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31 Awesome Birthday Experiences for Her

Forget clutter, gift awesome memories instead!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 13 min read
31 Awesome Birthday Experiences for Her

Whether it is your best gal-pal’s birthday or you have a picky girlfriend that already has everything, why not give an experience instead? Not only will it build memories instead of simply accumulating stuff, it is the perfect bonding time with the special person in your life. If you still can't decide, see all awesome gifts here!

All gift experiences have 1-year expiry so your loved one can redeem them stress-free! They also support our awesome community of local businesses, and are carbon-neutral :)


Make Homemade Makgeoli with a Korean Chef

This is a recent hidden gem of a find suggested by our IG community, and we love it. We love the setting, the wonderful host and just how hidden and heartfelt this whole experience is. In this super fun session, your friend will learn to make hand-crafted Makgeolli, Korean rice wine in her favourite flavour (yuzu, honey, classic!). What makes this extra heartfelt and special is that she'll get to do this in the comfort of the lovely home of her host, and also enjoy some yummy Korean snacks at the same time!


Go All “Ghost” On Her

This is the perfect gift for someone that likes to create and loves to use her hands. Even if you've done pottery before, this is the next level up in terms of style. Tiff’s glazing style is seriously gorgeous, and her pieces can be found everywhere from the Ritz-Carlton, Intercontinental, Shangri-La, to Mandarin Oriental. Set in her beautiful rooftop studio, Tiff offers these intro to pottery classes to anyone who wants to learn the delicate art of making ceramic pottery pieces. And you get to take home two beautiful pieces glazed by one of Singapore’s best potters!


One For The G&T Fans!

Is your gal a G&T lover? Show some pride in a Singapore-original and join Tanglin Gin on a unique gin tasting experience at Singapore’s Original Gin Distillery. This 1.5-hour experience includes a tour of the distillery where she will learn all about the process and ingredients involved in making this delicious spirit. Then let’s party, with an exclusive tasting that includes some award-winning gins and bitters. This experience takes place in their cool distillery at Dempsey, so you can go for some yummy al fresco dining afterwards!


Island-Hop for the Ultimate Treat

Live the lifestyle of the rich and famous (but very affordably!), and go on a 4-hour private yacht trip along the Singapore coastline. You guys can sip on cocktails, swim in clear blue seas, and enjoy a special day with a group of friends. If waking up early doesn't scare you, we would highly recommend the sunrise sail where you can enjoy a delicious (complimentary!) breakfast served by the friendly crew, and watch the sun rise over the water.


Artsy Rug Tufting

Tuft your own rug with this 4-hour craft session. Your girlfriend will learn all the skills and practices related to rug tufting - choosing her own design, and any color from different types of yarn that suit her style and will then be able to make her own rug. What better way to remember her special day than to have her uniquely-tufted rug hanging on her wall as a gorgeous souvenir? (Or maybe you’ll get it on YOUR birthday!) 😜


Make Something Gooey at the Secret Pizza Club

A pizza has nothing on hawker food, but we do love this oozy gooey concoction for a treat! Make all her weird and wacky pizza dreams come true with this pizza-making experience at a secret pizza club. Prep the dough, knead it and bake it, all the while learning how to build a wood fire using responsibly harvested wood. After making your own yummy pizza, enjoy it with complimentary beer at this cool secret pizza club!


One For The Drama-Mamas!

Does your gal have a thing for the theatre and cabaret? This is the perfect birthday experience for her. Treat her to an hour-long walking tour of Jalan Besar where she will be immersed in what life was like during the cabaret era in Singapore. Experience Singapore in the swinging 60s and romantic stories of a time gone by told through mix-media art of fantastical sets, gorgeous soundtrack and beautiful storytelling.


Floating Yoga on a Rooftop

Whaaaat, yoga on a floating mat? Perfect for girlfriends who better love yoga, or just love trying out trendy new things! And why not have the stunning MBS skyline as a backdrop for this unique 30-minute yoga class. Not only will it be good for her body, but also good for her soul. Get a group of four or more together and practice some tricky Vinyasa yoga on a floating exercise mat. First one to fall in buys drinks afterward!


