Experience the Future of Farming in Singapore

Experience the future of farming with the humble black soldier fly - they're tackling one of our planet's biggest problems!

Last updated: 02 Mar 2022- 2 min read
Experience the Future of Farming in Singapore

Yes you read that right, the farm of the future is an insect farm - more precisely a black soldier fly insect farm, where million black soldier flies are working to tackle the gigantic problem of food waste. Are you curious? We know we were, and that's why we went on a farm tour to learn more about Insectta!

Meet Kai Ning, the 24-year-old insect farmer who wants to prime us all for an insect-y future! At Insectta, Kai Ning dreams of a world where black soldier flies will solve our food waste problems.

Kai Ning took a keen interest in farming at a young age, and had always wanted to become a farmer. She went on to take on an internship with an urban farm in university, where she obtained the opportunity to familiarise with the industry. After her internship at the farm, Kai Ning went on to work on Insectta at the start of 2017, and by mid of 2017, her co-founder, Jun Wei, came on board. Having studied entomology (the scientific study of insects) in his final year of undergraduate studies at the National University of Singapore, this powerful duo renders the expertise and heart to do what they do today!

As her passion for farming brews, the reality of farming is 'nothing like what we read in story books' Kai Ning said, and goes on to identify that farming in the modern city is technology and innovation-driven.

Contrary to the usual 'eek's and flinches that come when insects or bugs are mentioned, she hopes to change just that.

"Insects are so useful in so many ways, and we hope what we do here can dismantle years of stigma surrounding insects for a better future", said Kai Ning.

So, how do these black soldier flies actually help to reduce food waste in Singapore? The greedy larvae of the flies that she raises gobble up 8,000kg of food waste a month and poops out organic fertiliser of the highest quality. Larvae also becomes quality feed for livestock. Did you know that the larvae of the black soldier fly can also be turned into biomaterials such as semiconductors? Here it is: one insect, multiple uses and zero wastage 😜

As it seems, this is what the Future of Farming looks like, and we're excited to share more about Insectta with you. If you would like to experience these creatures upclose and learn more about Singapore's food waste issue, head on to book a farm tour with Insectta below:

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