12 Unique Ways to Go Kayaking in Singapore [2023]

Kayak the seas of Singapore in more ways you can imagine

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 5 min read
12 Unique Ways to Go Kayaking in Singapore [2023]
12 Unique Ways to Go Kayaking in Singapore [2023]
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Kayaking is one of our favourite things to do in Singapore - on a weekend, with our team and even on a date! It's incredibly chilled and you get so close to nature that you otherwise wouldn't be able to do on a hike. Even a few hours kayaking through mangroves feels like being away on a proper nature getaway! You can kayak to the gorgeous mangroves in Ubin, explore the secret island no one has heard of, or even go kayak fishing! Check out our picks below :)

Mangrove Kayaking at Pulau Ubin


Kayak, Swim and Have a Kelong Lunch

Any avid explorer will love this jam-packed day of adventure kayaking! Here you'll be kayaking the high seas of Pulau Ubin - paddle through gorgeous mangroves, swim in the ocean and spot lots of wildlife (like the cutest otters! 🦦) But the BEST part's the lunch in our last standing kelong! As you dig into your meal in the sea breeze, we guarantee it'll be an experience like no other.


Sail to a Mysterious Island Shrine

Take the fam on this private kayaking trip around Ubin! Sail the high seas and embark on a fun lil' history tour - where you'll visit the mysterious German Girl Shrine and the scenic Ketam Quarry 🏞️ Afterwards, simply enjoy a piping hot lunch at a floating restaurant! PS: the kayaks are leg-paddled which makes it super easy for the kids - your hands are also free to snack or take pics for the gram!


Kayak to Ubin's Neighbour - Frog Island!

We all know Ubin - but did you know that just right around its corner is a teeny island called Frog Island? (that *disclaimer* isn't actually an island of frogs 😂) Here you'll be kayaking around BOTH islands - you'll get to take in the beautiful sights and learn about how their mangroves and fishing farms help our ecosystem. You'll also learn to make super cool paracord bracelets - very much Survivor vibes!


Chill by the Mangrove Forests

As much as we love our kayak trips - they can get a lil' tiring. But in this kayak experience, escape the turbulent waves and sail into the tranquil mangrove forests. Get up close with our mangroves AND spot lots of wildlife too (if you're lucky, your amazing guide may be able to scoop up some jellyfishes!) The waters here are super calm and great for anyone who wants to kick back in the seas without all that high-tide choppiness.


Go on a Full-Day Kayak and Cycle Trip!

If you're looking to really immerse yourself in Ubin, this full-day kayak and cycle experience is for you. You'll first embark on a chill bike ride to take in all of the island's scenic views before beginning your kayak adventure! Sail to the backwaters of Sungei Jelutong to chill in the serene seas, spot kelongs AND explore the beautiful mangroves. Tip: try to log out for the day and just enjoy a digital detox!

Go Kayak Fishing!


Kayak Fish the Seas of Sentosa

If you're still new to kayak fishing, this is a great intro experience to it. Light-paced like a chill morning stroll, physical fitness is not an issue here! You'll be fishing along the shores of Sentosa and catching bottom fishes like parrots, groups and snappers! Your guides are also there to ensure enjoyment at your own comfy pace and share nuggets of history about our island shores along the way.


Catch and Cook Fish in the Wilderness!

Take your usual kayak fishing up a notch by both catching and cooking up your own fish in the wild! You'll first try out hand-fishing on your kayaks to reel in some fish. Afterwards, your guides will give you the ultimate island survival crash course on firing up your fish and preparing the tastiest seafood feast 🐟🔥 Nothing's quite as fulfilling as indulging in a delicious dinner (prepared by you!) in the beautiful beach sunset.


Try Kayak Fishing... at Night!

Love kayaking but not so much the Singapore sun? We've got just the thing for you - night kayak fishing! Take your fellow kayak buddy on an after-work (TGIF!) fishing trip where you'll get to sail the seas in the cool breeze of the night. PS: the night-time is when larger fishes like Barramundis and Groupers start lurking about - so you'll be in for a big treat! It's truly a kayak fishing experience like no other 🎣🌌


Pick Up Kayak Fishing (from experts onboard!)

If you've recently fallen into the rabbit hole of kayak fishing, this is a great way to take your skills to the next level. On this 8-hour kayaking fishing trip, you'll learn all the tips and tricks to reel in the best catches (on top of exploring the mangroves and kelongs, of course!) While you're picking up the ropes, your guides are still there to keep things fun and chilled - have a short pit stop at Ubin for a mini coconut break! 🥥


Go Kayak Fishing in the Sunset

Here's an activity to give you that kayak fishing experience plus loads of mushy, feel-good energy! With leg-paddled kayaks, you'll be sailing the seas and reeling in your catches super comfortably. But the best part's got to be the lovely sunset you'll get to catch in the ocean breeze. It's probably the most chill kayak fishing experience we have - so just bring your loved ones to sit back and relish in the vibes together 🌅

Pet-Friendly Kayak Trips


Take Your Furbaby on an Ubin Adventure

Bring your furbaby along on this pet-friendly kayak adventure to Ubin. While you're exploring the gorgeous mangrove views and our local kelongs, your furry companion will also get to enjoy the fresh sights and cool sea breeze! Though your guides may just be the most unforgettable part - their passion for kayaking, nature (and dogs 😂) is just so genuine and heartfelt that it's almost infectious.


Kayak Hidden Spots (with Field-Cooked Lunch!)

By now, we're all familiar with the hot kayaking routes like Ubin or Sentosa. But here, you'll be discovering hidden islets you may not have even heard of - the route you'll get is also a surprise 🤫 Then, enjoy a field-cooked meal via a kayak kitchen! Having lunch (prepared by your amazing guides!) in the middle of the mangrove forests just takes things to another level. And of course, your pets get to experience this with you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the best place for kayaking in Singapore?
Our favourite place is Pulau Ubin and its neighbouring islands. Here you can see the biodiverse wildlife if you're lucky (such as otters, grey herons and sea eagles), get close to the gorgeous mangrove forests (it feels like Lord of the Rings!), and see a completely different part of Singapore. You'll also get to see the floating fish farms, and houses on stilts that still home indigenous peoples today. It's a great day out in nature!
Do I Need A Permit To Kayak In Singapore?
No, you don't need any special certifications or licence to kayak in Singapore.
Can A Beginner Do Kayaking?
Contrary to popular belief, kayaking isn't a difficult sport to learn. You don't even need to know how to swim - you can try kayaking so long as you're comfortable in the water with a life vest! It's great for everyone and simple to pick up, even for beginners. You'll need to learn a few basic paddling skills to safely navigate waters. It also helps to engage with a professional guide or instructor for entering and exiting a kayak, performing the forward and sweep strokes, and familiarising yourself with kayak safety.
What do you wear for Kayaking in Singapore?
We would recommend wearing a hat, and light-weight long sleeves, and trousers for kayaking to avoid sunburn. You should also avoid wearing flipflops as they may come off easily in the water - instead, you should wear light sneakers. Also do bring a small waterproof bag (a ziplock bag will do!) to keep your phone and other valuables from getting wet.
Can You Kayak Anywhere In Singapore?
There are permitted areas for kayaking in Singapore - you can go kayaking in the sea at Pulau Ubin or Sentosa, or you can kayak closer to land at Macritchie Reservoir, and Siloso Beach. We would recommend sea kayaking as it's more of an adventure - you'll get to see wildlife and get closer to nature that way!
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