Peranakan Cooking Class at Gorgeous Kampong Home

The usual cooking class can be a little mundane, but the Peranakan culture is fast fading, and this Peranakan cooking experience is something special. This one is for the budding chef and a girl who has a passion for sustainable living. Mummy Soh is a 79-year old champ of wholesome, farm-to-table, nourishing recipes. Here at their gorgeous kampong home, the door is always open to neighbours, and where your host is always open to telling a heartfelt story or two.


Bee-Keeping in Singapore. Really?!

For anyone interested in ecology, bees are an integral part of our world. Give your gal a 2-hour bee-keeping masterclass with the opportunity to taste some delicious organic honey, and finish the experience with a refreshing cocktail. The thing that makes this unique day even more special is that it all happens on a super secret rooftop that makes us feel like we're at a London speakeasy.


Uncover Hidden Marine Life

This intertidal walk is for that friend who absolutely loves wildlife. Fair warning: this is not a zoo visit, so you'll never know what you will find! But honestly, Singapore's hidden intertidal zones are home to some of the coolest, cutest and weirdest marine life we’ve seen in our life. These experiences also take place at odd times since you can only do them at low tide - so perfect for that sense of adventure! You'll learn lots, plus come away with a newfound appreciation for Singapore's epic wildlife.


Be your own barista

Is she nuts about coffee and is always chasing down the perfect brew? Now you can let her do her own! Haslee your host turns coffee brewing into an art. During this masterclass, she will learn the true art behind making the perfect cup of java. From how to brew the beans to what foods to pair them with, she will even learn how to pour some impressive latte art for her next brunch party!


Organic Cold Process Soap Making Class

For the eco-warrior that wants to also be clean - enter organic soap! This is a 1.5-hour class during which she will learn to make organic soap that is not only good for her skin but also looks and smells amazing. The Korean Design Art Center certified instructor will lead the class and provide all the ingredients and equipment needed. And the best part? She gets to walk away with around 7 of her own uniquely crafted organic soaps. 


Woodworking + Jewellery Workshop

If your fashionista gal ever dreamed of being a jewellery designer, then look no further. This 3-hour class will teach her the ins and outs of creating her own unique wooden jewellery. She will learn all about different types of wood, all locally sourced in Singapore, and acquire some sustainability tips and tricks. She’ll design, create, and cut her own template and bring home earrings or a necklace made by her own two hands.


Claw to Paint workshop

This is for the kids at heart (aren't we all?!). We’ve all, as kids, tried our hand at the claw machines in the arcades. Get your gal to claw her way to 5 toilet rolls, and then trade it for a toy bear. Then paint the toy bear any way she desires using acrylic paint. Of course, she’ll get to bring her personalised bear home! It's a super fun way to relive childhood arcade memories :)


Cocktail making with Top Mixologists

Does she have dreams of being a mixologist or love yummy cocktails? Cocktail making is a classic gift that anyone would love (unless they don't drink of course!). Here you'll get to learn from Singapore's top bartenders how to mix cocktails masterfully. Afterwards they'll also enjoy drinking what they create ✌🏻 We promise it'll be a fun (and tipsy!) afternoon out.


Spanish Tapas Home Dining Experience

If your girl loves Spanish culture, take her to Spain without leaving Singapore. This unique home dining experience allows you to enjoy all the flavours of Spain in a beautiful bohemian home setting. She can feast on a decadent traditional Spanish meal and learn all about the stories behind these dishes from her lovely hosts. From Spanish omelets to blistered peppers, make all her Spanish dreams come true.


For the budding music producers

Photomontages are all the rage at weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries. Maybe your girl has one coming up! This is a 3-hour workshop will teach her the basics of programs such as Garage Band and iMusic. She can take her own photos to the class and walk away with a unique, one-of-a-kind memory that will last forever.


Ever wanted to be a vandal?

Unleash the budding vandal in her, set in a cool warehouse space, painting all over the walls. For the outspoken, bold, and fiery girlfriend! This is an opportunity for a girl that has a lot to say but may not always have the creative outlet to express herself. Now she can spray it all over the walls and let go of everything that has been holding her back!


Go Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore

Is the girl in your life a little stressed out? Does she need to slow down a bit and perhaps find her zen? She needs this class. She will learn one of the oldest pottery methods and hand-build her own unique work of art. The class is set in a lush green backyard garden, hosted by a passionate creative designer. She’ll love you for making her forget all about the stresses of everyday life!


