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7 Cool & Unexpected Things to Do at Night in Singapore [2024]

If you're looking to do something cool (pun intended!) at night, here are some ideas

Last updated: 29 Mar 2024 - 5 min read
7 Cool & Unexpected Things to Do at Night in Singapore [2024]
7 Cool & Unexpected Things to Do at Night in Singapore [2024]
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Does anyone else think that Singapore's hotter than usual recently? 🙋‍♀️ Whether you're looking to beat Singapore's heat by doing something fun at night, or just want something to do after work (that's not the usual dinner & drinks), here are some ideas!

1. Time Travel To The '60s At New World's End

This is a really fun and unexpected experience for a date, with friends or family! Part theatrical experience, part audio storytelling, with beautiful 1960s production set design and walking through the streets of Jalan Besar at night - this immersive street theatrical experience is like nothing we've done before.

Located in the heart of the city, New World's End offers an immersive theatre experience to its curious visitors. It takes you through some of the most stunning 60s-inspired back alleys and dystopic sceneries this time has to offer, all in the backdrop of two lovers caught up in the massive cultural revolution. We loved seeing the alternative history of Singapore told in a really compelling way.

Head Back in Time Here 👇

2. Try Kayak Fishing at Night

Us kayak fishing! It feels like such an adventure doing it at night

Want to try kayaking or fishing, but don't want to do it in the sun?! This takes place at night where it's cooler and you get to see nighttime marine life.

You’ll get to kayak in the serenity and cool breeze of the night, as well as try unforgettable night fishing. It's also easier than usual kayaking as these are leg-paddled kayaks - so it's pretty chilled!

PS: the night-time is when larger fishes like Barramundis and Groupers start lurking about - so you'll be in for a big treat! It's truly an experience like no other 🎣🌌

Check out Kayak Fishing here 👇

3. Uncover Hidden Marine Life

Finding unexpected marine life on the beach during an intertidal walk

If you're a wildlife lover, why not discover hidden marine life with an expert naturalist? This experience takes place at low tides, which tends to be either in the early morning or in the evening!

Here, at Sentosa's coastline, you'll discover a hidden world beneath the ocean when the tide retreats. Observe closely as sand gobies and swimmer crabs scurry away with the waves, and learn simple marine biology with an experienced guide.

Review from a happy kid: "BEST BEACH EVER" ✌🏻Perfect for couples, friends and families!

Uncover Hidden Marine Life here 👇

4. Create Your Own Graffiti: Embrace Your Inner Street Artist

Graffiti your cares away after work!

Looking for a cool date activity that's not the usual dinner and drinks? Or just want to do some solo creative unleashing? Try this graffiti experience tucked away in a hidden warehouse! At night, this feels even more illicit and fun to do.

Here you'll get a quick rundown on the basics of spray-painting and design before letting your creativity run wild. In just one hour, you'll have the freedom to express yourself and create a unique piece of art! It's really fun and chill.

Get creative here 👇

5. Sentosa Night Walk: Spot Cool Nocturnal Animals!

Here's another one for wildlife lovers (aren't we all!). If you're looking to try something completely different — look for nocturnal wildlife in complete darkness in Sentosa’s rainforest! 🌚 Who even knew Sentosa had rainforests to explore?! We definitely didn't.

As it's a wildlife walk, you'll never know what you'll find, but thanks to your naturalist wildlife guide you'll get a good chance of seeing some wildlife! When we did it, we saw snails getting it on, a lot of cool spiders and insects, some cute frogs 🐸 and the coolest glow-in-the-dark scorpion (thanks to UV light!).

We also loved being able to see a hidden side of Singapore that we always thought was mega touristy. All in all, highly recommended for nature and wildlife lovers!

Explore Sentosa's hidden rainforest here 👇

6. Private Movie Session on a Secret Rooftop Farm: Chill Out Under the Stars

This is one of our favourite things to do on a special birthday. We've done it multiple times now because it's just a really cool plus chill way to spend a special occasion

Here, you get to rent out a cool private rooftop space and host a movie + pizza night! The screen, projector, cocktails and even Apple TV is all provided so all you need to do is show up.

Our favourite thing to do is to order pizza or the yummy tapas from next door, open a bottle of wine and get comfy in cosy beanbags. So far, we’ve watched films like Interstellar and Studio Ghibli films, and it’s always an amazing experience watching movies in this gorgeous private setting under the stars.

Plan your next rooftop movie night here 👇

7. Try Private Dining!

Private dining has become ultra trendy in Singapore recently and we love doing it ourselves, especially for birthdays or when we have friends visiting! It's such a special experience being able to peek into someone's home, and getting to enjoy yummy food cooked with love.

There are so many cool private dining concepts that we love in Singapore at the moment. Like going to a gorgeous Peranakan shophouse in Joo Chiat for an amazing Mediterranean home-cooked feast. The other one we love is going on a foraging adventure around a local neighbourhood to learn about edible plants in Singapore, combined with an Asian seafood feast. Then there is the incredible pan-Asian Omakase meal in a lovely Tiong Bahru home, by a super passionate chef who knows his ingredients as well as any top restaurant chef.

We love private dining as it's incredibly personal, and we love getting inspired by how passionate the home chefs are. Best of all, the food is often so much better than restaurants!

Check out private dining here👇

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