Fun Things to Try in March!

Dine for a worthy cause, paddleboard on a junk boat or make a gorgeous wall hanging!

Last updated: 18 Oct 2022- 8 min read
Fun Things to Try in March!

Time really flies, doesn’t it? First, the year started, then it was CNY, and now we are in March! If you're looking for a fun way to reconnect with friends, celebrate a special occasion, or spend time with your little ones, here are some awesome ideas.


Dine for a Cause - Support Ukrainian Aid Efforts

We know many of you have been trying to grapple with what's happening in the Russia-Ukraine war, and trying to find a way - any way - to help. One of our partners, Primateve, who runs a gorgeous private kitchen in their home is hosting a fund-raising dinner to support Ukrainian aid efforts. If you would like to have a delicious meal, support a great cause and be hosted by some incredibly warm and lovely chefs, you may like to try this experience out.

50% of profits from this experience will be donated to Ukrainian aid efforts via @projecthopeorg, a humanitarian organisation that provides medical supplies and assistance to refugees in Ukraine. 


Cook Caribbean Soulfood in a Gorgeous Shophouse Home

This is an awesome unique private home cooking & dining experience - it channels serious New York or London vibes. At Elika's industrial-chic shophouse home, you'll learn how to make yummy Caribbean soulfood with carefully sourced ingredients. The Caribbean is known for its sunshine, music and all-around good island vibes -these flavours and Elika's hospitality will make you feel like you're right there! Perfect for special occasions, and families.


Get Muddy & Explore Hidden Bunkers

Did you know that buried deep inside a forest in Marsiling are some huuge WWII bunkers? These bunkers were where the British, and then later, the Japanese, kept their supplies, and one of them is ENORMOUS!

This 5-hour trip is muddy af, but not intimidating. You can find the bunkers on your own, but Beyond Expeditions makes it way more fun with lots of mini-challenges to bring the experience to life, PLUS they take amazing shots with their DSLR for you to show your friends. Perfect for explorers & families who love the outdoors (kids age 5+).


Adventurous Staycay On A Traditional Junk Boat!

Hong Kong isn't quite open yet but this traditional junk boat makes you feel like you’re in Hong Kong. This is great for families & friends who are aching for an adventure. Here you'll sail from Marina Bay to Lazarus, and learn to SUP from passionate instructors. Get those core muscles working! 

If paddleboarding isn’t for you, you can just chill on the rustic boat and enjoy the gorgeous sunset. At night, start a beach campfire, or stay in for a movie night under the stars. The adventurous can go for a night paddle! Bonus: It's pet-friendly :)


Learn to Brew Yummy Cider

Like your booze? Learn to make your own! Make your batch of summer cider to take home and share with your favourite people :)

This enjoyable, hands-on session will teach you how to produce homebrew cider, and you'll also get to taste a variety of yummy hand-picked ciders from around the world. Bring home 2 litres of your handmade cider to impress your guests at your next BBQ! This is a super fun experience to celebrate a friend's birthday!


Try Leg-Paddled Kayaking

Your quads are the biggest muscles in the body, making leg-paddling way easier. Kids and beginners looking to get a lower body workout and explore some cool stuff should check this out! It's much less difficult than traditional kayaking, yet you get to go FAST!

With leg-paddled kayaks, you can drink, snack, or take videos and photos of your adventure while still using your hands! Perfect for those who have kayaked before, and are looking for something different!


Try Kayak Fishing!

You get to go for a paddle, work out your upper body, and have fun fishing! Where’s the downside?

This kayak fishing takes place on moderate waves and currents, so you can fish at your leisure. It's a short 2-4KM course, so you don't have to worry about your physical fitness. You might even catch bottom fish such as parrotfishes, groupers, and snappers. Suitable for 7+ and up so bring the fam!


Sail Your Cares Away on a Luxe Catamaran

The gorgeous Waga Mari Yacht is led by Captain Martijn, who left a 20-year corporate life career, so he could pursue his passion for sailing. He absolutely loves the water, and you're in great hands here!

On this large luxury catamaran, you'll sail past the gorgeous MBS skyline onto Lazarus Island, where you can kayak, paddleboard, swim, float, or just lounge. This is perfect for a family or a group of friends who are just looking for a chilled day out.


