6 Unique Ways to Explore Singapore by Kayak

Kayaking is one of our favourite ways to explore Singapore. Here are 6 unique ways to do it.

Last updated: 18 Oct 2022- 3 min read
6 Unique Ways to Explore Singapore by Kayak

Mysterious Kayaking with Field-Cooked Lunch

We sometimes call this a kayaking omakase - not because you get a 10-course meal, but because you never know what route you're going to get. You need to trust your kayaking guide! Clarence your guide has a real sense of adventure and loves showing his guests new hidden areas of Singapore. To amp up the adventure, you'll also enjoy a field-cooked lunch on one of the islets along the way - nothing fancy, but we think you'll enjoy it after your adventure! This is great for avid explorers.


Kayak Fishing!

This is a cool one - we never knew you could kayak and fish at the same time! Here, you’ll fish along the shores of Sentosa for bottom fishes - parrot fishes and groupers are especially common on this route. If you're lucky you may also catch a glimpse of a hawksbill sea turtle along the way! No experience of either fishing or kayaking is needed, but note that this is paced like a light morning jog.


Mangrove Kayaking with Your Furbaby!

You read that right - you can take your furry friends with you on a kayak! (That’s of course if they are able to fit into the kayak with you😜) Kayak around mangroves in Ubin with your furbabies, and after the experience, you can explore Ubin's many nature trails with them. Bonus: SerendipET's kayaking guides are also one of the best around - they're super heartfelt, and know all about Ubin's inhabitants and wildlife. Highly recommended!


Private Leg Paddled Kayak, Catch & Cook in the Wild

This is a super fun private full-day kayaking trip to Ubin with a twist! Not only will you explore Ubin's mysterious mangrove forests via leg-paddled kayaking (beginner-friendly!), you'll also get your hands dirty shucking fresh mussels and try the traditional way of fishing. Afterward, you'll cook up a seafood feast (your fresh catch!) in the wild. This is definitely an unforgettable adventure for groups of friends or family.


Kayak, Hike & Kelong Lunch

This is an immersive half-day kayaking trip from Pasir Ris beach to Pulau Ubin's mangrove forests, old farming lagoons, and cultural sites, with a short viewpoint hike for the best natural views in Singapore. You'll end the experience off with a simple lunch at one of Singapore's last working kelongs. This is one of the most popular team building experiences on Seek Sophie as it's so unique - plus it's beginner friendly!


Kayak round Ketam Island - say, where?

Ketam where? We lived in Singapore all our lives and never knew Ketam Island (Crab Island) existed. It's just a nondescript narrow strip of land by Pulau Ubin but it is rich in biodiversity and offers new ecological encounters in Singapore. Kayaking around this small quiet island, you may encounter otters, grey herons and many other bird species.

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