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Perfect Family Days Out in December

Now that families can go out in groups of five again, you can plan the perfect family day out!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 10 min read
Perfect Family Days Out in December

Now that families can go out in groups of 5 again, here are some fun adventures to make up for lost time. Get some fresh air, some adventure and make awesome memories!


Discover Ruins like Indiana Jones

This adventurous hike takes you around and up Mount Faber to seek out the hidden abandoned war-time relics that lie within the forest. You'll squeeze your way through a tunnel, search for a Japanese tomb, and discover gorgeous, unmarked trails around Mt Faber. It's a super fun couple of hours for a family that loves the outdoors!

Suitable for kids aged 7+.


Go on a Yacht Daycation!

This is one of our favourite family day outs! Head out on a Yacht to Lazarus Island for 4-hours, enjoy fishing, BBQ and other water activities. Or you can go a little more off-piste to Pulau Hantu for some fun dives (if you're already a certified diver). Or if you want to chill, you can head out on a gorgeous luxury catamaran yacht where you can lounge on deck nets, sail and feel your cares ease away. Choose the perfect yacht for you and have

Suitable for kids of any age.

Go on a Yacht Daycation!

Uncover Singapore's Hidden Marine World

Did you know that Singapore's intertidal zones are home to some fascinating marine life? We didn't until this year! Here you'll explore Singapore's hidden intertidal zones at low tide, and get to spot the fascinating marine life that is previously hidden. With an experienced marine guide, you'll get to spot hermit crabs, starfishes, sea cucumbers, and other interesting (and weird!) marine animals. It's super fun and educational for both adults and kids!

Suitable for kids aged 2+


Explore Ubin's Biodiversity on Bike

During this 4-hour cycling trip at Pulau Ubin, you'll get to step back in time and learn more about the old way of life, when nature played a larger part in daily life. Cycle to attractions such as Bukit Puaka, Chek Jawa Nature Reserve, and Pulau Ubin Town. Your guide will also be spotting wild animals, stopping by rural farms and mangroves to share fascinating facts of Ubin's ecosystem.

Suitable for kids aged 10 (can be younger if your kid can ride well!)


Graffiti Like a Rebel

This is super fun for the whole family. Discover your hidden Banksy during this quick 1-hour activity, where you and your kids will get to vandalise (legally 😜)! Don’t worry about getting dirty because protective gears are provided! Just grab your cans and spray away to your heart’s content!

Suitable for any age.


Explore Hidden Underground WW2 Bunkers

This is our top pick for curious and active children. Explore the abandoned World War II bunkers, packed with exciting mini-challenges along the way to engage you and your family. The Beyond Expedition team will also be taking photos with their DSLR during the trip so you'll have awesome memories to share during the next gathering with the rest of your family!

Suitable for kids age 5+. Bonus: This is Pet-Friendly!


Kayak into Nature

Head out to Ubin with SerendipET's heartfelt guides who know Ubin like the back of their hands. Many have loved this trip so much they've done it multiple times! Here you'll kayak around mangroves in Ubin, and get to meander around some of the kelongs. If you're lucky you may spot a sea eagle or an otter or two! Bonus: this is also pet-friendly so you can bring a furbaby along!

Suitable for kids aged 4+ (child life vests will be provided).


Spot Flying Lemurs with Naturalist Guide (at Night!)

We often don't associate Singapore with having lots of wildlife - so it's pretty exciting that the vulnerable flying colugos (or flying lemurs) live among us! This is a fun 2-hour night walk with a naturalist guide at Bukit Batok Park, where you'll get to spot frogs, water snakes, crabs and flying lemurs (a kind of furry, flying tree-dweller). You'll also pick up behavioural observation skills and nifty bits of rainforest ecology from field expert guides!

Suitable for kids age 6+.


Explore Mangroves in Sungei Buloh

Here you and your curious children can explore the Sungei Buloh Mangroves and see wildlife in their natural habitat. Look out for mudskippers, monitor lizards, tree-climbing crabs, kingfishers, and even crocodiles 🤩 The best part is that you'll be with an experienced naturalist guide who will be able to explain the rich biodiversity we have right here in Singapore.

Suitable for kids aged 6+


Splat Paint on the Wall!

Do your kids like drawing on the walls and floor? Here's a chance for you guys to get messy, to express, to play with your art masterpiece and splat your paint on the wall! Think Jackson Pollock and splatter like a master :)

Suitable for kids aged 3+.


Make Pizza in Wood-Fire Oven

This is a really fun afternoon out for a family who loves their food! Not only do you get to make pizza dough from scratch, you'll also learn how to raise a fire with sustainably sourced firewood, and pick your own plant garnishing from the adjacent farm. After the class, you can enjoy your yummy creations together, with a complimentary beer thrown in! BONUS: Your furkid is very welcome here too :)

Suitable for kids age 3+.


Mangrove Safari to Hidden Northern Islands

This is a really off-beat and chilled experience for the whole family. On this 3-hour adventure, you will be exploring the Northern Coastal line of Singapore packed with mangroves and a rustic nature vibe. You'll get see Singapore's floating solar farm, bask in the tranquillity in the mangroves, catch glimpses of wildlife around the mangrove river. Relax, sit back and see Singapore with new eyes.

