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We offer terrarium and moss frame private workshops at our dedicated studio, stocked with a variety of plants, materials, creative add-ons and even crystals!

What Guests Say

14753 reviews

Such a cosy place to bring out the artist side of you ❤️ the instructors are friendly,skilled and helpful as well 💕

Celyn and Rok

The experts/teachers we’re so nice & attentive. My child says he enjoyed it more than he expected. Definitely worth going back to for more 😊 Thanks for the great experience!! 🙏🏻

Lori & Liam

planned this activity for my colleagues and me it was an amazing experience & everyone enjoyed it


The workshop was easy to follow and we really enjoyed ourselves!


Very nice and patient teachers to help whenever needed, nice environment as well, would definitely come again when I'm craving to join a workshop


Fun lil activity with my date & Jerome explained everything really well!! Thank you :)


Really comfortable environment, and i appreciate the guidance during soap making process, as the instructor ensured we were doimg the correct steps.

Yue Jia

Emily was attentive and patient in teaching and assisting us in the process of creation. She delivered just the right amount of information for beginners for this to be an insightful experience.


Helpful Questions

What are some popular creative workshops in Singapore?
Some popular creative workshops in Singapore include art jamming sessions, calligraphy classes, DIY crafting workshops, cooking classes, and photography workshops.
Where can I find creative workshops in Singapore?
You can find creative workshops in Singapore at various art studios, community centers, creative spaces, and online platforms that host and organize such events.
What are the benefits of attending creative workshops in Singapore?
Attending creative workshops in Singapore can help you explore your artistic side, learn new skills, de-stress, socialize with like-minded individuals, and boost your creativity and confidence.
Are there any virtual creative workshops available in Singapore?
Yes, there are virtual creative workshops available in Singapore that you can attend from the comfort of your home. These workshops cover a range of topics such as digital art, graphic design, and music production.
How can I sign up for a creative workshop in Singapore?
You can sign up for a creative workshop in Singapore by visiting the organizer's website or social media pages, following the registration instructions, paying the required fees, and checking in on the day of the workshop.
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