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Cooking Classes in Singapore

Spice up your kitchen skills & have a blast with Singapore's passionate chefs!

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My husband and I were gifted the Bean-to-Bar Chocolate Making workshop with The Sundowner Nature Experience. We had the most joyful afternoon with fellow particiiants in making a small chocolate slab each and drinking a lovely cold “hot chocolate”. We also enjoyed the rooftop garden, beehives and everything else. It was an intimate experience with six of us in total. We totally recommend it.
Knowledgable staff. Comfortable and fun environment
It was great and very interesting. I liked the small group size and location
Audrey Tan

Helpful Questions

Can I take a cooking class in Singapore if I'm a beginner?
Yes, all the cooking classes here are for cooks of all levels, including beginners :) Also, all the classes here are private or small-group class, which can provide more personalized attention and instruction for beginners!
What should I expect from a cooking class in Singapore?
During a cooking class, you can expect to learn new techniques and recipes from experienced chefs, as well as get hands-on experience preparing and cooking dishes. The cooking classes on Seek Sophie are smaller and more personal than the usual cooking classes, so you'll get a lot of hands-on instruction if you require. Usually the recipes are specially crafted so that it's easy for home cooks to recreate with minimal effort. So don't worry - you won't need to have a lot of experience or a long list of ingredients at hand to recreate the dishes.
What are some popular types of cooking classes in Singapore?
Singapore is a country of foodies so whatever cuisine you want to learn, you should be able to find here! Some popular types of cooking classes in Singapore include Peranakan cuisine, Italian food and of course, Korean food!
What types of cooking classes are available in Singapore?
There are a variety of cooking classes available in Singapore ranging from baking and pastry classes to traditional Asian cuisine classes.
Where can I find affordable cooking classes in Singapore?
You can find affordable cooking classes in Singapore by checking out community centers, cooking schools, and online platforms that offer discounts and promotions.
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