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The Coolest Rooftop Experience in Singapore

The 1 building in Siglap that has it all — from a rooftop bee farm, a Desert-Themed bar, handmade wood pizza oven, to creative workshops like paper marbling and terrarium making — truly an ~Unexpected~ experience 🤩

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 3 min read
The Coolest Rooftop Experience in Singapore
The Coolest Rooftop Experience in Singapore
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One of the best things to come out of the pandemic was getting to meet amazing and passionate guides in our little red dot, and do things we never knew existed in Singapore. One of our favourite encounters has got to be The Sundowner, led by Clarence and Candice. 

The Sundowner is a whimsical, raw and thoughtfully crafted secret rooftop that has it all — its very own bee farm (with rescued bees all over Singapore), a handcrafted pizza-making oven, an outdoor movie projector and screen, and even organic herbs and fruits planted across the garden. This space is a perfect reflection of its owners’ passions and hobbies and here we have compiled the list of activities you could do here! 😛


Visit an Organic BeeFarm & Enjoy Honey Tasting!

One of our favourite options that doesn’t neatly fit into any box, this combination of a beekeeping masterclass with honey tasting — where you get up-close viewing of the bee-farm in bee suits, pluck your own organic herbs and fruits to add into your cocktail, to lounging while watching the sunset! The rooftop bar experience is reminiscent of a speakeasy in Australia~


Private Movie & Cocktails on a Secret Rooftop

For a chill time with friends and family, enjoy your favourite movie on the giant outdoor movie wall surrounded by greenery and rows of organic fruits! This complete outdoor movie experience (with a fridge, speaker and projector) is the perfect way to end the day, under the stars 🌃


Make Your Own Pizza at Secret Supper Club

We know that Singaporeans can’t ever say no to food, and to put The Sundowners' very own handcrafted brick oven to it’s purposeful use, they will guide you along to make your own pizza, from scratch! 🍕  At the secret pizza club , you’ll get to raise the fire using sustainably-sourced firewood, and even harvest plant garnishing 🌱  from the rooftop farm. Best part of the session is definitely… watching it turn golden brown before gobbling it up! 🤤


Cocktail Making in Moroccan Inspired Bedouin Tent

Bored of your usual scenery, and craving to travel?🤩 Experience the magic of Morocco in a cocktail making session at The Nomad's Tent, located at level 2 of Sundowner. The setting was inspired by the Moroccan desert where the nomadic Bedouins live, you would experience real sand and water running through the bar table as you indulge in your cocktail. It's definitely a one of a kind experience right here in Singapore, that you wouldn't want to miss! 😉


Get Down and Creative With Paper Marbling on a Rooftop Garden

If you’re a creative one and love to get your hands messy while working your creative brain juices, a paper marbling workshop in their cosy and lush rooftop garden sounds about right! ☝️🏻 But… What’s paper marbling you ask? It’s the art of creating beautiful patterns similar to smooth marble using only paint, water and paper!


Build Your Own Giant Terrarium

Love nature? Why not build your own mini secret garden which you can place in your own home!😉 Join this giant terrarium building workshop today as you get to discover the secrets of terrariums by getting know more about soil, its micro-organisms, as well as learn tips and tricks to make your mini-universe flourish. This would definitely be a treat to all you nature-lovers! 🌳🌿

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