6 Kid-Friendly Heritage Trails in Singapore

Get your children interested in Singapore’s history and heritage this holiday or the weekends!

Last updated: 18 Nov 2021- 2 min read
6 Kid-Friendly Heritage Trails in Singapore

    To history-fans that are eager to learn more about the history of Singapore, this is a knowledge feast for you to explore during the weekends or the school holidays. Special shout out to parents with children in primary school, these interactive guided tours are perfect family activities as you get to bond over your shared knowledge of the motherland, as well as go through topics that are highly relevant to the ones that your children have learnt in school!


    A Blast to the Past: Visit the Last Kampong Village in Singapore

    Take a trip back to your childhood days through a visit to Singapore’s last Kampong village, and bring your children to experience the nostalgia while bringing your children back to your childhood. Get to experience a nugget of the past, this tour relates to some of the MOE topics taught in Primary 3/4. What’s more, take a time machine and learn how the fishing village became the first world country it is today!


    Following a Coolie’s Life Journey: How did Singapore Progress?

    From past to present, this 2-hour walking tour exposes your children to the life of a coolie and early immigrants in Singapore’s past. Learning about the hardships and livelihood of the coolies may evoke a stronger sense of appreciation of the society that the pioneers have built, while gaining knowledge related to social studies that they learn in school. Not forgetting about the secret spots for family shots that you can commemorate the time spent during the school holidays!


    A Peek into Singapore’s Spice-y Trade History

    Are you ready for a spice-y trip around Fort Canning, engaging in your sense of smell and taste to identify the different spices, herbs and plants along the way? This tour was designed with the Primary 5/6 MOE social studies syllabus in consideration. Not only rich in taste and smell, children will get to learn about the rich history and presence of Singapore’s spice trade, grounding them to their heritage through the tastebuds - as all foodies can relate.


    Tracing Singapore’s Colonial History

    Take a walk along The Singapore River while engaging in an interactive tour of Sir Stamford Raffles’ contributions to Singapore. Learn about how Singapore was colonized and how she became the first-world country she is today! This programme is great for children 7 years old and above, and its interactive form of learning helps to relate the MOE syllabus.


    Singapore’s Water Story

    As a little nation with little resources, she has adapted a lot, gearing toward being self-sustainable. Through Singapore’s water story, your children will be able to learn about the sciences in water, waste management and sustainable energy. Drawing lines to connect how these aspects are critical to Singapore’s growth, they can identify trends through Singapore’s water history. Suitable for children 6 years old and above, this tour is excellent in supplementing their MOE syllabus!

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