Awesome Kid-Friendly Activities This March Hols

One-of-a-kind experiences in Singapore your kids won't stop raving about

Last updated: 10 May 2022- 11 min read
Awesome Kid-Friendly Activities This March Hols

Everyone we know has been pretty cooped up of late with SHNs! If this is you, it's time to treat yourself and your family to some adventures! This March, take time out during school holidays to explore some truly unique experiences in Singapore and make lasting memories. We promise that your kids won't stop talking about these!


Try Kayak Fishing!

We get asked lots about what's the best place for fishing in Singapore. How about trying something truly different and immersing super close to nature - through kayak fishing?!

This kayak fishing takes place on moderate waves and currents, so you can fish at your leisure or just paddle along enjoying the views. It's a short 2-4KM course, so you don't have to worry about your physical fitness. You might even catch bottom fish such as parrotfishes, groupers, and snappers.

Suitable for kids aged 7+. Your kids won't stop talking about this one!


Private Dining for a Cause - Ukrainian Solidarity Supper

We know many of you have been trying to grapple with what's happening in the Russia-Ukraine war, and trying to find a way - any way - to help.

One of our partners, Primateve, who runs a gorgeous private kitchen in their home is hosting a fund-raising dinner to support Ukrainian aid efforts. If you would like to have a delicious meal, support a great cause and have meaningful experience for the whole family, we would highly recommend this.

50% of profits from this experience will be donated to Ukrainian aid efforts via @projecthopeorg, a humanitarian organisation that provides medical supplies and assistance to refugees in Ukraine. 


Kayak in the Wild with Field Cooked Lunch!

If you're looking for something even more adventurous, try this kayaking in the wild. On March 17-18, there's a special school hols treat - we won't spoil the surprise but click through to see the awesome stuff planned for your little ones!

Clarence your guide has a real sense of adventure and loves showing his guests new hidden areas of Singapore. To amp up the adventure, you'll also enjoy a field-cooked lunch on one of the islets along the way - nothing fancy, but we think you'll enjoy it after your adventure! This is great for avid explorers.

Suitable for kids aged 3+.


Claw & Paint (a Bear!)

This is something that all kids (and kids at heart!) would LOVE. We’ve all, as kids, tried our hand at the claw machines in the arcades, so we bet your kids love it too!

Here you'll get to claw 5 toilet rolls from a claw machine, and then trade it for a toy bear. Then paint the toy bear any way you desire using acrylic paint. Of course, you'll get to bring you personalised bear home! It's an art jam + awesome arcade game at the same time - and don't worry you WILL successfully claw the rolls :)

Suitable for kids of any age (though we would recommend 4 and up!).


Visit Singapore's Last Kampong

Teleport back in time and get swept in nostalgia during this 2-hour guided walk through Singapore’s last kampong village. Think overhead cables hanging above wooden atap houses, self-grown crops like banana and chili padi, and simple childhood games like Five Stones and Pick-up Sticks — your little ones will get the chance to experience firsthand what Singapore used to be like.

Suitable for kids of any age.


Forget the Zoo, Discover Wildlife with a Naturalist

We loved the zoo when we were kids, and we still think Singapore has the best zoo in the world. But there's something about spotting wildlife at safari that stirs something in us. Seeing wildlife in their natural habitats and how majestic they are is just extra special.

If your young ones love animals, this wildlife exploration with a naturalist guide at Sungei Buloh could be a good day out. Your naturalist guide will show you our mangroves, and marvels like crabs climbing trees, a forest growing in the sea, and land-based fish. Learn about the wonderful world we live in like the ebb and flow of tides, and the plants and animals that we share our lovely little country with.

Suitable for kids of any age.


Make & Paint a Clay Dish

These clay dishes are super cute - and they're really fun for adults to make too. In this 2-hour guided workshop, you will learn how to use air-dry clay to craft your own clay masterpiece, and learn how to pinch, coil, paint and finish each piece. Your final product will be an entirely customised clay dish finished with a cute character 🤩 

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Private Home Kitchen Cooking Class - Cook Traditional Curries Together!

One of our favourite trends in the past couple of years is home kitchens. There's something very meaningful about being able to learn cooking or dine in someone's private home and get to hear the stories behind the food they so passionately make.

Here you'll have a private cooking session in a home kitchen where you'll learn to make traditional curries from scratch with lots of love. Your host MakChic left her job of 25 years to pursue her passion for food and she's a big advocate for preparing traditional curry/ sambal and dishes from scratch- she believes in the labour of love! You wouldn't want to go for monotonous instant paste in the market once you've tasted her recipe.


Splat Paint!

Do your kids like drawing on the walls and floor? Here's a chance for you guys to get messy, to express, to play with your art masterpiece and splat your paint on the wall! Think Jackson Pollock and splatter like a master :)

Suitable for kids aged 3+


Vandal Freely!

This is extra special with little ones. We know friends who have brought their kids graffiti-ing over, and over, AND over again because their kids request for it so much! Nothing fancy - this is just an hour in a cool hidden warehouse where you get cans of spray paint to go crazy on the wall. It's a low-key, really fun way to spend an afternoon!

Suitable for kids of any age (though probably age 4 and up is best!).


Paddleboard, Movie under the Stars, Campfire dinner - all on a HK Junk Boat

Hong Kong isn't quite open yet but this traditional junk boat makes you feel like you’re in Hong Kong. This is great for families & friends who are aching for an adventure. Here you'll sail from Marina Bay to Lazarus, and learn to SUP from passionate instructors. Get those core muscles working! 