Paint and Play a Ukulele

Some people are just naturally gifted musicians. If your girl is one of them, Avant-Garde Art Space offers this unique 3-hour jam session. She can let her creative juices flow, learn to paint a Ukulele, gain the basic skills of playing it, and then take it home as a reminder of her special day. The classes are conducted by experienced players and she won’t need any prior experience.


Recreate a Jackson Pollock Masterpiece

Does she have a unique sense of style and love to make a mess? Or better, does she consider Jackson Pollock the greatest abstract artist who's ever lived? Then she would love this splat paint experience! During this class, she will be able to take all her frustrations with life out in a kooky and colourful way. Splat paint house is the first and only of its kind in Singapore. She will literally be able to throw paint at the wall and see what sticks!


Private Korean Home Kitchen Experience

Take her to Korea! This is perfect for your friend who is a foodie and who loves all things K-Drama. Join Korean chef, Yoonsun, as a valued guest in her home where she will teach you all about Korean delicacies and how to prepare them. During this 2.5 hour experience, your girl will learn how to make such dishes as Kimchi, fish cake soup, and Korean rice cakes. Hopefully, you’ll get to reap the benefits ;)


Floating HIIT class

Another one for the active ones! During this intense 30-minute workout class, she will be able to enjoy some scenic views of the MBS skyline, all while challenging her body and trying to keep her balance on a floating workout mat. This is not for the faint of heart and will test her balance and strength. She might hate you or love you for it!


Staycaytion on a Glam Sailing Yacht

The perfect birthday gift for a lady that enjoys the open waters and the freedom that the ocean brings. Treat her to an overnight trip on Waga Mari, a 45-foot luxury sailing catamaran with one of the friendliest crews out there headed by the charming Captain Martijn. The trip includes a delicious dinner and yummy breakfast in the morning. Wanna go all out? Decorate the boat in her favorite-coloured balloons to make her feel special!


For the Sk8er Girls

This is for the sporty ones! Longboarding has taken over our IG in the past year and we can see why people are hooked. Here, under the guidance of passionate instructors, she'll get to learn the basic techniques of longboarding, which includes pushing, carving, and braking. If she's a natural Sk8er, she'll be doing tricks in no time!


Make your own Korean Style Bath Bombs

Does your gal like to pamper herself much? Well, help her learn how! This is a unique way of celebrating her birthday. During this 1.5-hour class, she will not only learn how to make bath bombs, but she will also learn just exactly what ingredients to use and what benefits they each hold for her body. The added benefit is that the bath bombs are all made from natural ingredients. Be warned! She might walk away with 3 bath bombs so pretty she may not bear to use them. 


Thai Private Dining and Edible Plant Adventure

Join a very well-traveled chef in his beautiful bohemian home for a private dining food adventure. This is no stuffy private dining experience - it's an adventure! The 3-hour adventure starts off with foraging for edible plants - you'll use them in the delicious Thai seafood meal that you'll enjoy later on. This is perfect for the special girls' night out that you've been planning, a hen do or just a special treat for a foodie friend.


Brew Homecrafted Cider

If you know someone who enjoys their craft ciders, this is perfect for them. This enjoyable, hands-on session will teach her how to produce homebrew cider, and she'll also get to taste a variety of yummy hand-picked ciders from around the world. She'll get to bring home 2 litres of her handmade cider to share with her favourite people - like you!


Make Kombucha, Kimchi or Tempeh!

For the wellness junkie in your life, how about letting them learn to make fermented foods from Singapore's top fermentory? Winnie started Craft & Culture to solve her own gut health issues, and has not only crafted fermented foods that do just that, but her fermented foods are also some of the tastiest we have ever tried. Whether your friend is into Kombucha, Kimchi or Tempeh, we promise you she won't be disappointed with what she makes here!

Make Kombucha, Kimchi or Tempeh!

Zen Out with Tibetan Sound Healing

Another one for the wellness junkies, or for those who need more sleep (don't we all?!). During this super zen session, she'll get to immerse in beautiful sounds and vibrations created by the Tibetan singing bowls. Deemed as the medicine of the future, the waves of sound at this class will calm her nervous system, help her de-stress and sleep better. We've tried this out for ourselves and promise it works!

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