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33 Fun Gift Experiences Under S$ 100

Here are some really fun gift experiences for under S$100

Last updated: 03 May 2024 - 11 min read
33 Fun Gift Experiences Under S$ 100

We may be biased but we love gifting experiences - they're more meaningful and memorable, plus there's no wasted wrapping paper! Whether you're getting a gift for a nature lover, an art lover or someone who has everything, you'll find an awesome gift experience here

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Let Loose and Splat Your Paint!

This is great for a friend who needs to let loose and recharge. This art jam session allows them to get messy, to express, to play with their art masterpiece and splat their paint on the wall! Think Jackson Pollock and splatter like a master :)


Yummy Gin Tasting

This is great for the gin lovers in your life. At this gin tasting session, they'll get to smell gin ingredients and later identify them in the gins, try out homemade bitters (with cool flavours like szechuan peppers and cinnamon), and get to taste a LOT of drinks. It's even more fun as a shared experience, so you should definitely go along!


Learn the Art of Tattoo

This unusual art jam (with a twist of rebellion) is a really cool gift for creative friends! Here your friend will learn the art of tattooing from a passionate tattoo artist. In this 3-hour Tattoo Jamming session, they'll be guided on the basics of tattooing on faux skin, and get to bring home their own masterpiece at the end! They won't quickly forget this 🤩


Candle Making with Essential Oils

If you have a candle lover in your life, they would love you for this gift! Here you'll get to work with over-30 types of essential oils to create an entirely bespoke scented candle. You can go crazy with what you want to make here - replicate the iconic Ion scent, create a scent that smells of fresh bedsheets or even create your own chilli crab scented candle 🙈


Floating HITT on Water!

This floating HITT class is a really fun experience for the fitness junkies in your life. Not only do they get to try a new challenge (HITT on water!), they also get to do it with the gorgeous MBS skyline in the background. It's definitely an experience to remember (and laugh about!) for a long time 🤩


Make Pottery in a Beautiful Studio

Pottery making is a great gift for your partner or couple friends. Here, you'll not only get to learn pottery, zen out at the Potter's wheel, you'll also be the proud owner of your very own own cups/ bowls after this session! It's definitely one of our favourite things to do on a weekend!


Visit the Sustainable Farm of the Future

If you have a friend who's interested in sustainability and zero waste, this is an amazing gift. Here they'll visit Insectta, the sustainable farm of the future where they dream of a day where the humble soldier fly will solve our food waste issues. You'll also get to meet the super inspiring founder Kai Ning who will show you her farm and introduce you to her zero waste vision.


Graffiti like Banksy

This graffiti art jam experience is a perfect gift for pretty much anyone, of any age. Here even the most artistically challenged people can go wild with a spray can, and express their inner Banksy. It's a great way to unplug from the week, and a super cool surprise for that special someone in your life.


Have Fun with Woodworking & Jewellery Making

This is a super fun and unique one! In this 3-hour woodworking session, you'll learn the therapeutic art of woodworking, be introduced to different types of wood and make jewellery out of it! It's great for a friend who loves working with their hands, and doing something new and unique.


Make a Cute Clay Dish

This combines both painting & pottery for the art lover in your life. Here, your friend will get to make their own clay dish, complete with a cute character, paint it and bring home a fully personalised cute dish! It's a fun and relaxing way to spend an afternoon.


Axe Throwing

This is actually really fun on a date night - so it'll be a great gift for a significant other! Axe throwing is a surprisingly a great way to have fun and is both silly and therapeutic at the same time. You can make it into a competition - loser buys beers afterward!


Personalised Perfume Making

This is a great gift for anyone who loves their scents! Learn about scents from a professional mixologist, and get to play with over 20 essential oils to come up with your own personalised perfume. Every time your friend uses their one-of-a-kind perfume, they'll think of you!


Mangrove Kayaking in Ubin

This Ubin Mangrove Kayaking experience is great for the nature lovers in your life. With this gift, you're not only giving them the gift of nature, you're also giving them a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. This is perfect for beginners, and they can even bring their furbaby along for the experience!


Make Korean Bath Bombs for K-Beauty Lovers

Do you have a friend who loves all things Korean? Or who is just a beauty enthusiast? Then this might be right up their alley! This is a super cute bath bomb workshop where your friend will learn to make all-natural, beautiful, Korean style bath bombs. It's great and non-toxic for the skin, and also pretty to look at - win-win!


Paint & Play a Ukulele

If you're looking for something super whimsical and fun for a friend, this could be it. Here they'll get to paint their own ukulele, and then learn to play it afterward - a bit of an art and music jam session combined. And yes they'll get to keep the ukulele!


Explore Sungei Buloh with a Naturalist

If you have a nature lover friend, this will be a great gift! We've all been to Sungei Buloh, but few have ever slowed down to explore its incredibly diverse wildlife. Here with a naturalist guide, your friend will get to explore the incredible biodiversity of the mangroves. Discover the magic of a forest growing in the sea, crabs climbing up trees and fishes living on land!


Create a Mini Garden

This is the perfect gift experience for your plant loving friends - yes, even the friends who love plants but don't have green thumbs! Here they'll learn how to create a gorgeous mini garden terrarium for their homes. The terrarium is not only gorgeous but makes use of incredibly low maintenance cacti/succulents. So your friend can beautify their home with little effort!