If paddleboarding isn’t for you, you can just chill on the rustic boat and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. At night, start a beach campfire, or stay in for a movie night under the stars. The adventurous can go for a night paddle! Bonus: It's pet-friendly :)

No minimum age so long as your kid is ok on a boat!


Paint & Play a Ukulele

If your kids love art and music, why not combine the two in one super unique session. Here in 3 hours, you'll get your own ukulele to paint and you'll even learn basic techniques to play it. You'll get an awesome chilled afternoon, get to bring home a personalised ukulele and also a newfound musical skill!

Suitable for any age.


Island Hop & Enjoy Water Activities on a Private Yacht

This is one of our favourite family day outs! Head out on a Yacht to Lazarus Island for 4-hours, enjoy fishing, BBQ and other water activities. Or you can go a little more off-piste to Pulau Hantu for some fun dives (if you're already a certified diver). Or if you want to chill, you can head out on a gorgeous luxury catamaran yacht where you can lounge on deck nets, sail and feel your cares ease away.

We've curated a list of the best family friendly yachts for you below!

Suitable for kids of any age.

Island Hop & Enjoy Water Activities on a Private Yacht

Make Wood-Fired Pizza

This is a really fun afternoon out for a family who loves their food! Not only do you get to make pizza dough from scratch, you'll also learn how to raise a fire with sustainably sourced firewood, and pick your own plant garnishing from the adjacent farm.

After the class, you can enjoy your yummy creations together, with a complimentary drink thrown in! BONUS: Your furkid is very welcome here too :)

Suitable for kids age 3+.


Spanish Tapas Private Dining

Take your family to Spain without leaving Singapore. This unique home dining experience allows you to enjoy all the flavours of Spain in a beautiful bohemian home setting.

You can feast on a decadent traditional Spanish meal and learn all about the stories behind these dishes from your lovely hosts. It combines all our favourite things about travelling - lovely food, meeting incredible people and seeing how they live, and memories to last a lifetime :)


Learn Longboarding Tricks Together!

This is for the sporty ones! Longboarding has taken over our IG in the past year and we can see why people are hooked.

Here, under the guidance of passionate instructors, you'll get to learn the basic techniques of longboarding, which includes pushing, carving, and braking. Great for slightly older kids - but not to worry, the awesome instructors will take good care of you and your family!


Go Axe Throwing!

Another one for families with older children - this time age 15 and up. But this is a really cool way to spend an afternoon or an evening as a family. This is like archery, but even more fun as it's a bit silly and different.

Axe throwing is a surprisingly a great way to have fun and the instructors here will show you the right stance, the best throwing techniques and how to score points! It'll be something that you will talk about for ages afterward as a family.

Age 15+.


Explore Ubin's Biodiversity on Bike

During this 4-hour cycling trip at Pulau Ubin, you'll get to step back in time and learn more about the old way of life, when nature played a larger part in daily life.

Cycle to attractions such as Bukit Puaka, Chek Jawa Nature Reserve, and Pulau Ubin Town. Your guide will also be spotting wild animals, stopping by rural farms and mangroves to share fascinating facts of Ubin's ecosystem.

Suitable for kids aged 10 (can be younger if your kid can ride well!)


Mangrove Safari to Hidden Northern Islands

This is a really off-beat and chilled experience for the whole family. On this 3-hour adventure, you will be exploring the Northern Coastal line of Singapore packed with mangroves and a rustic nature vibe.

You'll get see Singapore's floating solar farm, bask in the tranquillity in the mangroves, catch glimpses of wildlife around the mangrove river. Relax, sit back and see Singapore with new eyes.

Suitable for kids aged 4+


Solve the Chinatown Murder Mystery Game

For the families who love doing puzzles and games together, this is great interactive fun (but also educational!). This is a role playing game set in Chinatown!

Narrated by a gamemaster, all participants will dive into a character throughout the puzzle hunt in order to solve a murder mystery. Get ready for some plot twists as you search for clues and unearth the dark secrets and history of Chinatown!

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Bee Farm and Honey Tasting

This is one of our favourite experiences that doesn't neatly fit into any box. This super unique 2 hour experience includes an organic farming masterclass, a bee farm visit, and a honey tasting experience. You'll learn how our farming affects bees, and how that in turn affects the flavour of the honey they produce.

Our favourite part? It all takes place at a secret rooftop farm/bar that reminds us of speakeasies abroad. We promise both adults & kids will love this!

Suitable for kids aged 3+.


Pottery in a Beautiful Private Garden

This private pottery class in a lush garden studio is a really special one. During this 2-hour class, you and your kids will learn hand-building from a creative designer.

Emily, your instructor, is really kind and patient, and encourages her guests to be super creative. As it's a private class, you'll get Emily's full attention to help you create magic ✨

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Get Upclose to Singapore's Disappearing Trades

Today, Singapore is recognised on the global stage as a modern metropolis. But what was life like in the 1950s to 1980s? On this 3-hour nostalgic journey with a guide, you'll travel back in time to learn about the rich heritage of some of Singapore's dying trades.

You will get special access to factories and shops, where you can meet the expert craftsmen of some of the nation's favourite comfort foods and watch them in action!

It's nostalgic for adults to see the tradespeople behind their cherished childhood memories upclose, and also meaningful for children to catch a glimpse before they disappear.

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