Explore Sungei Buloh with a Naturalist

Sungei Buloh is one of Singapore’s hidden gems. Who would have thunk, that such a beautiful mangrove existed in what the world thinks is a concrete jungle?

This 2.5h exploration with a naturalist guide will show you our mangroves, and marvels like crabs climbing trees, a forest growing in the sea, and land-based fish. Learn about the wonderful world we live in like the ebb and flow of tides, and the plants and animals that we share our lovely little country with.


Spend Solo Time Making a Cute Clay Dish

Unleash the artist in you! Wouldn’t it be cool to eat off a plate that you made? This pottery session is affordably priced at $35, way below the usual $80++. You can coil, paint, and finish your clay masterpiece step-by-step. 

Bring home your super cute clay plate and use it to serve starters, or just as a conversational piece :) Join some friends or spend some solo time, it's really up to you.


Paint & Shoot a Camera!

If you have a little one who's always reaching for your phone, and taking a million pics, this is perfect for them. Here you'll get your very own Paper Shoot camera to paint, and afterwards you can take the camera around to photograph anything you like! No minimum age so bring your kids/nieces/nephews and let them have a ton of fun!


Make Your Own Tempeh

If you're a food geek, love plant-based foods or everything fermented - this is for you! Traditionally, tempeh is made of soybeans but at this workshop with Singapore's top fermentory, you will explore two uncommon types of tempeh like chickpea tempeh and green pea-adzuki red bean tempeh. Learn how to make it sliced thin and fried into chips, or cubes in a lemongrass-sambal stir-fry.

For the food geeks you'll also explore the science and chemistry behind working with live cultures to make tempeh, understand the benefits of probiotics, as well as learn important tips for achieving a safe and delicious ferment.


Make Korean Rice Wine at a Korean Chef's Home

If you and your friends usually love trying out new bars, this is perfect for you. This is a super fun session where you'll learn to make Makgeolli, Korean rice wine.

What makes this extra heartfelt and special is that you'll get to do this in the comfort of the lovely home of your host, and also enjoy some yummy Korean snacks while making your very own Makgeolli. Your host is super lovely and really passionate about Korean food and culture - which she'd love to share with you!


Paint & Play a Ukulele

This is great for laughs with a friend, on a date or with a young one (no minimum age)! Not only do you get to learn how to play a ukelele, but you also get to paint it, and make it yours. Your very own ukulele will be provided, and you’ll get to paint it, and receive professional instruction on how to play it. No better time to pick up a new instrument, and play “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”!


Make a Gorgeous Mirrored Wall Hanging

It seems like everyone we know is moving homes these days! When we moved into our new place, our Pinterest board was full of the California boho home vibes (think Garance Doré!), but we didn't know where to get the wall hangings! If you're looking to chic up the decor of your place, you can now create your own gorgeous boho wall hanging. It's super meditative, fun and surprisingly forgiving - you can basically make any design you think up!


Pottery with a Modern Kintsugi Master

You've already done pottery, but have you heard of the Japanese art of Kintsugi? This 2-hour workshop is probably the only one where you are allowed to break things!

Traditionally, Kintsugi is the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — a metaphor for embracing our flaws and imperfections. During this unique workshop, you'll learn to mend broken upcycled ceramics with gold powders to create a one-of-a-kind ceramic piece.


Graffiti with Your Little Ones!

This is great on dates, and with friends, but it's also extra special with little ones. We know friends who have brought their kids graffiti-ing over, and over, AND over again because their kids request for it so much! Nothing fancy - this is just an hour in a cool hidden warehouse where you get cans of spray paint to go crazy on the wall. It's a low-key, really fun way to spend an afternoon!


Bond with Your Teams!

It's already March, but we still haven't seen our teams outside of Zoom meetings! This March, why not start planning to do something fun with your team - axe throwing, graffiti, island-hopping, hiking, or even a virtual chocolate and coffee tasting workshop?! Here are some awesome ideas if you want to spend some quality time with your team talking about anything and everything other than work!

Bond with Your Teams!

Discover an Awesome Female-Led Business

As a female-led business ourselves, we're super psyched to work with an amazing community of female founders in Singapore. This March, we're celebrating International Women's Day by featuring some incredible female-led experiences. From women sharing their creative passions with the world, to female pioneers solving our planet's food waste problems - we promise you'd love these experiences!

Discover an Awesome Female-Led Business

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