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The Little Explorer's Gift Guide [2022]

Awesome gift experiences for curious kids that are way better than another toy.

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 8 min read
The Little Explorer's Gift Guide [2022]

If you have a little explorer in your life, and want to be their favourite grown-up, why not give them a gift of experience? You'll get to spend some quality time together and create awesome memories!

Want more? Check out all our cool gift experiences here!


Explore Singapore's Hidden Marine World

This is for the wildlife loving kids in your life. Spot hermit crabs, starfishes, sea cucumbers, and other interesting (and weird!) marine animals along Singapore's Changi coast! The experienced guides will help you and your kids spot as much marine life as possible, while sharing their vast knowledge on marine ecology!

Suitable for kids aged 2+


Make & Paint a Cute Clay Dish

These clay dishes are super cute - plus this can be a drop-off activity as there are great instructors to show your kid what to do. In this 2-hour guided workshop, your kid will learn how to use air-dry clay to craft their own clay masterpiece, and learn how to pinch, coil, paint and finish each piece. Their final product will be an entirely customised clay dish finished with a cute character 🤩 

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Try Out Kayak Fishing

This is a really cool gift that combines both kayaking & fishing activities at the same time. Here, you’ll fish along the shores of Sentosa for bottom fishes - parrot fishes and groupers are especially common on this route. If you're lucky you may also catch a glimpse of a hawksbill sea turtle along the way! No experience of either fishing or kayaking is needed, but note that this is paced like a light morning jog.

Suitable for kids aged 7+


Graffiti with the Family!

This is super fun for the whole family. It's a quick 1-hour activity where you and your kids will get to vandalise (legally 😜) in Singapore! Don’t worry about getting dirty because protective gears are provided! Just grab your cans and spray away to your heart’s content!

Suitable for all ages.


Visit Singapore's Last Kampong

Teleport back in time and get swept in nostalgia during this 2-hour guided walk through Singapore’s last kampong village. Think overhead cables hanging above wooden attap houses, self-grown crops like banana and chili padi, and simple childhood games like Five Stones and Pick-up Sticks — your little ones will get the chance to experience firsthand what Singapore used to be like.

Suitable for kids of all ages.


Try New Art Techniques!

This is perfect if your kid has already done a few art jams, or just wants to dabble in different art techniques. This is a lush art buffet where your kid will get to play around with 5 different art techniques. Choose between painting, sketching, calligraphy, silk screening, woodblock printing, or try all 5! This is an unguided art jam, but an instructor will be there to teach the basics if your kid would like to try silkscreening or woodcutting.

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Learn the Art of Paper Making

If you have a creative child, or one who loves reading, this could be a really special way to spend time together.

Paper is more than just something to write on - it is an art form in and of itself. Here you'll learn the art of paper making, and how to use decoratives (eg. dried flowers, magazine cuttings) to make your handcrafted paper truly unique.

Suitable for kids aged 6+.


Build a Mini Garden Terrarium!

Do you and your kids love nature? If you don't have much outdoor space, or want to teach your kids to create a mini garden at home, a terrarium is just the thing for you! Spend your weekend with plant-loving couple, Jason and Joy, at this terrarium workshop to learn how to create and maintain your very own terrarium! It's great bonding for parents and children.

Suitable for kids aged 6+.


Make Pizza in Wood-Fire Oven

Have a kid who loves to help out in the kitchen? This is perfect for them! This is a really fun afternoon out for the whole family. Not only do you get to make pizza dough from scratch, you'll also learn how to raise a fire with sustainably sourced firewood, and pick your own plant garnishing from the adjacent farm. After the class, you can enjoy your yummy creations together, with a complimentary bottle of wine thrown in!

Suitable for kids of any age.


Visit the Sustainable Farm of the Future

This is a great experience for teaching kids about sustainability. Visit Singapore's very own insect farm, where you'll learn about how the humble black soldier flies can solve Singapore's food waste problem. The greedy larvae of these soldier flies gobble up food waste and poop out organic fertilizer of the highest quality. The larvae also becomes quality feed for livestock — one insect, multiple uses, and zero wastage ✌🏻😜

Suitable for kids of all ages.


Parent & Child Pottery

Make pottery together with your child! This is a special clay making workshop designed for parents and children to work together. You'll learn and create functional ware while exploring new textures, patterns, colours and form through various techniques of slab work and pinching clay.

Suitable for kids aged 4-9.


Explore Underground WW2 Bunkers

Have an adventurous kid who loves exploring everything and anything? This is our top pick for curious and active children! Go on an expedition unlike any other as you visit the Marsiling Bunkers (with a twist!). Explore the abandoned World War II bunkers, packed with exciting mini-challenges along the way to engage you and your family. The Beyond Expedition team will also be taking photos with their DSLR during the trip so you'll have awesome memories to share.

Suitable for kids age 5+. Bonus: This is Pet-Friendly!


Explore Mangroves with a Naturalist Guide

Here you and your curious children can explore the Sungei Buloh Mangroves and see wildlife in their natural habitat. Look out for mudskippers, monitor lizards, tree-climbing crabs, kingfishers, and even crocodiles 🤩 The best part is that you'll be with an experienced naturalist guide who will be able to explain the rich biodiversity we have right here in Singapore.

Suitable for kids aged 6+


Go Fishing!

This pier fishing course is a great gift experience for families! In this session, you'll learn the basics of fishing from some of the most knowledgeable and patient fishing guides in Singapore. Pick up techniques like simple knot tying, and different saltwater fishing techniques. It's a fun day out for families!

Suitable for kids aged 5+.


Splat Paint on the Wall

Do your kids like drawing on the walls and floor? Here's a chance for you guys to get messy, to express, to play with your art masterpiece and splat your paint on the wall! Think Jackson Pollock and splatter like a master :)

Suitable for kids aged 3+. (Kids aged 7+ can be dropped off)


Art & Music Jam

If your kids love art and music, why not combine the two in one super unique session? In this 3 hour unique art jamming session, you'll learn to paint & play a ukulele! Spending an afternoon painting & learning to play a ukulele will definitely put a smile on your face. And yes, you'll get to keep the ukulele 😍

Suitable for kids of any age.


Mangrove Kayaking in Ubin

This is a perfect family day out! Spend a day outdoors embarking on a kids-friendly kayaking trip to Pulau Ubin! The heartfelt kayak guides will bring you around the gorgeous mangrove and local kampong houses. It’ll be a day full of stunning views, exercise and Vitamin D. You can bring your doggo along too for the perfect day out!

Suitable for kids aged 4+.


Visit a Secret Bee Farm & Taste Honey

This is perfect for the foodie kids or kids who love learning about wildlife. Here you'll get to learn about how our ecosystem works. You'll find out how the bees' diet affects how the honey tastes, and get to taste lots of different types of honey from boutique farms across Asia to see for yourself! The best part - this takes place in a lush rooftop farm that reminds us of chilled speakeasies abroad.

Suitable for kids aged 3+.


Pop Balloons! And Create Art

If your kids love balloons (who doesn't?!), this is one they will remember for a long time. Here you'll get to layer colours, and pop balloons to create your one-of-a-kind splatter art 🤩

Suitable for kids aged 5+


Bonus: Get a Personalised Gift Card!

If you can't decide, why not get a personalised gift card? Gift cards can be used on over 2000 adventures, and they don't expire! Gift cards can be purchased in any amounts, and can be personalised with cute pictures 🥰 

Bonus: Get a Personalised Gift Card!
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