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Top 22 Things to Try in 2022

Treat yourself to something new & different this year!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 8 min read
Top 22 Things to Try in 2022

In 2022, we're keeping it simple. No lofty goals, we're just going to say yes to things we've always wanted to try. Here are our Top 22 things to try this year!


Dine in a Private Home Kitchen

One of our favourite dining trends that has emerged in the past couple of years is private home dining. It's like having your own private chef but even better as you'll also get a peek into someone's lovely home, and be their guest. The food is yummy, setting is intimate and the warm hosts will make you feel like you've known them for years.

Dine in a Private Home Kitchen

Learn to Cook!

We're not talking about corporate type cookie cutter cooking classes. We're talking about unique cooking classes that even non-cooks will enjoy! Like learning to make pizza in a wood-fire oven at a Secret Supper Club, or learning from Granny Soh how to make yummy Peranakan food in her gorgeous Kampong Home. Or if you love Korean food, you can take it up a notch and learn Korean home-cooking from a Korean chef!

Learn to Cook!

Break Something! Then Make it Beautiful

If you're looking to start the new year right — we've got an experience that we love and think it's really apt for new beginnings — Kintsugi. It's the Japanese art of putting broken pottery pieces back together with gold — a metaphor for embracing our flaws and imperfections. During this unique workshop, you'll learn to mend broken upcycled ceramics with gold powders to create a one-of-a-kind ceramic piece.


Bring Your Furbaby on an Adventure

If you love exploring but miss your furbaby when you're out, we hear you! We've rounded up a few of our favourite pet-friendly adventures here - from chilled out art jam, to kayaking, to island hopping on a yacht. So you don't need to choose between exploring on your weekends and cuddling with your furbaby!

Bring Your Furbaby on an Adventure

Try the Viral Tufting Trend

If you haven't tried the viral rug tufting trend yet, we think you would like it. It's super addictive, very meditative and also lots easier than it looks! Just pick a design, choose from gorgeous yarns, grab a tufting gun and you're all set to create your very own personalised rug!


Try the (Other) Viral Longboarding Trend!

If you're like us and have been thinking about longboarding because everyone else has been doing it, now's the time to say yes and give it a go yourselves too! Under the guidance of passionate instructors, you'll learn the basic techniques of longboarding, which includes pushing, carving, and braking. Who knows, if you're a natural skater, maybe you'll pick up a cool trick or two! PS: If you're unconvinced, check out the video in the link - it's so cool!


Getaway on a Dreamy Sailing Staycaytion

Did you know that there are 63 islands in Singapore? We didn't until last year! On a yacht staycay, you can head to Pulau Hantu for snorkelling, to remote Ketam Island for kayaking and even to an Oyster Farm for wild oyster shucking. It's one of our top bucket list things to do in Singapore!

Getaway on a Dreamy Sailing Staycaytion

Detox and Reset

If you're looking to detox from the indulgence of the festive season, or simply be in a space where you can quieten your heart and mind, try forest bathing. Forest Bathing is a guided Japanese meditative technique in nature that has been shown to lower stress levels and increase focus. It's the perfect way to start the year mindfully and meaningfully.


Head to the Theatre (But with a Twist!)

This is a super cool one to do on a date, or with friends. This is an immersive street theatre experience in a hidden part of Singapore! Armed with an audio guide, you'll be led through gorgeous fantastical sets in Jalan Basar, and be transported to Singapore's in the swinging 1960s. You can't go back in time, but this experience will certainly give you an intimate glimpse of the past.


Challenge Yourself with HIIT (On Water!)

When we first posted about this experience last year, the post went viral. This is a cool experience to try with friends! If you love HIIT or just want to try out a more rigorous workout this year, this is HIIT with a twist - at a rooftop pool, overlooking the gorgeous MBS skyline view. Top tip: it's actually more fun if you fall into the water!


Spend a Lazy Weekend doing Graffiti

This was our choice of activity on the first weekend of the new year - it was raining, we were a little hungover and wanted something lighthearted and fun to do. This was perfect! It's a cool warehouse location, and a really great chilled space. There you're given a couple of spray cans each, you get your own wall and you're off to vandalise however you like!