Suitable for kids aged 4+


Make Quirky Soaps

This is a really cute one if you have creative kids - plus it's a fun way of learning about how to make one of our most common household goods! During this 2-hour soap making workshop you'll learn to make soaps in the shape of macarons & kueh salat! From melting the soap wax, to choosing your scents and colours, it's a really fun family activity for kids and adults!

Suitable for kids aged 6+.


Use Your Wits in a Fort Canning Puzzle Hunt

This immersive puzzle hunt in Fort Canning will let your little ones learn lots about Singapore history in a fun outdoor environment. During the game, you'll get to choose your adventure, and the choices you make during your journey will determine the outcome. See how quickly you and your family can solve the puzzles and escape the besieged fort!

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Solve the Chinatown Murder Mystery Game

This is another role playing game - but set in Chinatown! Narrated by a gamemaster, all participants will dive into a character throughout the puzzle hunt in order to solve a murder mystery. Get ready for some plot twists as you search for clues and unearth the dark secrets and history of Chinatown!

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Mindful Nature Immersion for Families

This mindful nature immersion is one of our favourite experiences, and so vital in this year of WFH and HBL. During this private session with a forest therapy guide, you will be guided to explore and interact with nature through your senses. You'll walk away feeling a little more whole and alive, and may also feel your creativity and imagination express more vividly!

Suitable for kids of any age.


Kayak, Shuck Mussels, Catch & Cook in the Wild

This is a super fun private full-day kayaking trip to Ubin with a twist! Not only will you explore Ubin's mysterious mangrove forests via leg-paddled kayaking (beginner-friendly!), you'll also get your hands dirty shucking fresh mussels and try the traditional way of fishing. Afterward, you'll cook up a seafood feast (your fresh catch!) in the wild. This is definitely an unforgettable adventure for you and your little ones.

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Bee Farm & Honey Tasting

This is one of our favourite experiences that doesn't neatly fit into any box. This super unique 2 hour experience includes an organic farming masterclass, a bee farm visit, and a honey tasting experience. You'll learn how our farming affects bees, and how that in turn affects the flavour of the honey they produce. Our favourite part? It all takes place at a secret rooftop farm/bar that reminds us of speakeasies abroad.

Suitable for kids aged 3+.


Visit Singapore's Last Kampong

Teleport back in time and get swept in nostalgia during this 2-hour guided walk through Singapore’s last kampong village. Think overhead cables hanging above wooden atap houses, self-grown crops like banana and chili padi, and simple childhood games like Five Stones and Pick-up Sticks — your little ones will get the chance to experience firsthand what Singapore used to be like.

Suitable for kids of any age.


Paint & Play a Ukulele

If your kids love art and music, why not combine the two in one super unique session. Here in 3 hours, you'll get your own ukulele to paint and you'll even learn basic techniques to play it. You'll get an awesome chilled afternoon, get to bring home a personalised ukulele and also a newfound musical skill!

Suitable for any age.


Pottery in a Beautiful Garden Studio

This private pottery class in a lush garden studio is a really special one. During this 2-hour class, you and your kids will learn hand-building from a creative designer. Emily, your instructor, is really kind and patient, and encourages her guests to be super creative. As it's a private class, you'll get Emily's full attention to help you create magic ✨

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Visit the Sustainable Farm of the Future

This is a great experience for teaching kids about sustainability. Visit Singapore's very own insect farm, where you'll learn about how the humble black soldier flies can solve Singapore's food waste problem. The greedy larvae of these soldier flies gobble up food waste and poop out organic fertilizer of the highest quality. The larvae also becomes quality feed for livestock — one insect, multiple uses, and zero wastage ✌🏻😜

Suitable for kids of any age.


Make & Paint a Clay Dish

These clay dishes are super cute - and they're really fun for adults to make too. In this 2-hour guided workshop, you will learn how to use air-dry clay to craft your own clay masterpiece, and learn how to pinch, coil, paint and finish each piece. Your final product will be an entirely customised clay dish finished with a cute character 🤩 

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Learn Granny's Cooking in Modern Kampung Home

More than just a simple cooking class, one of our favourite things about this experience is that you’ll get to experience modern kampong living here. One Kind House brings back the spirit of a kampung house, where food is farm-to-table and doors are always open for friendly neighbours to pop in to pick a plant or two. Trust us, an afternoon here will leave you with a full tummy and a fuller heart. 

Suitable for kids of any age.


Bonus: 2D1N Mongolia Yurt Getaway

As a special treat, why not head into the wilderness with your family for a couple of days? And not just any wilderness, to an authentic Mongolian yurt in Singapore! This is a limited time exclusive where you'll get to experience the nomadic ways of the Mongolian people, stay in an authentic yurt (shipped from Mongolia!) and enjoy an outdoor movie under the stars. Perfect for families looking for memories that will last a lifetime.

Suitable for kids of any age.

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