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5 Alcoholic Experiences that are Better than Bar Hopping

If you love bar-hopping, you'd love these experiences. Try gin tasting, craft beer brewing or even a cocktail masterclass!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 2 min read
5 Alcoholic Experiences that are Better than Bar Hopping
5 Alcoholic Experiences that are Better than Bar Hopping
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These are some of our favourite alcohol workshops & tastings in Singapore! They're great fun for a birthday or a special get-together with friends.


Make Korean Wine in a Cosy Home

If you and your friends usually love trying out new bars, this is perfect for you. This is a super fun session where you'll learn to make Makgeolli, Korean rice wine. What makes this extra heartfelt and special is that you'll get to do this in the comfort of the lovely home of your host, and also enjoy some yummy Korean snacks while making your very own Makgeolli.


Gin Tasting at Singapore's Original Distillery

Whether you love or hate gin, this is a really interesting way to spend the afternoon as you'll learn (and drink!) a ton! Here you'll get to smell gin ingredients and later identify them in the gins, try out homemade bitters (with cool flavours like szechuan peppers and cinnamon), and get to taste a LOT of drinks. This is great for a date, or for a group of friends!


Learn to Brew Craft Beer

Even though we're not avid beer drinkers, we love our craft beer - especially with so many interesting ones popping up in Singapore! In this craft beer making experience, you'll learn all about malts, hops and yeast and how to design and create those flavours you love. Bonus - you'll also get to take home 1.5 litres of their own yummy brew to share with you!! Perfect for a Christmas or Birthday Gift 🍻 


Cocktail Making on a Private Yacht!

Yep you read that right - you can do a private cocktail making session on a yacht. Here you'll sail to Lazarus Island on a large Catamaran yacht, and you'll learn to make iconic cocktails from the movies. You won't have time to do any water activities (plus it might not be the best idea after a few drinks!), but you'll definitely feel like you're living your best life - feeling the sea breeze, making cocktails and hanging out with your best friends.


Cocktail Making in a Nomad's Tent

This is for those who love discovering some place new! Here, in the unlikeliest of settings, you'll be transported to the setting of a desert-dwelling. You'll be making cocktails surrounded by real sand, woven Moroccan rugs and desert succulents! The setting was inspired by a trip to the Moroccan desert where the nomadic Bedouins live. This cosy home bar definitely goes some way to recreating the magic of Morocco!

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