sunset, amidst the scenic night views. And just when you're feeling a little hungry, there's also super tasty food and drinks ready for you onboard! It's really just all-around #goodvibes and the best weekend getaway before the Monday blues kick back in 😂


Learn the Art of Coffee Brewing

For all you coffee lovers out there - head down to this workshop to become your own barista for the day! ☕

Here you'll learn the art of coffee making from pulling perfect shots of espresso, mastering milk frothing techniques and of course, creating super pretty latte art. But don't worry if you don't get it as quick, it's all meant to be a chill learning experience! This is truly both a fun AND enlightening coffee session you can enjoy with friends or by yourself 👍🏻


Catch a Movie Under the Stars

Escape to a private oasis with your special someone - at this super cool rooftop cinema.

Sprawled with comfy beanbags, a HUGE projector and surrounding speakers, you just have to stream your chosen film from your Netflix account! The chill vibes are immaculate as you're completely surrounded by fresh air, greenery and the scenic night view. Each person also gets 3 cocktails + you can order any food to really get that upgraded cinema experience 🎥


Bind Your Own Book (the Japanese way!)

If you love all things artsy, this slow and easy Japanese book binding workshop is one you should definitely try out 📙

You'll pick up Yotseumi Toji (a Japanese stab-binding technique!) that binds a book with strings or twines to hold the pages together rather than the usual glue! You'll also get to slowly colour and design your book's cover to add your own flair to it before bringing it home. A lil' more obscure than other craft workshops - it's a hidden therapeutic gem.


Feast on Caribbean Soul Food

Spend an intimate afternoon in with your fam or best buds - whipping up a Caribbean feast in a warm, snug home!

Learn to cook a scrumptious and fresh Caribbean meal, with guidance from your lovely host Elika. She's also a nutrition coach so you guys will be in for loads of tips and stories on healthy eating + living! You'll definitely be vibing in the feel-good island vibes 🏝️ as you indulge in your 8-course Mediterranean meal and chat away with your loved ones.


Kayak the Night Seas

If you love kayaking but want a more toned-down and chill version of it, try this night kayak experience!

Grab your fellow adventure buddy to sail the seas (and fish!) whilst enjoying the quiet serenity and cool breeze of the night. There's no need to be a kayak-pro as the kayaks are leg-paddled so just take it easy and enjoy the chill, night vibes. Set this as your after-work, TGIF activity and we guarantee you'll feel completely rejuvenated afterwards.


Craft Your Own Leather Bag

Rather than buying a new bag from any outlet store, try making one yourself at this leather bag crafting workshop!

Take yourself to learn the art of leather crafting from a master artisan who's packed with experience and loves sharing his knowledge. It may not sound it but it's REALLY destressing (you'll be too invested in all that stitching to think about anything else!) Walk away fulfilled with a high-quality, long-lasting and beautiful bag made by you 👜

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