Set a Morning Routine!

It feels like 'Atomic Habits' blew up our IG feed lately, and everyone we know is trying to start new habits. This year, we're trying to be better with our morning routine. We realised that if we're mindful about how our mornings, the rest of the day just goes better somehow. If you're looking to start your mornings better as well, you'd love this Breakfast Club experience. You'll be guided by a health coach on wellness and superfoods, and meet likeminded people!


Treat Your Skin Right

One of our intentions this year is to take better care of ourselves - which includes eating better and taking better care of our skin, our largest organ! What better way to do that than to learn what goes into your skincare? Here you'll learn from expert formulators how to create your own bespoke organic skincare products, with a strong focus on sustainability.


Mangrove Safari to Hidden Northern Islands

This is a great one for families, and for those who think there's nothing left to see in Singapore. On this 3-hour adventure, you'll explore the Northern Coastal line of Singapore packed with mangroves and a rustic nature vibe. You'll get see Singapore's floating solar farm, bask in the tranquillity in the mangroves, and catch glimpses of wildlife around the mangrove river. Relax, sit back and see Singapore with new eyes.


Catch & Cook Seafood in the Wild!

If you're looking for an outdoor adventure, this is IT. Not only will you explore Ubin's mysterious mangrove forests via leg-paddled kayaking (beginner-friendly!), you'll also get your hands dirty shucking fresh mussels and try the traditional way of fishing. Afterward, you'll cook up a seafood feast (your fresh catch!) in the wild.


Soak in Vibes at a Rooftop Bee Farm

We've done this several times in the past year because we love the vibes of this rooftop farm so much! At this rooftop farm experience, you'll get to learn about organic farming, visit the sustainably rescued bees and taste honey from around the world! Our favourite part? It all takes place at a secret rooftop farm/bar that reminds us of speakeasies abroad. Perfect for families, dates and friends!


Fall in Love with Ubin

A trip into the past, Ubin has always held a special place in our hearts as an untouched paradise. If we're looking for a getaway from the city or a way to slow time down just for an afternoon, we'll head to Ubin. Here you can kayak, bike, hike up to gorgeous viewpoints, make friends with its super friendly animals, and explore lots of hidden nooks. Here's some of our favourite things to do in Ubin.

Fall in Love with Ubin

Cocktails & Chill at a Private Rooftop Movie

This is one of our favourites for a special surprise celebration or date night! Here, you'll have a beautiful secret rooftop garden all to yourself, where you can enjoy a private movie under the stars 🤩 This comes with 3 cocktails per person, and the host will provide a screen, projector and Apple TV (so you can stream movies from your own Netflix account). You can also bring your own picnic, or order food to be delivered!


Learn to Play a Ukulele

If you're looking for something super random and super fun, why not learn to paint & play a ukulele in a cool art & music jam?! Ukuleles have such great vibes and remind us of holiday movies, and times on the beach. Recreate holiday vibes by spending your afternoon painting & playing a ukulele :)


Start Brewing Your Own Craft Beer

If you love craft beer, and want to start your own brewing journey, this is perfect. Learn all about malts, hops and yeast and how to design and create those flavours you love. You'll also get to take home 1.5 litres of your own brew to share with friends!


Go on a Date to Singapore's Original Gin Distillery

Whether you love or hate gin, this is a really interesting way to spend the afternoon as you'll learn (and drink!) a ton! Here you'll get to smell gin ingredients and later identify them in the gins, try out homemade bitters (with cool flavours like Szechuan peppers and cinnamon), and get to taste a LOT of drinks.


Get Curious About Sustainability

If you're curious about how to start your sustainability journey, why not start at a humble insect farm? We're not kidding - here's where you can get a peek at our sustainable future. At Insectta, Kai Ning dreams of a world where the humble black soldier fly solves our planet's food waste problems. Hearing her speak passionately about a more sustainable world is an amazing and inspiring way to spend the morning :)

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