Learn Longboarding Tricks!

If you're looking for something for an outdoorsy or sporty friend, how about letting them try out longboarding? It's something new, lots of fun and they'll let to learn cool techniques. The instructors are also super patient and good natured. After the class, your friend can show you all the cool tricks they've learnt!


Murder Mystery Puzzle Hunt

This is a good gift for kids who want to play Detective! It's fun for adults too but it may be a bit easier. Narrated by a gamemaster, all participants will dive into a character throughout the puzzle hunt in order to solve a murder mystery. Get ready for some plot twists as you search for clues and unearth the dark secrets and history of Chinatown!


Craft Gorgeous Terrazzo Style Trays

We love these terrazzo-style trays for our homes - but even better than gifting the trays, why not gift the experience of crafting them? Making something with our own hands definitely makes it even more special for us! In this workshop your friend will learn how to make these gorgeous handcrafted trays, including colour mixing, casting techniques as well as sanding.


Craft Handmade Paper

If you're looking for a crafty gift, paper making is a really fun one! Paper is more than just something to write on - it is an art form in and of itself. Here you'll learn the art of paper making, and how to use decoratives (eg. dried flowers, magazine cuttings) to make your handcrafted paper truly unique.


Beer Run

What better way to motivate a friend to run than the promise of beers along the way?! This is a great wacky gift for fun-loving friends, whether they love or hate fitness. This combines a jog around Singapore's most scenic spots + stopping at 3 places for beers mid-way. No fitness experience is required, and beers are included. Cheers! 🍻


Immersive Street Theatre

This is a really fun and unexpected gift experience for friends, your partner or even your history buff parents! It's part heritage tour, part street art installation. Here armed with an audio guide, you'll embark on a self guided exploration of Jalan Besar, through its hidden back-alleys and fantasy rooms with dystopian theatrical sets and installations. You'll listen and explore riveted as the story unfolds into a thrilling tale intertwined with history and tragedy. It's unexpected, fun, and a really interesting experience!


Sew Your Own Plushie

This is a really cute gift for crafty friends. They'll have a really fun afternoon here in this gorgeous light-filled studio crafting pillow-soft plushies from socks! They'll have a cute hand-made plushie to bring home, and remember you with :)


Sentosa Magic Tour with Local Magicians

This is a really great gift for friends with young kids! This one-of-its-kind experience takes you to lesser-known sites in Sentosa, while enjoying street magic performances designed by local magicians! Get ready to be fascinated and entertained by magic-infused storytelling, acts, and tricks. If you have a magic-loving kid in your life, they would love this!


Make Your Own Bubble Tea

Have a friend who needs bubble tea every afternoon? Gift them this Bubble Tea Making experience! They'll learn how to prepare pearls, mix fresh milk and syrups to create a taste to their liking! Pick up the knowledge of various tea types and master the techniques of preparing chewy tapioca pearls. They'll get to make two yummy flavours of their choice here - from gula melaka to chocolate! 🤤


Outdoor Escape Game

This outdoor escape room is one for your puzzle-loving friends! Through solving a trail of clues around Holland Village, you'll stop by a secret coffee spot, uncover an old-school magazine store and find hidden gems that most locals don't know about! It's a really fun low-key experience that makes for a really memorable gift.


Glow in the Dark Art Jam

Here's a unique twist on the usual art jamming for creative friends! This art jam experience lets you play with acrylic and phosphorescent paints in a neon-hued space, to create vibrant glow-in-the-dark art works. Fun for a date or an evening out with friends!


Recharge with Sound Healing

Know someone who could do with a recharge? Give them the gift of relaxation with this sound healing class. Hosted by one of the leading wellness centres in Singapore, this Tibetan Singing Bowl therapy 🥣 - a sound bath experience that helps your body release stress! Simply close your eyes, immerse yourself in the gentle sound waves and after an hour the stress simply melts away.


Anime Glass Painting

If you have a friend who is really into their anime, this is the perfect gift Here, the instructors will teach them how to create anime artwork, and bring their favourite anime character to life. They'll have a ton of fun recreating their favourite character, PLUS get a really cool piece to bring home to decorate their walls 😍


Bento Cake Decorating

This isn't for the pro home bakers, but for amateur bakers who want to have fun decorating! Think of this more of an art jam, but on a cake where you can let your creativity run wild. Here the cake and decorating materials will be provided, so all you need is to get creative! It's a great gift for kids or amateur bakers.


Korean Homecooking with a Korean Chef

This is a really cute gift for foodie friends (especially if they love everything Korean)! Here you'll get to learn from a Korean chef how to recreate mouthwatering Korean dishes, with the yumminess that only homecooking can offer. Your host Yoonsun not only loves sharing her passion for Korean cuisine, she'll also tell you the stories behind each recipe!


Bonus: Get a Personalised Gift Card!

If you can't decide, why not get a personalised gift card? Gift cards can be used on over 2000 adventures, and they don't expire! Gift cards can be purchased in any amounts, and can be personalised with cute pictures 🥰 

Bonus: Get a Personalised Gift Card!
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