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Top 10 Halong Cruises for Every Budget

Choosing a Halong Bay cruise can be overwhelming. Here are our faves to cut through all the noise!

Last updated: 21 Sep 2023 - 5 min read
Top 10 Halong Cruises for Every Budget

If you're getting overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices for Halong Bay cruises (that all start looking samey after a while) - we got you! We have narrowed down the options to our top 10 faves, based on budget, itinerary and how many days you have.

Want more? Here's our full list of fave Halong Bay Cruises.

1 Day Halong Bay Cruises


1 Day No-Frills Cruise

If you’re short on time and want to see Halong Bay in a day trip from Hanoi, this is perfect for you. This 1-day cruise spends 5.5 hours on water - the longest time any day cruise spends at Halong Bay, so it ensures that you see all the highlights in a day!

Also not many people know this but most day trips will take the non-expressway route from Hanoi to Halong Bay (that takes 4 hours instead of 2, and has annoying tourist trap stops along the way!). Our fave thing about this day cruise is that it takes the shorter route so you don't need to worry about tourist trap shops and get more time at Halong Bay!


1 Day Luxury Catamaran

If you're short on time and want to treat yourself, this gorgeous modern catamaran is THE way to explore Halong Bay. This cruise comes with a luxury sundeck with fun water slides for you to slide down to the bay and beautiful loft nets for sunbathing. You'll also get to explore the slightly less crowded part of the bay, so you can take IG worthy shots with fewer crowds. It’s the absolute luxe way of experiencing Halong Bay!


1 Day Private Cruise

This private cruise is perfect for couples, or small groups who would like privacy and flexibility when exploring Halong Bay. Sit back, relax and let the crew members take care of your every need. You can customise your itinerary on this private cruise, and try to avoid the more touristed hotspots.

2D1N Halong Bay Cruises


2D1N Luxury Cruise - Perfect for Couples

Many people go to Halong Bay for a romantic weekend. How much more romantic can you get than a spa bathtub in your own suite, overlooking the UNESCO karst landscape of Halong Bay?! This floating 5-star hotel is perfect for couples looking for a romantic getaway in Halong Bay. Not only do you get the usual sightseeing activities, you also have a spa, gym and outdoor jacuzzi onboard to pamper yourselves.


2D1N Party Cruise! With a Live DJ

Looking to turn it up and have a lit night? 🤙This party cruise is jam-packed with fun activities: kayaking, swimming, boat jumping, beer yoga, just to name a few. The cruise also has a water trampoline, jacuzzi, and even a live DJ party on board! Why sleep off your hangover in your room when you can do it on the sundeck? 🤪For most travellers, the highlight of this trip is chilling and playing beach volleyball on a private island. Expect to cruise in style, make new friends from across the globe and be slightly/very hungover for most of this cruise!


2D1N Budget Cruise with Adventure!

If you're on a budget, and you want to see a less-touristed side of Halong Bay, this cruise is for you! This is a no-frills option for those who want to see the beauty of the turquoise waters and limestone karts but wish to avoid the crowds of Halong Bay.

This trip will take you to the neighboring and less touristed Lan Ha Bay where you will be able to enjoy all the same views with less people. You will also get a chance to explore Cat Ba Island where you will visit Viet Hai village by bicycle where you can catch a glimpse of how locals live.


2D1N Luxury Cruise with Unique Itinerary

This is one of the newest cruise boats, and many guests have commented that it feels like a high-end hotel with amazing views! The staff are very enthusiastic, helpful and are constantly asking how they can make the experience a better one for their guests.

What makes this 2D1N cruise unique is that it also includes the less-touristed Lan Ha Bay and Cat Ba in its travel route. So you'll get both luxury and adventure!

3D2N Halong Bay Cruises


3D2N Luxury Cruise with Jacuzzi

If you're looking to pamper yourself, this is one of the nicest and newest boats in Halong Bay. Every room has an ocean-view balcony, and it even has a jacuzzi on deck so you can soak in the views while enjoying a jacuzzi!

This 3D2N trip also has a differentiated itinerary with stops on less-touristed Cat Ba Island and Lan Ha Bay. You can visit the Light & Dark cave, and cycle around Viet Hai Village on Cat Ba Island. It's one of our fave trips!


3D2N Cruise to Less-Touristy Routes

If you want to see the gorgeous views of Halong Bay, but with fewer boats, head to adjacent Bai Tu Long Bay.

This 5-star luxury cruise takes you to the Bai Tu Long route, where you can enjoy the same limestone karst landscapes as Halong Bay, but with a fraction of the cruise boats. The boat is also decked out with amenities like a piano bar, on deck jacuzzi and spa so you can get seriously pampered at the same time!


3D2N Halong Bay & North Vietnam Highlights

This is for those who don't have much time and want to see all the highlights of North Vietnam! It doesn't cover just the UNESCO site of Halong Bay, but two UNESCO sites - Halong Bay and Ninh Binh, in three days.

This trip starts with a pick up from your hotel in Hanoi and takes you to experience the best of Ninh Binh - from exploring Hao Lu, the ancient capital of Vietnam, climbing Mua Cave to boating down Tom Coc River. Then you will take a overnight 5-star cruise on Halong Bay to see caves, villages and gorgeous karst landscapes.

Frequently Asked Questions

What activities are available during a Halong Bay cruise?

Halong Bay cruises offer a range of activities, such as kayaking, swimming, cave exploration, cooking classes, squid fishing, Tai Chi sessions, and visits to floating villages.

How can I choose the right Halong Bay cruise for my preferences?

To choose the right Halong Bay cruise, consider factors like budget, cruise duration, vessel type (luxury, mid-range, or budget), onboard facilities, activities offered, route taken, customer reviews, and the reputation of the cruise operator. Chat with us at if you would like recommendations!

What is the best time to go on a Halong Bay cruise?

Depends on what you're looking for. We generally prefer springtime as the weather is cool then, and there are fewer travellers (relatively!).

  • March to May are the best months to visit as these months are cool and not too crowded. But there is fog so you may not get clear photographs.
  • Avoid summer months from June to Aug as it gets excessively hot, with rainy season in Aug.
  • To avoid the crowds, avoid Oct to Dec which is peak season. However if you don't mind crowds, the weather is best during this time.
  • Avoid local hols like 30 April and 1 May.

Are vegetarian or vegan meal options available on Halong Bay cruises?

Yes, most Halong Bay cruises offer vegetarian and vegan meal options. Inform the cruise operator about your dietary preferences in advance to ensure suitable meal choices during the cruise.

What amenities can I expect on a Halong Bay cruise?

Amenities on Halong Bay cruises can vary, but common facilities include comfortable cabins with ensuite bathrooms, dining areas, sundecks, bars, spa services, and sometimes even swimming pools and fitness centers.

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