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The Wellness Gift Guide [2022]

Give an experience that heals the body, mind and soul

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 4 min read
The Wellness Gift Guide [2022]

If you have a wellness enthusiast in your life, or a friend who needs a refresh, here are some gift experiences that heal the mind, body and soul (plus are super fun!).


Floating Yoga on Water

This floating yoga class is a really cool experience for the yogis in your life. Not only do they get to try a new challenge (yoga on water!), they also get to do it with the gorgeous MBS skyline in the background. It's definitely an experience to remember (and laugh about!) for a long time šŸ¤©


Recharge with Forest Bathing

If you have friends who love wellness and meditation, this private forest bathing session is the ultimate gift. Forest Bathing is a Japanese nature-based and mindfulness practice aimed at helping people feel more relaxed and more connected to themselves and the world. Here they'll have a private forest bathing session with an experienced forest therapist guide, where they'll get to slow down and reconnect meaningfully with the natural world.


Immerse in Sound Bath Therapy

This is a gift of relaxation. A sound bath experience is a really gentle and therapeutic way to nurture the mind and body. Here, you'll immerse in beautiful sounds and vibrations created by the Tibetan singing bowls. Deemed as the medicine of the future, the waves of sound at this class will calm the nervous system and restore harmony in the body.


Make Toxin-Free Skincare

This Clean Beauty Workshop is a dream for skincare enthusiasts. Here, they'll get to learn what goes into their skincare, plus make something tailored just for them! Everything they create here will be formulated for their specific skin type and concerns (e.g. if their skin is dry, oily, pigmented etc), and will be made with toxin-free ingredients.


Restorative Candle Making

There's nothing more restorative to us than a calming evening in with a good book and a gorgeous scented candle. If you have a candle enthusiast in your life, this soy candle making workshop will be the perfect gift. Here, they'll learn to craft their own soy candle (300g), and learn from scent engineers how to work with essential oils and top/middle/base notes to create an entirely customised fragrance.


Meditative Yin Yoga for Better Rest

Yin Yoga has been our go-to this past year when we want to slow down, and feel more centred. Yin postures are more passive postures, mainly done on the floor either seated or lying down - so it's perfect for any fitness level. Here, calming in movements will be accompanied by the sounds of Tibetan singing bowls, happy drums and other sound healing instruments.


Brew Kombucha for Better Gut Health

We've gotten super into kombucha this past year. It seems to help with everything, from immunity to high blood pressure! This kombucha masterclass will cover the science behind Kombucha and why it's so good for us, as well as teach you how to achieve more complex flavours of kombucha. If your friend is interested in healthy eating, this would be perfect for them.


Make Tempeh with a Twist

This tempeh workshop is perfect for food geeks in your life. The class will explore the science and chemistry behind working with live cultures to make tempeh, understand the benefits of probiotics, as well as learn important tips for achieving a safe and delicious ferment. It also explores uncommon ways of making tempeh, likeĀ chickpea tempeh and green pea-adzuki red bean tempeh!


Personalised Perfume Making

If your friend loves scents & perfumes, how about a personalised perfume workshop? During this private perfumery workshop, scent engineers will guide them throughout the process of selecting, formulating and eventual blending of their customised fragrance. It's definitely an upgrade from getting someone fancy off-the-shelf perfume!


Make Your Own Gem Bracelet

During the pandemic years, many people we know have started delving into the healing qualities of crystals and other gems. If you have a friend who is curious about gems, they would appreciate this workshop! Here they'll be guided by an expert on the healing properties and unique colorstrology behind each gem, and they'll get the chance to create their own unique gem bracelet.


Chakra Cleansing Meditation

If you have a friend who is feeling low in energy, and in need of a refresh, they may enjoy this Chakra cleansing class. Chakras are believed to be energy centers in the body and blockages of such energy centers may lead to a loss of energy and power. This 1.5hr class will help to clear away unwanted energies, amplifying existing positive energies, and bring in new rejuvenating and strengthening energies.

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