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Such an enjoyable adventurous tour! The Rangko Cave was amazing, ticking of a bucket list activity of swimming in a cave! The waters were so clear, and it was really peaceful floating in it! Batu Cermin Caves fe...

Eshton Chua

Rangko and Batu Cermin were such hidden gems. The whole journey felt so special from the moment we got onto the local boat, till we got to the caves.

We got the whole place to ourselves for a while, and...

Vivian Chan

Didn't know that a day trip around Labuan Bajo like this existed but it was actually a really fun day out! Swimming in Rangko cave was such a cool experience and a cool IG photo worthy spot when the light comes ...

Jia Lin Foo

This was such an unique experience! The whole trip was well planned with ample time for photo taking and sight seeing. The swim at Rangko cave was so peaceful and it was a perfect photo spot. It was such an amaz...

Amanda Khoo

Cool photo spot. Please wear hiking sandles!! You will likely get wike and hike at the same time!

Marcus Chow

The caves were so cool! Loved swimming in the Rangko cave, it really felt like such a hidden gem. Exploring Batu Cermin cave was really interesting too! Felt like a cave explorer. My favourite was watching the s...

Tiffany Lim

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