16 Virtual Experiences Your Teams Will Love [2021]

For your next team building day, try these virtual experiences - we promise they're not boring!

Last updated: 02 Mar 2022- 6 min read
16 Virtual Experiences Your Teams Will Love [2021]

Looking for an interesting way to engage your teams while working remotely? Here are some unique virtual experiences your teams will enjoy! These experiences will take place via Zoom. If you prefer other online meeting rooms (e.g. Microsoft Teams), do let us know after booking, and we'll be able to accommodate.


Ultimate Games Night with Live Host

This one had our team laughing so hard that we were on a high for ages afterward. If that's not a sign of a great team activity, we don't know what is. This is a really simple concept with a charismatic host who knows how to engage the entire team. Play childhood games (entirely customisable) that everyone is familiar with - e.g. charade, 2 truths & a lie etc - with your teams and have everyone rolling in laughter.

Group size: 5-250 persons.


Go on Jury Duty!

This is a super immersive award-winning virtual game that is a mix of game and theatre! Here you'll be on jury duty, and you'll interact with live actors to figure out the truth about a crime. You and fellow jurors (your teammates) must review the evidence, speak to the accused, and come to a conclusion. Is he guilty or not guilty? And is there more to this case than what meets the eye? Interview the defendant and unite with your colleagues in a session of investigative fun!

Group size: 20-60 persons.


Make Quirky Soap

This is one of the most popular workshops for teams. Here you'll learn to make cute macaron-shaped soaps with your teams. It's a unique experience doing something that most people haven't tried before, plus the soaps are fun to use or to give as gifts afterward!

Group Size: 5-150 persons.


Escape Room with Live Actors

If you're looking for a memorable interactive game, this is it. Many of us have tried a virtual escape room by now, but unlike any other escape room, this one has live actors to spice things up😲. Here, participants will interact with live actors (who will follow their every instruction!) to complete the mission. Perfect for teams who love games, and are on the lookout for something new.

Group size: 15-100 persons.


Forest Bathing for Mindfulness

This is a twist on the usual meditation, and is one of the best mindfulness sessions we've attended. It uses the techniques of forest bathing (an ancient Japanese meditative practice), to show us how to be more mindful in our everyday surroundings. During a time when every day feels a little like groundhog day, this session couldn't be more vital or timely. It'll help teams recharge and re-energise when working from home.

Group size: 10-30 persons.


Terrarium Making - Make a Mini Garden!

This is another really popular one for teams, and is perfect for small & large teams. Here you'll spend an hour with a plant-loving couple, Jason and Joy, to learn how to create and maintain your own terrarium (mini garden) at home. Spending time building your own mini garden is super therapeutic, and you'll also get to bring some nature into your work-from-home set-up.

Group size: 20-1000pax.


Coffee & Chocolate Tasting

This is a super unique experience, PLUS it's conducted by Singapore's first certified B-Corp. So you know you're making a positive impact! Here you'll get an introduction to the history and evolution of coffee, and also get to taste specially selected coffee paired with chocolate from boutique chocolatiers in Asia. It's a fascinating sensory experience.

Group size: 20-100 persons.


Virtual Tour of a Traditional Bread Factory

This virtual tour is perfect for teams who would like to do something interesting together, without needing to actually do anything. This takes you on a live virtual tour to one of the oldest remaining traditional bakeries left in Singapore, where you'll get to hear from the local baker why this once thriving business is now a disappearing trade. It's a live virtual tour, so you'll get to really immerse in the experience. Perfect for teams who are interested in discovering Singapore's hidden heritage.

Group size: 30-100 persons.


Yoga for Better Rest

If you've gotten yourself a gaming chair, and upgraded your work from home set-up but are still having back pains, you're not alone. This is a yin yoga (i.e. slow and relaxing) class aimed at helping you relieve chronic pain and calm the mind. It'll help your team members recharge, get better rest, and also teach your team some postures that will help relieve any back pains.

Group size: 20-100 persons.


Gin Tasting with Singapore's Top Distillery

Did you know that Singapore has its own gin distilleries? We didn't before this year! Whether you love or hate gin, this is a really interesting experience with one of Singapore's top gin distilleries. Here you'll get to taste three kinds of house brew gins, and you'll learn the secrets of making the best gin & tonic. Perfect for mid-size teams and client entertainment.

Group size: 30-100 persons.


Batik Painting with Social Enterprise

This is great for teams who are looking to do something fun, and give back at the same time. In this 1.5h virtual workshop, you'll learn the traditional art of batik painting from expert artisans, and support a local social enterprise as well. Each batik painting kit comes with positive messages we could all use a little more of! It's a great cause and a really cool product!

Group size: 10-100 persons.


Sustainable Skincare Workshop

This is a dream virtual workshop for skincare enthusiasts, and would be great for team or client events. With the experts from Fawn Labs, you'll learn about a wide range of skincare topics from skincare ingredients (is it really chemical free?!), how to be sustainable in choosing/using skincare, and you'll finally get to learn to craft your own bath bombs or body wash.

Group size: 8-99 persons.


Improv Workshop for Better Teams

When we first tried improv, we were blown away by how fun it was. Before we tried it, we didn't automatically think of improv as relevant to teamwork. But teamwork and communication are everything in improv. Here your team will go through a series of fun games where you learn to think on your feet, support your teammates, and learn openness and creativity together. We would highly recommend this!

Group size: up to 16 persons


Virtual Interactive Magic Show

If you're looking for a company-wide experience where your teams can just kick back and enjoy, this is perfect. Ming Da is a great storyteller, is highly engaging (even on screen!) and makes sure to involve the audience in his show. He's also amazingly able to translate magic tricks across the screen, so that the audience is able to experience the magic in their own hands. Great for virtual team offsites where you want to deliver a wow experience!

Group size: 20-1000 persons.


Solve a Murder Mystery

This is a perfect interactive game if you have a large team. An old storage room was found, which had not been opened since the 80s ... It belonged to a doctor who was murdered in 1981. The case was mysterious then, but slowly new clues have come trickling in. The clues come in the form of images, audio and video recordings - some are tricky, some may be funny and some will awaken your creativity! Solve the clues with your team and figure out whodunnit.

Group size: 10-500 persons.

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