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Forget Cafe Hopping, These Foodie Experiences are Way More Fun

Private home dining, Honey Tasting and even Craft Beer Brewing!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 7 min read
Forget Cafe Hopping, These Foodie Experiences are Way More Fun

Forget cafe hopping, it's so much more fun to do a foodie experience with friends! From private home dining that's MUCH better that a restaurant, to farm-to-table coffee roasting - we've shortlisted the coolest foodie experiences in Singapore here.

You can also check out our full list of awesome foodie experiences here.


Private Dining in a Beautiful Local Home

One of our favourite dining trends that has emerged in the past couple of years is private home dining. It's like having your own private chef but even better as you'll also get a peek into someone's lovely home, and be their guest. The food is (much!) better than a restaurant, setting is intimate and the warm hosts will make you feel like you've known them for years.

Private Dining in a Beautiful Local Home

Learn to Make Authentic Kimchi

This is a really fun one for foodies! Here you'll head into the cosy home of a Korean Chef and learn to make Kimchi from scratch. More than just a cooking class, your host loves to introduce guests to Korean culture and food - so you'll gain a deeper understanding of the stories behind what you cook. She'll also serve you delicious banchan (side dishes) so you can enjoy them alongside your kimchi making!


Taste Honey from Around the Globe

This is no ordinary honey tasting. Before you start the tasting, you'll also visit a bee farm to learn about how bees can produce honey with such different flavour profiles. Then you'll sit down for a tasting of honey, where you'll observe honey notes, flavour profile and colours. We love it that the honey is sourced from interesting boutique farms around Asia, and is always surprising! If it's in season, you might even get to try durian honey - fun fact: the notes are light and floral, and taste nothing like durian.


Learn to Brew Craft Beer

Home brewing seems to be so popular these days that it feels like we're discovering a new craft beer every week! If you've ever wondered how your favourite craft beer is made, or how to kickstart your own brewing, this is perfect for you. Learn all about malts, hops and yeast and how to design and create those flavours you love. You'll also get to take home 1.5 litres of your own brew to share with friends!


Brew Kombucha with Local Flavours!

This is a super fun, chilled afternoon - perfect for foodies who love playing with creative ingredients. Catboocha is well-known for infusing local ingredients into their yummy booch (Chrysanthemum kombucha is a REVELATION). You'll get to taste yummy Kombucha with local flavours, and make your own!

Our favourite thing about this workshop is Catboocha's extensive ingredients lab - we got to mix and match crazy ingredients to come up with our one-of-a-kind booch! Your hosts are also super heartfelt and lovely - you'll make good friends, as well as yummy booch!


Peranakan Cooking in Gorgeous Kampung Home

More than just a simple cooking class, one of our favourite things about this experience is that you’ll get to experience modern kampong living here. One Kind House brings back the spirit of a kampung house, where food is farm-to-table and doors are always open for friendly neighbours to pop in to pick a plant or two. At the end of the class, you'll also get to enjoy the yummy Peranakan meal that you've cooked together :)


Learn to Be Your Own Barista

If beer isn't your thing, how about coffee? In this quick 2-hour coffee masterclass you'll learn all about the different types of coffee beans, the secrets of coffee brewing, and even how to store coffee beans for maximum freshness. You'll even learn a quick and easy way to whip up impressive latte art for the next brunch party you host :)


Farm-to-Table Coffee Roasting + Brunch!

If you love cafe hopping and brunch on weekends, you'll love this. This is probably Singapore's first and only coffee roasting experience, where you'll hand-make the freshest, most personal cuppa you'll ever drink!

Here you'll get to experience coffee farm-to-table - see the coffee plant growing on the farm; select and roast raw coffee beans over a fire; grind them up by hand; and experiment with different brewing techniques. You'll also get to enjoy a brunch of bagels and churros!


Make Wood-Fire Pizza at Secret Supper Club

This is super cool - not only do you get to make your own pizza in a handcrafted brick oven, you'll get yummy pizza & beers to enjoy at the end of the session! You'll raise the fire using sustainably sourced firewood, make your own pizza and top it off with yummy toppings (such as herbs from the on-site rooftop farm).


Make Your Own Tempeh

Traditionally, tempeh is made of soybeans but at this workshop, you will explore two uncommon types of tempeh like chickpea tempeh and green pea-adzuki red bean tempeh! Learn how to make it sliced thin and fried into chips, or cubes in a lemongrass-sambal stir-fry. For the food geeks you'll also explore the science and chemistry behind working with live cultures to make tempeh, understand the benefits of probiotics, as well as learn important tips for achieving a safe and delicious ferment.


Home-Cooking & Private Dining with Korean Chef

We love home-cooked meals, and a Korean home-cooked meal is even more special because we don't get to have it very often at all! Here you'll get to learn from a Korean chef how to recreate mouthwatering Korean dishes, with the yumminess that only homecooking can offer. Your host Yoonsun not only loves sharing her passion for Korean cuisine, she'll also tell you the stories behind each recipe! And after that, you'll get to enjoy your meal with your friends/family in her cozy home. We can't think of a more heartwarming way to spend an evening.


Gin Tasting at Singapore's Original Distillery

Whether you love or hate gin, this is a really interesting way to spend the afternoon as you'll learn (and drink!) a ton! Here you'll get to smell gin ingredients and later identify them in the gins, try out homemade bitters (with cool flavours like szechuan peppers and cinnamon), and get to taste a LOT of drinks.


Cocktail Making + Mexican Meal

We all know that Chimichanga does some of the best cocktails in Singapore, but we didn't know until recently that they also taught cocktail making, and offered a yummy (light) Mexican meal to cap it all off! Perfect for birthdays and special dates.


Make Makgeolli in a Cosy Home

If you and your friends usually love trying out new bars, this is perfect for you. This is a super fun session where you'll learn to make Makgeolli, Korean rice wine. What makes this extra heartfelt and special is that you'll get to do this in the comfort of the lovely home of your host, and also enjoy some yummy Korean snacks while making your very own Makgeolli.


Make Handmade Pasta, and Enjoy Lunch!

Take on a new food experience with the family by making your own pasta and having it cooked by your lovely host. At the end of your hard work, you'll be rewarded with a delectable lunch of squid ink tagliatelle or delicate parpadelle! Best part? This all takes place on an urban farm that's tucked away in the most hidden of places, with the coolest rooftop in town!


Learn to Make Super Yummy Plant-Based Meals

If you're trying to eat more plant-based foods lately, this would be a great one to try! Shalu, a former lawyer, started these cooking workshops as she wanted to show people how creative and yummy plant-based foods could be! Her class combines super tasty international cooking styles (Mexican, Mediterranean, Asian street food etc), with fresh plant based ingredients. Highly recommended if you're looking for a more creative way to incorporate vegetables into your diet!


Make Your Fave Bubble Tea!

If you love your bubble tea (who doesn't!), try making your own. This is a super fun thing to do with your team or with friends.

Learn how to prepare pearls, mix fresh milk and syrups to create a taste to your liking! Pick up the knowledge of various tea types and master the techniques of preparing chewy tapioca pearls. You'll get to make two yummy flavours of your choice here - from gula melaka to chocolate! 🤤


Be a Biltong Sommelier

Biltong is one of our favourite snacks when we're road-tripping in South Africa and Australia, but we didn't know we could learn to make it right here in Singapore!

Here you'll learn the history of biltong, the cultural importance to South Africa, and how to make this yummy snack! You'll marinade your own beef steak and hang it to cure - it will taste even better when you have made it yourself! Yummy!

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